Difference Between Fear and Phobia


Main Difference

The terms phobia and fear are used interchangeably as both stands for the discomfort or irritation of the person after they come across some specific incident, happening, material or even person. The fear is something that is general and is exclusive to around everyone. On the other hand, a phobia is a medical condition in which person find some such situations terrifying that may be very much normal to the other person. As phobia is a medical condition, one needs to treat it according to the instructions of the medical officers, whereas there is no such need in the case of fear.

Comparison Chart

Is a feeling when one witnesses danger or threat.Extreme or irrational fear.
Difficult or dangerous situation.In normal condition.
Medical Aid
Not required.Effective.
No.Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

What is Fear?

Fear is one of the very much common feelings that stand as the antonym of bravery and comfort. Every of the person may have faced such unintentional feelings once in life that may be due to the sudden incident or any other reasons. For instance, it is very common that one get feared after watching the horror film, which shows bloodshed or abnormal creatures. The feeling of fear is not abnormal and is very much normal as everyone experiences it in daily lives. In some cases, we have seen that the far makes a strong impact on the mind of the person and needs complete medication. Other than that no medication is required in this case as it is very much compulsory and is as important as the feeling of the joy, happiness, and sadness. The reason of fear might be very much usual when we examine it person to person. In some cases we fear of something different that may be normal for the other person if such condition remains for temporary; it is very much normal, but it stays for the longest time it is the sign of abnormality. One of the traits which make fear distinguishable is that it is temporary feeling means that the person fearing one thing for once may find it very much normal in the next time. The most common way of getting your fear undone is to get familiar with one thing; as long as you become familiar even the abnormal things seem normal to you.


What is Phobia?

Phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of the things which might be very much normal to the other person. One of the main reasons behind phobia is the anxiety which lives deep inside the person, and whenever he came across it, he gets fear enough even to get unconscious. The phobia is not something natural it is a medical condition, which needs proper medication and therapy. At first, people weren’t ready enough to take phobia as a serious issue but with the passage of time people have recalled it as a serious medical condition, which needs to be treated properly. The reason behind many people not taking phobia serious is that the sufferer, in this case, is even afraid of the things which are very much common and other people find them very much normal. A phobia is an extreme form of fear which may lead one to unconsciousness or cause the shortness of breath. The person who has phobia gets panic or stuck when he came across his phobia. The other people around him may found that specific condition normal. For instance, agoraphobia is the type of phobia in which one fears to live his space or go out with people to socialize. The person who has this kind of phobia gets helpless whenever lands to some unfamiliar crowd or place. In such condition, the sufferer most likely goes through the panic attack and needs urgent medical aid.

Fear vs. Phobia

  • Fear is the feeling that is likely to come when one witnesses himself in the middle of the danger, threat or hurdle. On the other hand, a phobia is the extreme or irrational fear of something that may be very much normal to the other person.
  • One gets the fear of feeling when stuck in difficult, dangerous, or threatening situations, whereas the person living with a phobia may find normal condition unpleasant.
  • Fear doesn’t need medical aid as it is very much normal while phobia needs proper medication.
  • The phobia can be overcome using the cognitive behavioral therapy, whereas no such technique to overcome the fear.
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