Difference Between Crow and Raven


Main Difference

Crow and Raven both are famous birds that are often considered to be similar or even regarded as one. Although crow and raven both belong to same family and genus Corvus, they possess a lot of difference regarding their habitat, physical traits, and other characteristics. Ravens are larger in size as compare to crows and are mostly found in less populated areas including snowy mountains and cold areas. Crows, on the other hand, are smaller in shape and size and are commonly found in human populated areas. Both are known for their remarkable intelligence.

Comparison Chart

Crow is famous bird belonging from the Corvus gene. It is smaller.Raven is another famous bird that too belongs to the same Corvus family and is larger in size.
Found in
Urban areas.Rural and less populated cold areas.
Small, thin, no shine, light marking.Large, thick, shiny, glossy wet look.
Wings color
They do not shine in the sun. Green color along with purple reflection.The wings of raven do shine in the sunlight. They possess a blue and purple tint.
The beak of crow is smaller and flat. No hair cluster is present on the top of it.Ravens are more likely to be identified by a bunch of hairs on the top of their bill. Their beak is bigger in size and powerful in nature.
Wing Span and Shape
Crows possess rounded and unsharpened wings which are usually 32 to 40 inches wide.Ravens possess wider wing span than the crows which is usually 46 to 54 inches in size. Raven possess sharply pointed winds.
Life Span
Averagely eight yearsRavens live more than crows, and their average age is 30 years.
Body Size
Crows are normally of smaller size as compare to Ravens. They are approximately 17 inches long equal to an adult pigeon.Ravens are larger in size as compare to crows. They are 25 to 28 inches long. They are almost the size of a famous red-tail hawk.
A normal healthy adult crow weighs around 20 oz.A normal healthy adult raven weighs around 40 oz.
Tail shape
Crows possess a small fan shaped tail that helps them in landing and flight as well.Ravens possess a more wide and large tail than crows. It is according to their overall body size.
Sound produced
They produced the noisy sound of Caw-Caw. They possess high pitch voice.The Raven possesses a piercing and sharp sound which is low pitched. They usually produce Gronk Gronk sound.
Adaptive abilities
Crows prefer to live in populated areas even human populated areas. They are bold, brave and Social regarding overall nature.Ravens on the other hands prefer more to live near rural areas near cattle and sheep; they are solitary in nature and vigilant.
Feed on
Crows feed on waste, human garbage, other small birds, worms, insects, fruits, seeds, mice, eggs, flesh, etc.Ravens feed on small invertebrates insects, amphibians, mammals, sheep dermis, etc.

What is Crow?

Crow is one of the most famous birds of the world that is found in almost every part of the world. Crows belong to the Corvus genus, and they possess a variety of different species in every part of the world based on the specific region. All kinds of crows do differ a bit regarding habitat and nature, but physically they all are alike and similar. Crow is usually of dark black or black color. It possesses thin small size feathers and a small fan-shaped tail which help the crow in landing and flight as well. Crows are quite social in nature unlike Ravens, and they are easily found in human populated areas even. Crows are known for their remarkable intelligence and extreme sense of judgment and adaptation. Crows possess a small beak that does not possess any hairs on it. Crows feed on human garbage, other small birds, fruits, insects, worms, etc.


What is Raven?

Raven is another famous bird that belongs to the same Corvus genus as like crow. Due to similar kind of color and shape, it is often regarded as a large crow. Ravens are different from the crow regarding their habitat, nature and physical appearance. Ravens possess more shiny and wet looking fins and feather which shine even more in sunlight giving blue and purple color tints. Ravens are not social like crows and prefer to live in rural and less populated areas. They are mostly found near cattle and sheep population. They prefer to live in cold mountain areas too. Ravens are larger in shape and size as compare to crows. They are almost equal the size of a red tail hawk. Raven possess a powerful and bigger beak than crows. There is bunch or cluster of hairs on the top of their beak which can be used as their identification mark regarding differentiating with crows.

Crow vs. Raven

  • Crows are of smaller size and weight 20 Oz approx.
  • Ravens are of larger size and weigh 40 Oz approx.
  • Crows live in urban areas.
  • Raven is found in rural and less populated areas.
  • Crows feed on human garbage, fruits, small birds, insects, worms,
  • Raven feed on sheep flesh, other smaller birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals,
  • Raven possess a cluster of hairs on top of their large and powerful beak.
  • Crows possess small bill with not hairs on it.
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