Difference Between Stroke and Tia


Main Difference

Stroke and TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) are the two types of medical conditions that are caused due to the disruption of cerebral blood flow. Stroke is life-threatening and even when one survives from it, he may suffer from long-term illness and other issues, whereas TIA is the condition of temporary blockage of the blood to the cerebral part due to the blockage of the blood vessels. The TIA is termed as the mini-stroke as it doesn’t last long or has any prolonged disability.

Comparison Chart

The Severe medical condition, which may result in the death of the person.Less severe as the person can recover within 24 hours without any residual damage.
Focus on the rehabilitation and reduction or mortality.Prevent recurrences and reducing the possibility of the stroke attacks.

What is Stroke?

Stroke is the complex medical condition that turns out to be life threatening in most of the cases, those who even survive this condition may go through the long-term disability and health issues. The main reason behind the stroke is the insufficient supply of the blood to the cerebral part of the brain. As we know that brain is the component of the human body, from commanding the body functions to make decisions, the brain is as important as the CPU of the computer. To fulfill the different body functions, the brain requires sufficient amount of blood supply, and if due to some reasons the blood supply gets cut off, the brain cells started dying gradually. Consequently, the person suffering from this medical condition may lead to death or the permanent disability. Mainly, there are two causes of the strokes; one is Ischemic, and the other is Hemorrhagic. In the stroke caused due to Ischemic, the blood supply is hurdled or restrained due to the blood clot in the artery which leads to the blood supply to the brain areas. The ischemic type of stroke is more common as about 85% of the diagnosed cases of stroke are due to such reason. On the other hand, hemorrhagic type of stroke is due to the bursting of the artery, which supplies the blood to the brain. The people with Diabetes and Hypertension have a higher chance of suffering from this medical condition. The survivor of the stroke may have the complete paralysis of the body or the sudden loss of the vision.


What is Tia?

TIA abbreviated as the Transient Ischemic Attack is termed as the mini-stroke as it lasts for a lesser time and doesn’t have any long-lasting effect on the human body. This ischemic attack may last for 30 to 60 minutes, and the person gets recovery within the 24 hours in most of the cases. The TIA is caused due to the blockage of the blood in the vessels. This inadequacy leads to the issues like angina pectoris, which are not much serious if treated at fundamental level properly. Other than the fat deposition, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, lack of exercise and chewing tobacco are few of the prominent factors which may lead to the TIA. There can be various symptoms of such medical condition; most prominent out of them are the slurring of speech and blurring of the vision. In this medical condition, no residual damage remains to that person. Many of the experts’ term TIA as the alarming sign of a stroke and the person is asked to follow various precautions to avoid the follow-up of the stroke, which is a life-threatening medical condition. The blood supply may get hurdled due to the narrowing of the vessels or the cholesterol deposition on it. Even in the normal circumstances one can suffer from the TIA as that is mild in nature and may last for the several minutes just due to the blockage of the blood supply.

Stroke vs. Tia

  • Stroke is a complicated medical condition, which may have residual damage for the longest time, whereas TIA is the mini-stroke which just lasts for 30 to 0 minutes or has a recovery time of 24-hours.
  • In a stroke, the medical officers mainly focus on the rehabilitation and reduction or mortality of the person suffering from it. Contrary to this, the TIA patients are dealt to prevent recurrences and reducing the possibility of the stroke attacks.
  • Stroke is more severe and complex as compared to the Tia.
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