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Uggs vs. Bearpaws: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 27, 2023
Uggs and Bearpaws are both brands of sheepskin boots, with UGG originating in Australia and Bearpaw in the US.

Key Differences

Uggs is a term that has its roots in Australia and originally described any boot made of sheepskin. UGG, the company, capitalized on this name and turned it into a global brand. On the other hand, Bearpaws is an American brand, primarily known for its sheepskin boots resembling the UGG style.
Uggs, especially the UGG Australia brand, has garnered immense popularity and is often seen as a high-end product. Bearpaws, while still popular, is often viewed as a more affordable alternative to Uggs.
Uggs generally has a broader range of styles and colors when compared to Bearpaws. Both brands, however, have diversified their product lines over the years. Yet, when most people think of Uggs or Bearpaws, they think of the classic sheepskin boot design.
Both Uggs and Bearpaws boast sheepskin lining in their boots, providing warmth and comfort. However, purists argue that the quality of sheepskin in Uggs is superior to that in Bearpaws.
Uggs are often priced higher than Bearpaws, reflecting the brand's premium positioning. Bearpaws tend to be more budget-friendly, making them an attractive option for those seeking a similar style without the UGG price tag.

Comparison Chart


United States


High-end and globally recognized
Popular but seen as a more affordable option


High-quality sheepskin
Sheepskin (often seen as slightly inferior)

Variety & Design

Broader range of styles and colors
Limited styles compared to Uggs

Price Point

Typically more expensive
Generally more budget-friendly

Uggs and Bearpaws Definitions


A style of sheepskin boot that originated in Australia.
She wore her Uggs all winter to keep her feet warm.


An American brand known for its sheepskin boots.
Bearpaws are a popular choice for winter footwear.


A term representing a casual, warm footwear trend.
Uggs are a must-have for those cold mornings.


A brand that offers similar styles to Uggs.
She couldn't decide between Uggs and Bearpaws for her new boots.


Synonymous with high-quality, plush boots.
If you want durability, go for Uggs.


Boots designed for warmth and comfort.
I love my Bearpaws on those snowy days.


A brand of boots known for its sheepskin interior.
I just bought a new pair of Uggs, and they're incredibly comfy.


Synonymous with value for money in the boot category.
For their price, Bearpaws offer great quality.


A fashion statement popularized in the early 2000s.
Uggs became a craze when celebrities started wearing them.


A more affordable alternative to sheepskin boots.
If you're on a budget, Bearpaws might be your best bet.


Plural of ugg


Infl of ugg


What are Uggs?

Uggs are sheepskin boots that originated in Australia, often associated with the UGG Australia brand.

Are Uggs more expensive than Bearpaws?

Generally, yes, Uggs are priced higher than Bearpaws.

Where did Bearpaws originate?

Bearpaws is an American brand known for its sheepskin boots.

Why are Uggs so popular?

Uggs gained popularity due to their comfort, quality, and celebrity endorsements.

Is the sheepskin in Uggs better than in Bearpaws?

Some argue that Uggs offer superior sheepskin quality compared to Bearpaws.

How long have Bearpaws been in the market compared to Uggs?

Uggs have been around since the 1970s, while Bearpaws entered the market in the 2000s.

How should I clean my Uggs or Bearpaws?

Both brands recommend using specific cleaning products and methods to maintain the boots.

Are Uggs and Bearpaws only for winter?

While they are warm and ideal for colder seasons, many wear them as a fashion statement year-round.

Do Uggs and Bearpaws only make boots?

No, both brands have diversified and offer various footwear styles.

How do I ensure I'm buying genuine Uggs or Bearpaws?

Purchase from authorized retailers and check for brand-specific labels and tags.

Are Bearpaws a good alternative to Uggs?

Yes, many consider Bearpaws a budget-friendly alternative to Uggs.

Which is more durable, Uggs or Bearpaws?

While both brands offer durability, many believe that Uggs has a slight edge in longevity.

Are Uggs and Bearpaws ethically made?

Both brands have made efforts to ensure ethical sourcing, but it's always good to check their latest practices.

Why are Uggs sometimes seen as a fashion faux pas?

While popular, some fashion critics believe Uggs aren't suitable for all occasions due to their casual look.

Is the popularity of Uggs and Bearpaws fading?

While fashion trends change, both brands remain popular choices for warm and comfy footwear.

Can men wear both Uggs and Bearpaws?

Absolutely, both brands offer styles for men.

Which brand offers more styles, Uggs or Bearpaws?

Uggs generally offers a broader range of styles compared to Bearpaws.

Are there vegan options for Uggs or Bearpaws?

Both brands have explored vegan or alternative materials for some of their products.

Do both Uggs and Bearpaws use real sheepskin?

Yes, both brands use real sheepskin in their boots.

Can I wear my Uggs or Bearpaws in the rain?

While they aren't designed for heavy rain, there are water-resistant models available.
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