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Favorably vs. Favourably: What's the Difference?

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"Favorably" and "favourably" are the same in meaning, indicating approval or support, but differ in spelling between American English ("favorably") and British English ("favourably").

Key Differences

"Favorably" is the American English spelling used to describe something in a positive or approving manner. "Favourably," on the other hand, is the British English version of the same word, with the same meaning and usage.
When used in a sentence, "favorably" implies approval, support, or a positive outcome. Similarly, "favourably" conveys the same sense of approval or positivity but adheres to British spelling conventions.
The difference in spelling reflects the general variations between American and British English, such as the dropping of 'u' in some words in American English. Both "favorably" and "favourably" are used in similar contexts and have identical connotations.
In American publications or correspondence, "favorably" is the preferred spelling, while "favourably" is used in British or Commonwealth countries' documents.
Beyond the spelling, there is no difference in the meaning, pronunciation, or use of "favorably" and "favourably." They are interchangeable depending on the variant of English being used.

Comparison Chart


American English
British English


Positive or approving manner
Positive or approving manner


Used in American English contexts
Used in British English contexts


Same for both
Same for both


American publications, documents
British/Commonwealth publications, documents

Favorably and Favourably Definitions


In a way that shows approval or support.
The proposal was received favorably by the board.


Suggesting a positive result or perspective.
Her application was considered favourably.


To the advantage of someone or something.
The weather conditions worked out favorably for the event.


Beneficially or to someone's advantage.
The court's decision reflected favourably on her case.


Indicating a positive outcome or perception.
Her performance was reviewed favorably.


Indicating a good chance of success or acceptance.
The proposal is likely to be received favourably.


Showing or characterized by approval or acceptance.
His ideas were met favorably by the committee.


Characterized by or showing approval.
The new strategy was received favourably by the staff.


With a likelihood to succeed or be received well.
The new policy is expected to impact the economy favorably.


In a manner that demonstrates approval or support.
The project was viewed favourably by the investors.


Advantageous; helpful
Favorable winds.


In a favourable manner.
She looked favourably on people who gave freely their assistance.


Encouraging; propitious
A favorable diagnosis.


Showing approval;
He reviewed the play favorably


Manifesting approval; commendatory
A favorable report.


Winning approval; pleasing
A favorable impression.


Granting what has been desired or requested
A favorable reply.


Indulgent or partial
Listened with a favorable ear.


In a favorable manner.
She looked favorably on people who gave freely their assistance.


Showing approval;
He reviewed the play favorably


Is favourably spelled differently in the UK?

Yes, favourably is the British English spelling.

Are favorably and favourably interchangeable?

Yes, they are interchangeable but depend on American or British English usage.

How is favorably used in a sentence?

Favorably is used to describe something in a positive way.

In which countries is favourably the preferred spelling?

Favourably is preferred in the UK and other Commonwealth countries.

Does favourably have the same pronunciation as favorably?

Yes, both words have the same pronunciation.

Can a decision be received favorably?

Yes, a decision can be received favorably, meaning it is well-received.

Does the meaning of favourably change in different contexts?

No, the meaning of favourably remains consistent across different contexts.

Can favorably indicate success?

Yes, favorably can indicate a likelihood of success.

Can favourably imply beneficial circumstances?

Yes, favourably can imply circumstances that are beneficial.

What does favorably mean?

Favorably means in a positive or approving manner.

Is favorably used in formal writing?

Yes, favorably is used in both formal and informal writing in the US.

What is an example of favourably in a business context?

"The merger was viewed favourably by the shareholders."

Can weather conditions be described as favorably?

Yes, weather conditions can be described as favorably when they are good.

What type of feedback does favorably suggest?

Favorably suggests positive or approving feedback.

Is favourably used in legal contexts?

Yes, favourably can be used in legal contexts to indicate approval.

Can favorably be used in performance reviews?

Yes, favorably can be used to describe positive aspects in performance reviews.

Can a product launch be favorably received?

Yes, a product launch can be favorably received if it is met with approval or success.

How do Americans spell favourably?

Americans spell it as "favorably."

Is favourably a positive term?

Yes, favourably is used to describe something positively.

How do British English speakers use favorably?

British English speakers use "favourably" instead of "favorably."
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