Difference Between Dying and Dieing


Main Difference

Usually, terms tend to confuse people with the spelling, and that is the case with these two. The word dying and dieing have no differences among themselves because the second word does not even exist. It is just the way dying or the other term dyeing are misspelled.

Comparison Chart

A state when some pass away or are no more alive.It does not have a meaning.
When someone is critically injured.A misspelling.
“The plant is about to die because of less water.”Confused with dying and dyeing.
German word “Deyja” in the 18th centuryNot known

What is Dying?

It is a word most commonly used in the English language, and most people will actually know what it means. Still, defining the term it is used when some pass away or are no more alive. In exact meanings, if we look at the word it will mean someone who is about to lose to death and will be no more alive. This word, similar to many others has been brought into the English language from the German where it was originated from the word Deyja which meant to pass away. It was the evolved over the years and combined with the middle English word deien and then over the centuries combined to give the world die which is considered the main root of the word dying. There are many examples which can be given to show how the word can be used. “My plant is dying because I forgot to water it” in this sentence it can be observed that dying has been used as a verb which shows something related to future that can happen. It is a participial form of the die and is used for situations where you are predicting the outcome or are unsure about something. It can be wrong, and it can be right, but this is more like assuming. It also has many phrases which have been used in different ways, for example, biting the dust is a phrase which eventually means dying, similarly, kick the bucket is another term which means same as dying.


What is Dieing?

This is not actually a word. Therefore, it is not hard to get the idea that it is a misspelling of another word. There is some confusion with the use of it. Some people consider it a misspelling of the word Dying, which has been explained above and is a phase of life and death. While others consider it a misspelling of the word Dyeing which is a process of adding color to products such as fiber, yarn, and fabric in a textile industry. There are no proper rules of where it can be used and how it has been originated, but it has been the practice for a long time that the misspelling of both these words is when someone dying. There is some confusion regarding this word that people who belong to the United States, use the word instead of the spelling for Dying but that is not the case, both the dialects mean the same thing. There is one minor case when this word can justify the use, and that is when we are talking about the machine which is known as die cutting machine and is used in many industrial processes. It is just to form different shapes, cut out objects, letter and to print letters or alphabets on paper. Only in this case can we use the word dieing since the machine itself and the process do not have a proper name, but it still is not included in the English language.

Key Differences

  1. The word dying refers to a state in which a person is about to lose to death or is really injured while the world dieing does not have a meaning.
  2. The word dying is kept an actual meaning as explained above while the word dieing is actually a misspelling.
  3. The words should not be confused and used on the basis of differences in America and British English.
  4. Word Dieing is also considered the misspelling of the term dyeing which is a textile industry process.
  5. Dieing can also be considered as the process of mechanical die-cutting but is not the parent term for it.
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