Difference Between Hornet and Wasp


Main Difference

Hornet and Wasp both are the kind of bees that are often mixed as being quite similar regarding biting, stinging and other nature activities. Both Wasp and Hornet belongs to the same Vespidae family due to which many people mixed both of them and considered them as one. In real Wasp are the famous insects which belong to the Arthropoda phylum, whereas Hornet is considered as a sub kind of wasp that is larger in size of other kinds that are yellowjacket wasp etc. The major difference between a Hornet and a Wasp is of their physical appearance. Hornets are larger in size as compare to the common Wasps. They have large round abdomens as compare to common sort of wasps. Hornets are black and white most of the times whereas wasps have more of the bright colors in them including flashes of yellow etc. Other noticeable differences between Hornet and wasps are in their life cycles and habitat.

Comparison Chart

Hornet is an insect with aggressive nature and sting. It is kind of Wasp that is larger in size.Wasp is a famous stinging insect that is often regarded as a bee. Wasp belongs to the Hymenoptera order.
Hornets are larger in size as compare to wasps. They have large round heads and abdomens. They are usually of dark black and white colors.Wasps are the insects with the sting that are aggressive in nature. They are smaller in size as compare to Hornets and are usually of bright yellow color with the contrast of black.
Hornets are quite social in nature. They are quite aggressive too.Wasps can be social and solitary both depending on particular species.
Hornets lay their eggs in the special nest they built for laying eggs on high trees.Wasps lay an egg in the body of other organisms as parasitic hosts.
Japanese Hornet, Asian Giant Hornet, European Hornet, etc.Yellowjackets, velvet ants, Spider wasp, digger wasp, etc.
Larvae fed on fruit nectars whereas adults kill prey and eat small insects.Most of the wasps live upon the nectars from sweet plants and fruits.

What is Hornet?

Hornet is an insect that is famous for stinging and its aggressive nature. Hornets due to their aggressive nature and stinging ability are often mixed up with common sort of wasps just grown large enough. In actual, as Hornet do belong to the same Vespidae family as wasps, we can classify a Hornet as a kind of wasp. Hornet is more aggressive and bossy, self-sufficient in nature as compared to wasps. They do not use the body of other organisms as hosts and does not act as parasites as common sort of wasps usually do such sort of activities while laying an egg. Hornet, unlike wasps, does not lay eggs inside the body of the hosts; they lay an egg in the nests which they specially developed for this particular purpose. Hornets make their nests in the tops of large trees. Unlike to Wasps Hornet is usually of dark and dull colors. The more often found color contrast in the Hornets is of black and white along with few bright colors which differ by species found in different geographical regions. Hornets are larger in size and shape as compare to common wasps. They can be easily identified by simply looking at both of them at the same time. Hornet possesses a large round shaped head as compared to the long tube-shaped head of wasps. Hornets also have large round abdomens that too are quite big in size as compared to the wasps. All the hornet species are social in nature, unlike wasps which more often are solitary. The sting of hornets can be fatal for humans in the worst cases and conditions.


What is Wasp?

Wasp is one of the most famous insects all around the world. It is often regarded or compared with the bee. It is more popular because of its aggressive nature and stinging ability. Wasps are so quick, responsive and aggressive in nature that they can sting multiple targets at the same time and can feel the threat at its initial stages. Unlike Hornets, their sting is not that much fatal for humans, but surely it can cause swear pain and swelling. Wasps are long and thing in shape. They are quite small in size as compare to the Hornets. Wasps do possess bright colors and are more often contrast with yellow, black and white. There are more than 10,000 different kinds of species of wasps that are found in every part of the world. Interesting fact about wasp is that they lay their eggs inside the body of other organisms. The young born wasp are the parasitic hosts that are dependent on the body of host for early nutrition.

Hornet vs. Wasp

  • Wasp is a famous flying insect that is popular due to its aggressive nature and stinging ability.
  • Hornet is a kind of Wasp that is larger in size as compare to regular kind of wasps.
  • Wasps are of bright colors contrasting yellow with black and white.
  • Hornets are of dull color contrasting black and white.
  • Hornet’s sting can be fatal to
  • Wasps lay an egg inside the body of the other organisms.
  • Hornet lay their eggs in special nests.
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