Difference Between Windows 8 and Windows 10


Main Difference

Windows are an essential component of a computer system. A computer cannot run on its own and needs an operating system to perform all the functions and supply features to people who can use it accordingly. There have been several updates on Microsoft Windows over the years from Windows 95 to Windows 98 when the world of computing was exploring itself. Moving on to the Windows XP and Vista, and then the third generation which includes Windows 7, Windows 8 and now Windows 10. Each of these systems was an improvement on the previous one and new features kept on coming for the ease of use. Same has been the case for Windows 8 and Windows 10 which has many differences between each other. The main thing which marks Windows 10 from Windows 8 is that it is suitable for all the devices including computers, cellphones, and tablets. It can run seamlessly on them irrespective of the type you are using. In Windows 8 this was not possible, the feature of ONE helps to change windows according to the device which is being used. Therefore, it can be said that Windows 10 are more intelligent and versatile than Windows 8. Another difference between these two is the start menu, in Windows 8 the start menu was totally changed from the previous versions and created problems or the users who were finding it difficult to adapt to the new change. Windows 10 has brought back the old start menu with a new outlook and is present in the bottom left corner where pupils can easy access the primary and recently used applications. Windows 8 contained the last version of Internet Explorer, in Windows 10 this is replaced by Microsoft Edge, it also has an additional browser called Spartan which is designed for all the various devices and makes it easier to navigate on the web. Another difference between these two is the desktop feature, in Windows 8 there is one desktop for all users but in Windows 10 user can create multiple desktops for different uses or customize them for their own purposes. Windows 10 also introduced the feature of Cortana, which is similar to the Apple’s Siri while this feature was missing in the Windows 8. There is an extensive list of features and improvements which exist in these two types, and some of them will be listed at the end.

Comparison Chart

Windows 8Windows 10
SupportDoes not support multiple devices such as cell phone and tablets and only works best on computers.Has been made to suit all type of devices and with the One option, the user can switch to different versions with just one click.
MenuA complicated start menu which was not appreciated by many users.Brought back the old layout of the start menu with few advancements.
UsersOne desktop screens for all users.Multiple desktop screens for their users.
CortanaDoes not existExists

Definition of Windows 8

This version of Windows was developed in 2012 by Microsoft after the latest success of Windows 7. There were some issues left to resolve in the previous windows and improvements were made to overcome them. There were also new features such as multiple views and tablet like options to accommodate the multiple devices but lacked the compatibility with other devices. There were significant changes made in the user interface for tablets because Windows now had to compete with Android and Apple for smaller devices. The response to these windows was a mixed one since most of the new features although increased its importance, everything was scattered here and there, and people found it difficult to find the things they needed easily. The very next year Microsoft had to introduce Windows 8.1 which made took into account the criticism labeled on Windows 8. There were many features in this operating system which were different from the previous ones so people found it difficult to get used to them in such a short time.


Definition of Windows 10

With the changing trends in the market, Microsoft had to keep up with the modern ways and therefore Windows 10 were introduced in 2015 which had significant improvements from the previous versions. It was compatible with multiple devices and with just one click people could switch between tablets and cell phone to desktop windows. There was a new web browser introduced because of the decreasing popularity of Internet Explorer. A personalized assistant like its competitors was also added. The reviews it gained from people were active because of the new and straightforward user interface. All the previous options such as the start menu were brought back, people can also create different desktops customization for them. All the applications that were introduced were flexible since they could be used on different devices. All in all, this was a major revamp on the previous types of windows and brought back a new feel and freshness.

Differences in a Nutshell

  1. Windows 8 does not support multiple devices such as cell phone and tablets and only works best on computers. Windows 10 has been made to suit all type of devices and with the One option, the user can switch to different versions with just one click.
  2. Windows 8 had a complicated start menu which was not appreciated by many users. Windows 10 brought back the old layout of the start menu with few advancements.
  3. Windows contains the Internet Explorer as a web browser, while Windows 10 has Microsoft Edge as the primary web browser.
  4. Windows 8 has one desktop screens for all users while Windows 10 users can have multiple desktop screens for their users.
  5. There is no personalized assistant in Windows 8 while Windows 10 has introduced a custom assistant called Cortana.
  6. Command prompt in Windows 8 is not flexible while there are many flexible options in Windows 10.
  7. Windows 10 has its own app store while Windows 8 lacks this feature.
  8. There is a simple setting widget on the main menu for Windows 10 while Windows 18 had the proper settings option.
  9. Windows 10 have a task view to navigate between different views while Windows 8 had just a simplified view.
  10. Both the Windows have different icons from each other.


Computer systems can be complex for the ones who have no idea about what goes inside it. These two terms explained above are from the similar family and needed this broader explanation to give an idea how they differ from each other. Hopefully, people will be able to make the choice carefully after reading this.

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