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Best Western vs. Holiday Inn: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 27, 2024
Best Western is a privately held hotel brand with independent owners, while Holiday Inn is a globally known chain owned by IHG, offering standardized amenities.

Key Differences

Best Western is renowned for its unique properties, each reflecting the locale's character, whereas Holiday Inn, a part of IHG, offers a more uniform experience across its locations, ensuring consistent quality and services.
Best Western includes a wide range of hotels from budget to premium, while Holiday Inn primarily focuses on the mid-range market, catering to business and family travelers with standardized amenities.
Best Western's loyalty program rewards guests for stays at any of its diverse properties, from Best Western to BW Premier Collection. In contrast, Holiday Inn's loyalty program, part of IHG Rewards, allows earning and redeeming points across various IHG brands.
Best Western's presence is notable for its diversity in property types, including urban, suburban, and rural locations. Conversely, Holiday Inn is typically found in major cities and tourist destinations, known for its family-friendly facilities.
Best Western's approach to hospitality emphasizes individuality and local flair, making each stay unique. Holiday Inn, on the other hand, prioritizes a familiar and consistent experience, ensuring guests know what to expect at each location.

Comparison Chart

Word Origin

Derived from Western movies, indicating adventure and exploration.
Suggests a festive, vacation-like atmosphere.

Word Count

Two words, often used together as a single brand name.
Two words, commonly combined as a brand name.

Syllable Count

Three syllables: "Best-West-ern".
Four syllables: "Hol-i-day-Inn".

Usage in Language

Used as a proper noun referring to the hotel chain.
Also a proper noun, specifically denoting the hotel brand.


Conveys a sense of variety and regional distinction.
Implies a sense of relaxation and holiday ambiance.

Best Western and Holiday Inn Definitions

Best Western

A brand known for diverse hotel styles and locations.
The Best Western in the city center had a charming boutique style.

Holiday Inn

Part of the IHG Rewards Club loyalty program.
We used our IHG points to book a room at the Holiday Inn.

Best Western

A hotel group offering a range of accommodations from budget to luxury.
The Best Western Plus offered more upscale amenities.

Holiday Inn

A hotel offering standardized services and amenities.
We chose the Holiday Inn for its reliable family-friendly facilities.

Best Western

A member of the Best Western Hotels & Resorts.
The Best Western Premier collection boasts luxury properties.

Holiday Inn

A mid-range hotel targeting business and leisure travelers.
The Holiday Inn near the airport was perfect for our layover.

Best Western

A lodging option participating in a global loyalty program.
Our Best Western stay earned us points in their rewards program.

Holiday Inn

A hotel known for its consistent and comfortable accommodations.
The Holiday Inn's rooms always meet our expectations for comfort.

Best Western

A global chain of independently owned hotels.
We booked a room at the Best Western for our weekend getaway.

Holiday Inn

A globally recognized hotel chain under the IHG brand.
The Holiday Inn provided excellent service during our business conference.


Are Best Western hotels the same everywhere?

No, each Best Western hotel has its unique style and amenities.

What types of travelers prefer Holiday Inn?

It's popular among business and family travelers.

Does Best Western have a loyalty program?

Yes, it offers a rewards program for frequent guests.

Can I earn points at any Best Western hotel?

Yes, points can be earned and redeemed at any location.

What is the Best Western Plus?

A tier within the brand offering enhanced amenities.

What is Best Western?

A global chain of independently owned hotels with a variety of styles.

What distinguishes Holiday Inn?

It's a mid-range hotel chain known for consistent quality and services.

Is Holiday Inn part of a larger hotel group?

Yes, it's part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

Does Holiday Inn offer amenities for business travelers?

Yes, they provide facilities like meeting rooms and business centers.

Is Best Western pet-friendly?

Policies vary, but many locations are pet-friendly.

Does Best Western have an environmental policy?

Yes, many locations adopt sustainable practices.

Does Holiday Inn have properties worldwide?

Yes, it's a global brand with hotels in many countries.

Do Best Western hotels serve breakfast?

Many offer complimentary breakfast, though it varies.

Is there a luxury line in Best Western?

Yes, the Best Western Premier Collection.

Are there different types of Best Western hotels?

Yes, from budget-friendly to luxury options.

Can I host events at Holiday Inn?

Many locations have event and conference facilities.

Is room service available at Holiday Inn?

This varies, but many locations offer room service.

Is free Wi-Fi common at Holiday Inn hotels?

Yes, most locations offer free Wi-Fi.

Are there family rooms at Holiday Inn?

Yes, they often have rooms suitable for families.

Are Holiday Inn hotels accessible for disabled guests?

Yes, they typically offer accessible rooms and facilities.
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