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Priceline.com vs. Booking.com: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 27, 2024
Priceline.com is known for its 'Name Your Own Price' feature in travel booking, while Booking.com offers a wide range of accommodation options with no bidding process.

Key Differences

Priceline.com is famous for its 'Name Your Own Price' tool, allowing users to bid on hotel rooms, flights, and car rentals. Booking.com, in contrast, provides straightforward booking options without a bidding process.
Priceline.com's bidding system can offer deep discounts but with less flexibility in selection. Booking.com focuses on a user-friendly experience with more control over specific accommodations.
Priceline.com offers a range of travel services including flights and car rentals. Booking.com specializes more in accommodations, offering a wide range of hotels, hostels, and apartments.
Priceline.com appeals to budget-conscious travelers looking for deals. Booking.com caters to a broader audience, emphasizing convenience and variety in lodging.
Priceline.com's interface revolves around its unique pricing feature, while Booking.com's platform is designed for easy navigation and comparison of various accommodations.

Comparison Chart

Main Selling Point

'Name Your Own Price' feature
Wide range of accommodation types

Booking Process

Bidding system
Direct booking without bidding

Range of Services

Hotels, flights, car rentals
Primarily accommodations

Target Audience

Budget-conscious travelers
Broad range of travelers

User Interface

Bidding-focused interface
User-friendly, easy comparison

Priceline.com and Booking.com Definitions


Combination Travel Services.
Priceline.com offers car rental services too.


User-Friendly Travel Site.
Finding a room in Paris was easy with Booking.com.


Online Travel Agency.
Priceline.com is one of my go-to online travel agencies.


Global Hotel Listings.
Booking.com has hotel listings worldwide.


Travel Deal Website.
I used Priceline.com to find a cheap hotel room.


Accommodation Booking Site.
I booked our vacation hotel through Booking.com.


Discount Hotel Bookings.
He got a great hotel deal through Priceline.com.


Wide Range of Lodgings.
Booking.com offers everything from hostels to luxury hotels.


Bidding for Travel.
Priceline.com allows you to bid on flights.


Online Hotel Reservations.
She reserved a boutique hotel on Booking.com.


What is Booking.com?

A website specializing in booking a wide range of accommodations.

What is Priceline.com?

An online travel agency known for its 'Name Your Own Price' feature.

Can I book flights on Priceline.com?

Yes, Priceline.com offers flight booking along with hotels and car rentals.

How does the 'Name Your Own Price' feature work on Priceline.com?

Users bid on hotel rooms, flights, or car rentals, and if accepted, the booking is confirmed.

Can I choose a specific hotel on Booking.com?

Yes, Booking.com allows users to select specific hotels and other accommodations.

Does Booking.com offer flight bookings?

Booking.com primarily focuses on accommodations but does offer flight bookings as part of package deals.

Does Booking.com have options for budget travelers?

Yes, Booking.com offers various accommodations to suit different budgets.

Does Priceline.com show the hotel name before booking in the bidding process?

No, the specific hotel name is revealed only after the bid is accepted.

Is Booking.com good for last-minute bookings?

Yes, Booking.com is known for accommodating last-minute bookings efficiently.

Is Booking.com available internationally?

Yes, Booking.com offers accommodation options in many countries worldwide.

How does Priceline.com’s Express Deals work?

Express Deals offer discounted rates without bidding but without revealing the hotel name until after booking.

How do I cancel a booking on Priceline.com?

Cancellations can be made through your Priceline.com account, subject to the booking’s terms.

Are Priceline.com deals refundable?

It depends on the specific deal, but many discounted offers are non-refundable.

Can I rent cars through Priceline.com?

Yes, car rental is one of the services offered by Priceline.com.

Is there a loyalty program on Booking.com?

Yes, Booking.com offers a Genius loyalty program with various benefits.

What is the customer service like on Booking.com?

Booking.com is known for its accessible and helpful customer service.

Can I book vacation packages on Booking.com?

Yes, Booking.com offers vacation packages including flights and hotels.

What types of accommodations can I find on Priceline.com?

Priceline.com offers a range of accommodations including hotels, resorts, and more.

Can I see hotel reviews on Booking.com?

Yes, Booking.com provides user reviews for most listed accommodations.

Does Priceline.com have a mobile app?

Yes, Priceline.com offers a mobile app for easier booking.
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