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Assessable vs. Accessible: What's the Difference?

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"Assessable" pertains to the ability to evaluate or estimate the nature, value, or quality, while "accessible" refers to something that can be easily reached or entered.

Key Differences

"Assessable" relates to the possibility of evaluation or appraisal. It suggests that something can be analyzed or valued, such as property for tax purposes or a student's performance in a course. "Accessible," however, denotes the ease with which something can be approached, reached, or used by people, including those with disabilities.
For something to be assessable, there must be criteria or methods in place for assessment. For example, an assessable project means that its success can be measured against set objectives. In contrast, if a location is accessible, it is within reach and can be easily accessed by individuals, which might involve considerations like wheelchair ramps or user-friendly websites.
The quality of being assessable is especially important in fields like education, finance, and law, where evaluation is a critical component. Accessibility is a crucial concept in design, architecture, and information technology, ensuring inclusivity and usability for all individuals, regardless of their abilities or resources.
Assessability often requires specialized knowledge or tools to conduct an assessment. Tax assessors determine property values, educators assess student learning, and quality control departments assess products for defects. Accessibility, however, is about removing barriers and ensuring availability, like providing sign language interpreters or creating software that is easy to navigate.
In summary, assessable items are subject to being evaluated or judged, which requires certain standards and criteria. Accessible items are readily available and usable, emphasizing the removal of obstacles and the facilitation of easy entry or usage.

Comparison Chart


Capable of being evaluated or appraised
Easily approached, reached, or used


Evaluation, appraisal, and measurement
Design, usability, and inclusivity


Education, finance, law
Architecture, IT, product design


Requires criteria and tools for assessment
Involves ease of entry, usage, or understanding


To measure or judge value or performance
To ensure availability and remove barriers

Assessable and Accessible Definitions


Open to examination and judgment.
The panel considered the artwork to be highly assessable.


Easily reached or entered.
The building is accessible via a ramp for wheelchair users.


Possible to estimate or appraise value or outcome.
The effectiveness of the campaign was assessable through customer feedback.


Able to be easily obtained or used.
The museum has made its archives accessible online.


Capable of being evaluated or estimated.
The teacher found the new grading system to be easily assessable.


Understandable or comprehensible.
The author writes on complex topics in an accessible manner.


Subject to assessment, especially concerning tax or legal implications.
The new regulations made all overseas assets assessable.


Available to a wide range of people.
The company aims to make its products accessible to everyone, regardless of income.


Available for review or analysis.
The data collected during the study was readily assessable to researchers.


Open to the influence of something.
The coastal town is accessible to strong sea breezes.


To determine the value, significance, or extent of; appraise.


Easily approached or entered
The stadium is accessible via public transportation.


To estimate the value of (property) for taxation.


Easily obtained
Accessible money.


To set or determine the amount of (a payment, such as a tax or fine).


To charge (a person or property) with a special payment, such as a tax or fine.


(Sports) To charge (a player, coach, or team) with a foul or penalty.


Able to be assessed.


Liable to be assessed or taxed; as, assessable property.


Capable of being assessed especially for the purpose of taxation


Capable of being considered carefully;
The assessable qualities of art


Is everything assessable?

In theory, yes, but some things may be difficult to assess accurately.

Is "accessible" a term used in technology?

Yes, in technology, accessible refers to systems and content that are user-friendly.

Are all public places required to be accessible?

Many countries have laws requiring public places to be accessible to the disabled.

Are online courses assessable?

They are if they have criteria in place for measuring student performance.

Does "accessible" mean "free"?

Not necessarily; it means available or usable, not always free of charge.

Can something be both assessable and accessible?

Yes, an item can be both evaluable (assessable) and easy to reach or understand (accessible).

Does "accessible" apply to physical disabilities only?

No, it also applies to other barriers such as language or cognitive abilities.

How do you make a website assessable?

The term is "accessible," and it involves designing the site to be used by everyone easily.

Is "assessable income" a common term?

Yes, in finance, assessable income is income that can be taxed.

Can "accessible" refer to understanding content?

Yes, if content is easy to understand, it is considered accessible.

Can "assessable" refer to risks?

Yes, risks that can be evaluated or estimated are considered assessable.

What's an example of something that's not accessible?

A website without alt-text for images is not accessible to blind users.

Can mental health be assessable?

With proper tools and criteria, aspects of mental health can be assessable.

How is "accessible" used in a legal context?

Laws that can be easily understood and complied with are considered accessible.

Do "assessable" and "accessible" come from the same root word?

Yes, both come from Latin roots related to "to approach."

Is language proficiency assessable?

Yes, through tests and evaluations, language proficiency is assessable.

Can "assessable" apply to people's skills?

Yes, skills that can be evaluated or judged are assessable.

Is "assessable" typically used in everyday language?

No, it's more commonly used in specific contexts like taxation or academia.

What makes a building accessible?

Features like ramps, elevators, and braille signs make a building accessible.

Is it possible to make art more accessible?

Yes, through public exhibitions and explanations, art can be made more accessible.
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