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Artisanal vs. Industrial: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on November 7, 2023
Artisanal refers to handcrafted, traditionally made products, while Industrial pertains to mass production and mechanization.

Key Differences

Artisanal products are handcrafted, emphasizing quality and tradition, whereas Industrial goods are mass-produced, focusing on efficiency and uniformity.
Artisanal methods involve skilled craftsmanship, often passed down through generations; Industrial processes rely heavily on machinery and automation.
The Artisanal approach celebrates unique, often custom-made items, while the Industrial model prioritizes standardized, widely available products.
Artisanal goods are typically produced in small quantities, embodying cultural heritage, whereas Industrial production is large-scale, serving broader markets.
Sustainability and eco-friendliness are often hallmarks of Artisanal practices, while Industrial methods may prioritize output over environmental concerns.

Comparison Chart

Production Method

Handcrafted, traditional
Mass-produced, mechanized


Quality, craftsmanship
Efficiency, uniformity

Product Characteristics

Unique, custom-made
Standardized, widely available

Production Scale

Small-scale, limited quantities
Large-scale, high volume


Often prioritizes eco-friendliness
May prioritize output over environment

Artisanal and Industrial Definitions


Traditionally Made
The artisanal bread is baked using a century-old recipe.


Mass Production
The industrial factory produces thousands of units daily.


Culturally Significant
The festival featured artisanal crafts from local communities.


Mechanized Process
Industrial automation has streamlined manufacturing.


She ordered an artisanal leather bag.


Standardized Products
Industrial clothing lines offer consistent quality.


Each vase in the shop is an artisanal creation.


Large-Scale Production
The industrial plant supplies products nationwide.


Skilled Craftsmanship
Artisanal jewelry showcases exceptional skill.


Efficient Production
The industrial approach maximizes output.


Relating to or made by an artisan.


Of, relating to, or resulting from the manufacturing industry
Industrial development.
Industrial pollution.


Relating to or being a food or beverage made by hand or by traditional methods.


Having a highly developed manufacturing industry
An industrial nation.


Of or pertaining to artisans or the work of artisans.


Employed, required, or used in the manufacturing industry
Industrial workers.
Industrial diamonds.


Involving skilled work, with comparatively little reliance on machinery.


A company engaged in the manufacturing industry.


(of an item, especially a foodstuff) Made by an artisan (skilled worker).


A person employed in the manufacturing industry.


A style of rock music marked by harsh rhythms, little melody, and nihilistic lyrics.


Of or relating to industry, notably manufacturing.
The industrial segment of the economy has seen troubles lately.


Produced by such industry.
Handicraft is less standardized then industrial products, hence less artistic or rather flawless.


Used by such industry.


Suitable for use in such industry; industrial-grade.
This is an industrial product—it's much too strong for home use.


Massive in scale or quantity.


Employed as manpower by such industry.


(of a society or country) Having many industries; industrialized.
Italy is a part-industrial, part-rural nation.


(music) Belonging or pertaining to the genre of industrial music.
A track with clashing industrial beats


An employee in industry.


(business) An enterprise producing tangible goods or providing certain services to industrial companies.


(finance) A bond or stock issued by such a company.


(film) A film made for use within an industry, not for a movie-going audience.


(informal) industrial piercing


Consisting in industry; pertaining to industry, or the arts and products of industry; concerning those employed in labor, especially in manual labor, and their wages, duties, and rights.
The great ideas of industrial development and economic social amelioration.


Of or relating to or resulting from industry;
Industrial output


Having highly developed industries;
The industrial revolution
An industrial nation


Employed in industry;
Industrial workers
The industrial term in use among professional thieves


Employed in industry;
The industrial classes
Industrial work


Suitable to stand up to hard wear;
Industrial carpeting


What is industrial?

Pertains to mass production and mechanization.

Are industrial products widely available?

Yes, due to large-scale production.

Is industrial production efficient?

Yes, it focuses on efficiency and volume.

Is artisanal production eco-friendly?

Often prioritizes sustainability.

Can artisanal be mass-produced?

Typically, it's small-scale and not mass-produced.

Are artisanal products unique?

Yes, they often are unique or custom-made.

Do industrial products have variety?

They are more standardized.

Is craftsmanship important in artisanal work?

Yes, skilled craftsmanship is crucial.

What defines artisanal?

Handcrafted, traditionally made products.

Do industrial products vary in quality?

They aim for consistent quality.

Do artisanal goods have cultural significance?

They often embody cultural heritage.

Can industrial processes be eco-friendly?

It varies, but often less focused on this.

Is artisanal production time-consuming?

Yes, due to the attention to detail.

Can industrial products be handcrafted?

Industrial generally implies mechanization, not handcrafting.

Are industrial goods customizable?

Generally, they are less customizable.

Can industrial methods be applied to artisanal goods?

Not typically, as it may lose the essence.

Are industrial methods automated?

They heavily rely on machinery and automation.

Are artisanal products more expensive?

They can be due to their craftsmanship.

Is there a market for artisanal goods?

Yes, there's a demand for unique, handcrafted items.

Do artisanal products have a story?

Often, they have a rich background or story.
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