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Android Kitkat vs. Android Lollipop: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on October 19, 2023
Android KitKat is the 4.4 version of the Android OS, while Android Lollipop is the 5.0 version with improved UI and features.

Key Differences

Android KitKat, known as version 4.4, was a refinement of the Android OS, emphasizing optimization and performance improvements. On the other hand, Android Lollipop, version 5.0, introduced a fresh design approach known as "Material Design" which modernized the user interface.
While Android KitKat brought features like "OK Google" voice commands and immersive mode, Android Lollipop took a leap by introducing lock screen notifications, multi-user accounts, and a revamped quick settings.
Android KitKat was designed to run on a wide range of devices, even those with only 512MB of RAM, ensuring accessibility. Android Lollipop, with its "Project Volta," was dedicated to improving battery life and overall system performance.
Android KitKat focused on security with features like SELinux and VPN solutions. Android Lollipop further strengthened security with default device encryption and the introduction of Smart Lock.
Android KitKat had seen minor updates improving its functionalities. Android Lollipop, being a major version, brought significant overhauls and refinements, including changes in ART runtime, leading to faster app launch times.

Comparison Chart

Version Number


Design Philosophy

Optimized and polished
Introduced Material Design

Key Features

"OK Google", Immersive mode
Lock screen notifications, Multi-user accounts

Performance Focus

Operability on devices with 512MB RAM
Battery life with "Project Volta"

Security Additions

SELinux, VPN solutions
Default device encryption, Smart Lock

Android Kitkat and Android Lollipop Definitions

Android Kitkat

An Android iteration that focused on optimizing system performance.
Although Android KitKat is old, it's optimized for a range of devices.

Android Lollipop

The successor to Android KitKat, offering a revamped user interface.
After upgrading from Android KitKat, the changes in Android Lollipop were immediately noticeable.

Android Kitkat

The 4.4 version of the Android operating system.
My phone is still running on Android KitKat, so it's quite outdated.

Android Lollipop

The Android iteration that established the modern design and feature set for subsequent versions.
Android Lollipop set the foundation for the future designs of the Android ecosystem.

Android Kitkat

A version of Android OS introducing "OK Google" voice commands.
With Android KitKat, I started using voice commands more frequently.

Android Lollipop

A major Android update focusing on user experience and battery optimization.
My device's battery life improved significantly with Android Lollipop.

Android Kitkat

The Android release that prioritized accessibility across multiple device specifications.
It's impressive that Android KitKat can run on devices with just 512MB of RAM.

Android Lollipop

The OS version that enhanced security through device encryption and Smart Lock.
I felt my data was more secure when I switched to Android Lollipop.

Android Kitkat

A predecessor to Android Lollipop, emphasizing performance on various devices.
Her tablet, still on Android KitKat, performs surprisingly well.

Android Lollipop

The 5.0 version of Android, introducing Material Design.
I love the visual appeal of Android Lollipop, especially its animations.


What's the main design feature of Android Lollipop?

Android Lollipop introduced Material Design.

Are devices with Android KitKat still supported?

As of now, Android KitKat is outdated, and many modern apps may not support it.

Was immersive mode a feature of Android KitKat?

Yes, immersive mode was introduced in Android KitKat.

Did Android KitKat introduce "OK Google"?

Yes, "OK Google" was a feature of Android KitKat.

How did Android KitKat and Android Lollipop differ in design?

While Android KitKat was more of a refinement, Android Lollipop introduced the new Material Design.

Which Android version came with SELinux security enhancements?

Android KitKat came with SELinux enhancements.

Was VPN solution a feature in Android KitKat?

Yes, Android KitKat had VPN solutions as part of its security features.

Does Android Lollipop have a better UI than Android KitKat?

Android Lollipop introduced a revamped UI with Material Design, which many consider superior to Android KitKat.

Did Android Lollipop come with a new runtime?

Yes, Android Lollipop introduced the ART runtime, replacing Dalvik.

Which version emphasized battery life improvement?

Android Lollipop, with its "Project Volta," emphasized battery life.

What security features did Android Lollipop introduce?

Android Lollipop introduced default device encryption and Smart Lock.

What's the key difference between Android KitKat and Android Lollipop?

Android KitKat focused on optimization, while Android Lollipop brought a fresh design and feature overhaul.

Which version introduced lock screen notifications?

Lock screen notifications were introduced in Android Lollipop.

How does the performance of Android KitKat compare to Android Lollipop?

While Android KitKat was optimized for varied devices, Android Lollipop emphasized battery optimization and system improvements.

Are there any shared features between Android KitKat and Android Lollipop?

Both Android KitKat and Android Lollipop focus on user experience, performance, and security, but with different emphasis and specific features.

What version number is Android KitKat?

Android KitKat is version 4.4.

Which Android version followed Android KitKat?

Android Lollipop followed Android KitKat.

Was Android KitKat optimized for devices with low RAM?

Yes, Android KitKat was designed to run even on devices with 512MB of RAM.

Did Android Lollipop support multi-user accounts?

Yes, Android Lollipop introduced support for multi-user accounts.

Was "Project Volta" a part of Android KitKat?

No, "Project Volta" was introduced in Android Lollipop for better battery performance.
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