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Abundance vs. Prosperity: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on October 25, 2023
Abundance refers to a large amount of something; Prosperity indicates a state of wealth or success.

Key Differences

Abundance and Prosperity, while related, signify different concepts. Abundance emphasizes the presence of plentifulness or a great quantity of something. For example, one might refer to an abundance of natural resources in a country.
On the other hand, Prosperity is more about the state of being successful, especially in terms of wealth, affluence, or growth. While Abundance could apply to any context where there is more than enough of something, Prosperity is often used to describe financial well-being or the thriving state of an individual, organization, or nation.
It's worth noting that one can experience Abundance in various aspects, like time, love, or energy. Prosperity, in contrast, tends to lean more towards material or economic success, although it can also indicate overall flourishing in different life areas.

Comparison Chart


A large quantity of something.
A state of success, often financial.

Context of Use

Can apply to any plentiful aspect.
Often economic but can be general well-being.


Quantity or plentifulness.
Success or thriving state.


Abundance of resources, love, time.
Prosperity in business, nation's prosperity.


More generalized.
Often more specific, especially to well-being.

Abundance and Prosperity Definitions


A plentiful amount.
The garden had an abundance of tomatoes.


Flourishing condition.
The village was in a period of prosperity.


An overflowing fullness.
The river flowed with abundance after the rains.


The state of being prosperous.
The country enjoyed years of prosperity.


Richness in supply.
The land had an abundance of minerals.


Financial success.
His business brought him great prosperity.


More than enough of something.
She showed an abundance of kindness.


Wealth or affluence.
She inherited a legacy of prosperity.


Excessive quantity.
He owned an abundance of shoes.


Economic well-being.
The policies led to national prosperity.


A great or plentiful amount
An abundance of rain.


The condition of being prosperous.


The condition of being in rich supply
Bananas growing in abundance.


The condition of being prosperous, of having good fortune


Degree of plentifulness
"Species of low abundance are ignored in the calculation of predominance" (William M. Lewis).


The state of being prosperous; advance or gain in anything good or desirable; successful progress in any business or enterprise; attainment of the object desired; good fortune; success; as, commercial prosperity; national prosperity.
Now prosperity begins to mellow.
Prosperities can only be enjoyed by them who fear not at all to lose them.


(Chemistry) The amount of an isotope of an element that exists in nature, usually expressed as a percentage of the total amount of all isotopes of the element.


An economic state of growth with rising profits and full employment


Affluence; prosperity
Living in abundance.


The condition of prospering; having good fortune


A large quantity; many.
Due to the abundance of art material, the class made a giant collage.
There is not a great abundance of time, so please don't dwadle.


An overflowing fullness or ample sufficiency; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; plentifulness.


Wealth; affluence; plentiful amount of resources.


Frequency, amount, ratio of something within a given environment or sample.


(card games) A bid to take nine or more tricks in solo whist.


(Scotland) enough, sufficiency.


An overflowing fullness; ample sufficiency; great plenty; profusion; copious supply; superfluity; wealth: - strictly applicable to quantity only, but sometimes used of number.
It is lamentable to remember what abundance of noble blood hath been shed with small benefit to the Christian state.


The property of a more than adequate quantity or supply;
An age of abundance


(physics) the ratio of the number of atoms of a specific isotope of an element to the total number of isotopes present


(chemistry) the ratio of the total mass of an element in the earth's crust to the total mass of the earth's crust; expressed as a percentage or in parts per million


What does Prosperity typically refer to?

Prosperity usually refers to success, often in financial terms.

What does Abundance emphasize?

Abundance emphasizes a large quantity or plentifulness.

Is Prosperity only about money?

While often financial, prosperity can also mean general success or well-being.

Can Abundance be used in emotional contexts?

Yes, one can have an abundance of emotions, like joy or love.

Can a nation be prosperous but not have natural abundance?

Yes, a nation can be economically prosperous through trade, innovation, etc., without abundant natural resources.

How is Prosperity measured?

Often by economic metrics, but it can also be gauged by overall well-being or success.

Is Prosperity always long-term?

Not necessarily. There can be short-lived periods of prosperity.

Can a person feel abundance in solitude?

Absolutely, they might feel an abundance of peace, clarity, or introspection.

Can Prosperity be shared?

Yes, communities or groups can collectively experience prosperity.

Can a person have Abundance but not Prosperity?

Yes, one might have an abundance of resources but not the means or success to use them effectively.

How is Prosperity related to wealth?

Prosperity often indicates financial success or wealth, but it's broader than just money.

Is Abundance always positive?

Not necessarily. One could have an abundance of problems or challenges.

Can a business experience Prosperity without profit?

It's possible in terms of growth, reputation, or other non-financial metrics.

Is Abundance always desirable?

Not always. For instance, an abundance of stress is undesirable.

Can nature show Abundance?

Yes, like an abundant forest or a bountiful harvest.

Can Abundance refer to intangible things?

Yes, like an abundance of love or time.

Is Abundance always evident?

Not always. Someone might have internal abundance (like patience) not evident externally.

Can Abundance be in scarcity?

Seemingly paradoxical, one might find abundance in minimalism or simple living.

Is Prosperity the same as luxury?

No. Prosperity means success or well-being, while luxury refers to extravagant comfort.

Is Prosperity a universal goal?

Many aspire to it, but definitions of prosperity vary culturally and individually.
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