Difference Between WordPress and Joomla


Main Difference

Both WordPress and Joomla can be used to create amazing websites. Both are content management systems but they differ according to the popularity, cost, installation and some other factors. Choosing which system to use can be difficult, but it is an important choice to make. For most people, once they’ve started with one, they won’t want to change. WordPress and Joomla have established themselves as the leaders for online content management systems. WordPress has 140 million downloads whereas Joomla has 30 million downloads. WordPress has 2000+ free themes Joomla has 900+ themes

What is WordPress?

It is the most popular CMS. At its core, WordPress is a blogging system. However, you’re not limited to a blog as you can also create websites with static pages. It’s a great platform for beginners and can grow with you.


What is Joomla?

Joomla is a powerful CMS that is great for building all kinds of websites including business, corporate, government, non-profit, schools, and blogs. Beginners might have difficulty with it due to the complexity of its structure.

Key Differences

  1. People really like the WordPress interface because it is better than the Joomla interface.
  2. Joomla is way more flexible about some important things as compared to WordPress.
  3. Joomla can do a lot more tricks as compared to WordPress.
  4. WordPress was released in 2003 whereas Joomla was released in 2005.
  5. WordPress has 140 million downloads whereas Joomla has 30 million downloads.
  6. WordPress has 2000+ free themes Joomla has 900+ themes.
  7. WordPress has a manual installation time of 5 minutes whereas Joomla has a manual installation time of 10 minutes.
  8. WordPress has 27000+ plugins whereas Joomla has 7000+ plugins.
  9. WordPress is used by Sony, CNN and Forbes. Joomla is used by Harvard University and The Hill.
  10. WordPress is best pick for beginners whereas Joomla requires some kind of technical knowledge.
  11. we compared WordPress and Joomla in terms of SEO competence. There is no hiding from the fact that WordPress is substantially better for SEO than Joomla.
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