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WL vs. RLWL: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 24, 2024
WL (Waitlist) is a general waiting list for train reservations, while RLWL (Remote Location Waitlist) is for tickets between intermediate stations and the train’s final destination.

Key Differences

WL, or Waitlist, is a common term in Indian Railways, indicating a reservation status where the ticket is on a waiting list and not yet confirmed. RLWL, or Remote Location Waitlist, is a specific type of waitlist for tickets booked from and to certain designated intermediate stations.
A WL ticket becomes confirmed as other passengers cancel their confirmed bookings. RLWL tickets have a separate quota and are confirmed when someone from the remote locations cancels their ticket, making RLWL chances of confirmation generally lower than WL.
WL is applicable for any journey without seat availability, regardless of the starting or ending stations. RLWL is specifically for passengers traveling from one remote location to another, not necessarily from the origin to the destination.
The chances of a WL ticket getting confirmed depend on the overall cancellations for that train route. In contrast, RLWL confirmation depends more on cancellations by passengers booked in the remote location quota.
WL tickets can be booked for any class of travel in Indian Railways. RLWL tickets are often limited to fewer classes and seats, as they are meant for specific segments of a route.

Comparison Chart


For any journey without seat availability.
Specific to tickets between intermediate stations.

Confirmation Probability

Higher, as it depends on general cancellations.
Lower, depends on cancellations within remote location quota.

Route Relevance

Any route in Indian Railways.
Specific segments of a route.


General waitlist quota.
Separate remote location quota.

Class Limitation

Available for all classes.
Often limited to fewer classes.

WL and RLWL Definitions


Waiting list status for unconfirmed train reservations.
My ticket is currently on WL, and I'm hoping for a cancellation.


Often limited to fewer classes in the train.
The RLWL was only available for AC classes on my train.


Applicable across all classes and routes in Indian Railways.
Despite the WL, I booked a sleeper class ticket.


Lower chance of confirmation compared to general WL.
Getting an RLWL ticket confirmed is often more challenging.


General term for unconfirmed booking in Indian Railways.
The WL number for my train journey decreased today.


A specific type of waitlist for tickets between intermediate stations.
My RLWL ticket is for travel between two non-terminal stations.


Indicates a queue for ticket confirmation.
He checked the WL status daily to see if his ticket got confirmed.


Waitlist status with a separate quota for remote locations.
The RLWL quota for my journey is quite limited.


Reflects reservation demand and availability.
The WL length often indicates how busy the train route is.


Relevant for passengers not traveling from origin to destination.
Since I'm traveling mid-route, my ticket is RLWL.


Can WL tickets get confirmed easily?

Yes, WL tickets have a higher chance of confirmation compared to RLWL.

What does WL stand for in Indian Railways?

WL stands for Waitlist.

What is the meaning of RLWL?

RLWL means Remote Location Waitlist.

How is WL different from RLWL in terms of route?

WL can be for any route, while RLWL is for specific segments.

Are chances of confirmation higher for WL or RLWL?

Generally higher for WL.

Is RLWL applicable for end-to-end journeys?

No, it's for intermediate station bookings.

Does RLWL have a separate quota?

Yes, it has a designated remote location quota.

Are RLWL tickets more expensive?

No, pricing is similar to other waitlist tickets.

How do I check my WL status?

Through the Indian Railways reservation system or online portals.

Can WL tickets be canceled automatically?

Yes, if they remain unconfirmed by the journey date.

How many WL types are there in Indian Railways?

Several, including WL, RLWL, PQWL, etc.

Can I book RLWL tickets for any class?

RLWL tickets are often limited to fewer classes.

What happens when a WL ticket gets confirmed?

It changes to a confirmed seat or berth status.

Is RLWL a common type of waitlist?

RLWL is less common and specific to certain routes.

Is WL applicable in all trains?

Yes, in all trains where reservations are required.

What are the chances of RLWL ticket confirmation during festivals?

Generally lower, due to higher demand.

Can I upgrade a WL ticket?

If confirmed, you may request an upgrade.

Does the waiting list number indicate confirmation time?

Not precisely, as it depends on cancellations and quota.

Do I get a refund for an unconfirmed RLWL ticket?

Yes, automatic refunds are processed for unconfirmed tickets.

Can I travel with a WL ticket?

No, travel is not allowed on unconfirmed WL tickets.
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