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White Cake Mixes vs. Yellow Cake Mixes: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 20, 2024
White Cake Mixes are pre-made mixes for baking cakes with white, fluffy texture, using only egg whites. Yellow Cake Mixes are mixes for baking moist, yellow-colored cakes, typically using whole eggs.

Key Differences

White cake mixes are designed to create a light, airy texture, often using only egg whites to maintain a pure white color. Yellow cake mixes, in contrast, use whole eggs, which impart a richer flavor and a yellow hue to the cake.
The flavor of cakes made from white cake mixes is typically delicate and subtle, often paired with lighter frostings. Yellow cake mixes result in cakes with a more pronounced, buttery flavor, suitable for a variety of frostings, including richer types.
Cakes from white cake mixes are known for their fine, tender crumb and fluffy texture. Cakes made with yellow cake mixes are denser and moister, with a more robust structure suitable for layering and heavier toppings.
White cake mixes are often chosen for weddings and elegant events, where a pristine appearance is desired. Yellow cake mixes are versatile, ideal for birthdays, and everyday baking, offering a comforting, homey taste.
Both mixes can be customized with flavors and additions, white cake mixes are more sensitive to alterations due to their delicate structure. Yellow cake mixes are more forgiving and adaptable to various mix-ins and flavorings.

Comparison Chart

Egg Use

Only egg whites
Whole eggs


Delicate and subtle
Rich and buttery


Light and fluffy
Denser and moister


Pure white
Yellowish due to egg yolks


Weddings, elegant events
Birthdays, everyday baking

White Cake Mixes and Yellow Cake Mixes Definitions

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes offer a subtle and delicate flavor.
The white cake mix was perfect for the light vanilla cake I wanted to bake.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes include whole eggs for a richer taste.
The yellow cake mix made the birthday cake moist and rich.

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes use only egg whites for a light texture.
I used a white cake mix for the wedding cake to ensure it was perfectly white.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes are versatile for everyday baking needs.
For a quick dessert, I often bake a cake using a yellow cake mix.

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes pair well with lighter frostings.
I paired the white cake mix with a lemon buttercream for a refreshing taste.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes yield a denser, moister cake.
I prefer yellow cake mixes for a more substantial, satisfying texture.

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes result in a fluffy and tender crumb.
The cake from this white cake mix turned out exceptionally light and fluffy.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes are adaptable to various flavors and mix-ins.
I added chocolate chips to the yellow cake mix for an extra treat.

White Cake Mixes

White cake mixes are ideal for elegant, pristine presentations.
For the gala, I opted for a white cake mix to create an elegant dessert.

Yellow Cake Mixes

Yellow cake mixes produce a cake with a buttery, rich flavor.
This yellow cake mix is my go-to for a classic, buttery-flavored cake.


What is a white cake mix?

A pre-made mix for baking white-colored cakes using egg whites.

Can I use whole eggs in a white cake mix?

No, it would alter the color and texture of the cake.

Is yellow cake mix suitable for layer cakes?

Yes, its denser texture is ideal for layering.

Are yellow cake mixes richer than white cake mixes?

Yes, due to the use of whole eggs.

Can I make cupcakes with yellow cake mix?

Absolutely, it's versatile for various baked goods.

What is a yellow cake mix?

A mix for baking moist, yellow-colored cakes with whole eggs.

How does the taste of a white cake mix compare to a yellow cake mix?

It’s more subtle and less buttery than yellow cake mix.

Why are white cake mixes often used for weddings?

For their elegant, pristine white appearance.

Can I add flavors to a white cake mix?

Yes, but carefully, to maintain its delicate texture.

Can I make a chocolate cake with a yellow cake mix?

Yes, by adding cocoa powder or chocolate.

What occasions are best for using yellow cake mixes?

Birthdays, gatherings, or everyday desserts.

Do white cake mixes have a finer crumb?

Yes, they typically have a finer, more delicate crumb.

Are there egg-free versions of white cake mixes?

Yes, some brands offer egg-free or vegan options.

How do yellow cake mixes affect the cake’s moisture?

They make the cake moister due to whole eggs.

Which cake mix is better for a beginner baker?

Yellow cake mix is generally more forgiving.

What type of frosting pairs well with white cake mix?

Lighter frostings like whipped cream or buttercream.

Can I use white cake mixes for cupcakes?

Yes, they are suitable for cupcakes too.

Is it easier to add mix-ins to yellow cake mixes?

Yes, they're more forgiving with additions.

Can I make a vegan cake with a yellow cake mix?

Yes, if you substitute eggs with a vegan alternative.

Are white cake mixes lower in cholesterol than yellow cake mixes?

Generally, yes, due to the absence of egg yolks.
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