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VXi Swift vs. ZXi Swift: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 15, 2024
VXi Swift is a mid-range variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift car, while ZXi Swift is a higher-end variant with more features and possibly higher performance.

Key Differences

The VXi Swift is a mid-range variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift car line. It offers a balance of features and affordability. The ZXi Swift, on the other hand, is a higher-end variant, providing more advanced features and sometimes better performance capabilities.
The VXi Swift comes with essential features and comforts expected in a modern car. The ZXi Swift takes this a step further, often including additional luxury and convenience features like advanced infotainment systems, enhanced safety features, and superior upholstery.
The VXi Swift provides adequate performance for everyday use, while the ZXi Swift may offer more powerful engine options or enhanced driving dynamics, catering to those seeking a more spirited driving experience.
The VXi Swift is typically priced lower, making it more accessible to a broader range of buyers. The ZXi Swift, with its additional features and enhancements, comes at a higher price point, targeting those who prioritize extra comforts and performance.
The VXi Swift appeals to buyers looking for a reliable, cost-effective vehicle with essential features. The ZXi Swift is aimed at those who are willing to pay more for premium features, better performance, and a higher level of comfort.

Comparison Chart

Variant Level

Mid-range variant
Higher-end variant


Basic, essential features
Advanced features, luxury options


Adequate for everyday use
Possibly higher performance


More affordable
Priced higher

Target Audience

Cost-conscious, practical buyers
Buyers seeking luxury and performance

VXi Swift and ZXi Swift Definitions

VXi Swift

The VXi variant of the Swift offers a balance between affordability and modern features.
The VXi Swift’s blend of technology and price made it an attractive choice for him.

ZXi Swift

ZXi Swift appeals to those seeking a blend of luxury and performance in a compact car.
The ZXi Swift was her choice for its sporty performance and upscale features.

VXi Swift

The VXi Swift is ideal for buyers prioritizing economy and essential functionality.
As a first-time car buyer, the VXi Swift met all her essential requirements.

ZXi Swift

The ZXi Swift is designed for buyers who value additional luxury in a compact form.
She loved the luxury feel of her ZXi Swift, a perfect match for her lifestyle.

VXi Swift

VXi Swift is a mid-level trim of the Maruti Suzuki Swift, offering essential features at an affordable price.
The VXi Swift was perfect for his daily commute, balancing cost and comfort.

ZXi Swift

The ZXi variant of the Swift comes with premium features not found in lower trims.
His ZXi Swift’s advanced safety features gave him peace of mind on the road.

VXi Swift

VXi Swift caters to those seeking reliability and efficiency in a compact car.
She chose the VXi Swift for its fuel efficiency and compact design.

ZXi Swift

ZXi Swift is a high-end variant of the Swift, featuring advanced technologies and superior comfort.
He enjoyed the enhanced audio system and comfortable seats in his ZXi Swift.

VXi Swift

VXi Swift provides the basic conveniences expected in a modern vehicle without the high price.
Their VXi Swift had all the necessary features they needed for city driving.

ZXi Swift

ZXi Swift stands out with its enhanced engine options and superior driving dynamics.
The powerful engine in the ZXi Swift made his weekend drives more exciting.


What is the VXi Swift?

The VXi Swift is a mid-level variant of the Maruti Suzuki Swift car.

What differentiates the ZXi Swift?

The ZXi Swift is a higher-end variant with more features than the VXi.

Is the VXi Swift more affordable than the ZXi Swift?

Yes, the VXi Swift is generally more affordable than the ZXi Swift.

Does the ZXi Swift offer better performance?

Typically, the ZXi Swift offers enhanced performance compared to the VXi.

Are there any safety differences between VXi Swift and ZXi Swift?

The ZXi Swift often has more advanced safety features than the VXi.

Which variant is more fuel-efficient, VXi or ZXi?

Fuel efficiency can vary, but generally, both variants offer similar mileage.

Does the ZXi Swift have better interior features?

Yes, the ZXi Swift usually has more luxurious interior features.

Can I upgrade the VXi Swift to have ZXi features?

Some upgrades are possible, but factory-fitted ZXi features might not be fully replicable.

Which variant is more popular, VXi or ZXi Swift?

Popularity depends on the buyer's priorities and budget.

Can I get an automatic transmission in the VXi Swift?

This depends on the specific model year and market.

Which Swift variant has a better resale value?

The ZXi Swift often retains a higher resale value due to its additional features.

Is the ZXi Swift's maintenance cost higher?

Maintenance costs can be slightly higher for the ZXi due to its advanced features.

Do both variants come in the same color options?

Color options are usually similar, but some exclusive colors might be available for the ZXi.

Can I get custom features in the VXi Swift?

Custom features depend on dealership offerings and aftermarket modifications.

Is the ZXi Swift suitable for long drives?

Yes, with its comfort and performance features, it's suitable for long drives.

Is there a difference in warranty between the two variants?

Warranty terms are generally the same for both variants.

Are both variants available in all markets?

Availability can vary by market; it's best to check with local dealerships.

Are there different engine options in VXi and ZXi Swift?

Engine options can vary, with the ZXi sometimes offering more powerful choices.

Which Swift variant has a better infotainment system?

The ZXi Swift typically has a more advanced infotainment system.

Is the VXi Swift good for city driving?

Yes, its compact size and efficiency make it suitable for city driving.
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