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Vendor Name vs. Company Name: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 26, 2023
Vendor Name refers to the name of an individual or entity selling goods or services. Company Name refers to the official legal name of a business entity.

Key Differences

A vendor name is typically associated with the supplier or seller in a business transaction. It refers to the name under which a vendor operates and makes sales. A company name, however, is the legally registered name of a business entity. This name is used in all official documents and legal processes.
The vendor name might be different from the legal business name, especially in cases where a business operates multiple vendor entities under one company. Conversely, a company name is the formal and legal identity of the business, consistent across all legal and formal business operations.
In transactions, the vendor name is often used in invoices, contracts, and correspondence related to specific goods or services provided. The company name, on the other hand, is used in broader legal contexts, such as in shareholder agreements, legal contracts, and official registrations.
A business can operate under multiple vendor names, each representing different product lines or service areas, whereas it has only one company name under which it is legally recognized and registered.
The vendor name often reflects the branding or marketing strategy for a specific product or service, whereas the company name represents the overall corporate identity and is used for overarching business activities and legal matters.

Comparison Chart


For specific products or services
For all legal and formal business activities


Can vary based on product/service
Fixed and legally registered

Legal Standing

May not be the legal name
Official legal entity name


Multiple vendor names possible
Usually one per business entity


Branding and marketing specific offerings
Overall corporate identity

Vendor Name and Company Name Definitions

Vendor Name

Service provider's name.
Our catering is by the vendor name 'Gourmet Delights'.

Company Name

Legal business entity.
The company name 'GreenTech Innovations Inc.' is registered in Delaware.

Vendor Name

Seller's identity.
We bought these supplies from the vendor name 'Office Essentials'.

Company Name

Brand’s parent organization.
The company name behind 'PixelSmart' is 'Advanced Electronics Ltd.'.

Vendor Name

Brand name for sales.
The vendor name 'FreshFarm Produce' is known for its organic vegetables.

Company Name

Organization's formal title.
The merger involved the company name 'Global Freight Corp.'

Vendor Name

Supplier's business name.
The invoice lists the vendor name 'TechGadgets Inc.'.

Company Name

Business's official name.
The company name 'Sunrise Wellness' appears on all legal documents.

Vendor Name

Store or outlet name.
They operate under the vendor name 'Bella Boutique' for their clothing line.

Company Name

Corporate identity.
Our company name, 'Atlas Holdings', encompasses several smaller businesses.


Can a business have multiple vendor names?

Yes, a business can operate under different vendor names for different products or services.

What is a vendor name?

A vendor name refers to the name under which a seller operates or offers goods/services.

How is a company name used?

A company name is used as the official legal name of a business in all formal and legal contexts.

Why would a business use a different vendor name?

To target different markets or for branding purposes for specific products/services.

Is the company name always the same as the vendor name?

No, the company name and vendor name can be different, especially in larger businesses.

Can a company name change?

Yes, but it involves legal processes and updates to all official documents.

Are company names unique?

Yes, legally, company names must be unique within the same jurisdiction.

Can a vendor name be legally protected?

Yes, a vendor name can be trademarked to protect branding and identity.

Are vendor names used in marketing?

Yes, vendor names are often used in marketing and branding strategies.

How do vendor names affect business contracts?

Vendor names are often used in contracts related to specific goods or services.

Why is the distinction between vendor and company names important?

Understanding the distinction helps in legal, financial, and marketing contexts.

What's the legal importance of a company name?

The company name is crucial for legal identity, contracts, and official registrations.

Can a vendor name become more famous than the company name?

Yes, especially if the vendor name is strongly associated with a popular product or service.

Is it mandatory to register a vendor name?

Depending on jurisdiction, registration may be required for legal protection.

How do I find a business's company name?

Check legal documents, corporate websites, or official business registries.

How do businesses choose their company name?

Company names are chosen based on legal availability, branding, and corporate identity.

Does the company name appear on products?

Not always, especially if a different vendor name is used for branding.

Can a single product have multiple vendor names?

Yes, particularly if it's marketed differently in various regions.

Do company names need to reflect business activities?

Not necessarily; company names may not always directly indicate business activities.

Is the vendor name important for customers?

Yes, customers often recognize and refer to businesses by their vendor name.
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