Difference Between Training and Education


Main Difference

The main difference between the term training and education is that the training refers to the act of delivering a specific skill or action to a person whereas, education is the whole designated system of learning in an institution which develops intellect gradually in a person.

Training vs. Education

Training is learning by working together under someone’s supervision. Education means learning within the classroom to attain knowledge. Training is a program organized for a particular period under certain terms and conditions. Education is a step by step program, organized for a relatively long period and designed to reach an ultimate goal. The training aims at developing certain skills and knowledge for mental development. Education aims at learning the lessons during the whole process which later helps a person to face upcoming future challenges. Training is the idea of human resource growth targeted to improve the role, creativity, and competence of the eligible employee. Education does not only refer to schooling; rather it refers to the things a person gains while he is in school, college or university. Training delivers the skills to do the job effectively and efficiently. Education delivers knowledge about events, realities, morals, beliefs, values, general concepts, beliefs, etc. Training can be paid or unpaid, full time or part time, depending on the contract with the employer. Education gradually helps in developing a complete sense of reasoning, understanding, judgment, and intellect in an individual.


Comparison Chart

It is a process to train a particular skill or strategy which result in specific behaviors to be applied and used on a specific job.It is a process of getting generally desired outcomes according to the will of the participants who select the specific information and use it for their jobs or careers.
It aims to inculcate certain skills in a person.It aims at theoretical learning in an institution or classroom.
Improve productivity and performance.Develop a sense of judgment and reasoning.
Point of View
They are confined and narrow.Broad and extensive
Short term processLong term process
Job experienceClassroom learning
Teaches a certain taskTeaches general concepts
To get a present jobTo get a future job

What is Training?

Training is a teaching task which evaluates if a trainee can perform the task or not. It is delivered by a trainer, supervisor or employer who delivers a code of information and skills for the completion of a task, or activity. It is an education directed towards learning a specialized skill and getting certified in that skill. It is delivered by a limited number of people or a comparatively small organization. It is active learning. It is relatively a shorter area of learning. It teaches someone how to do something. e.g., the training of an individual in any organization on how to use a specific computer programme or training an individual to respond to customer complaints in any franchise.

What is Education?

Education is the formal process of acquiring knowledge for gaining qualification and acknowledgment. It is delivered by a comparatively large organization like a school, college or university. It contains gradual phases. e.g., playgroup, primary, high school, higher secondary, graduate, etc. It also awards degrees and certificates to the students when they clear a particular level of education. It is both active and passive learning. It is relatively a broader area of learning. It makes someone capable enough to prepare himself how to think and how to solve a problem. e.g., providing different theories of language learning to a second language learner, containing different communication styles, dialects, and style of the same language, with a complete understanding of how to communicate based on this style, and helping the student interpreting a situation to communicate influentially in a best way in that particular language with the other individuals

Key Differences

  1. The training is a narrow term whereas education is a comparatively wider term.
  2. Training is based on the practical application on the other hand education which involves theoretical orientation.
  3. Training is an act of gaining particular skills by a person; conversely, education is all about gaining theoretical information in any classroom or institution.
  4. A person learns a targeted and available specific task during training on the flip side a person learns about the general concepts in education.
  5. The training trains a person for the present job whereas education prepares a person for his future job and upcoming challenges.


Training and education are two side by side learning processes which are acquired by the students to achieve success in a certain task and to reach their ultimate goals.

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