Difference Between Tiger and Panther


Main Difference

The main difference between Tiger and Panther is that the Tiger is a large ferocious animal having black stripes on the body, whereas the Panther is a small and aggressive animal that has black fur all over the body.

Tiger vs. Panther

Tiger is the largest cat, a beautiful and ferocious animal; on the other hand, the panther is a big black cat but smaller than the tiger. Tiger is massive than a panther. The height of the tiger is higher, while the panther is not as tall as the tiger.

Tiger is heavy, hence run slower as compared to a panther; on the flip side, panther runs at the speed of 40-45 km/h. The average life of a tiger is 22 years, while panther lives up to 20 years. Tiger eats deer and wild boars; on the contrary, panther eats deer, fish, and raccoons.


Tiger can hunt at day or even night, while panther always hunts at night. Tiger attacks prey and grips the neck, whereas the panther kills the skull. The mating age of the tiger is five years; on the flip side, panther mates at the age of 2 years. Tigers like watery habitat, while panther lives on drylands.

Comparison Chart

Tiger is a large beautiful, and ferocious animal.Panther is a big black cat
Scientific Name
Panthera tigrisFelis concoler
Orange-brown and whiteBlack and brown
110-300 kg29-90 kg
10-30 ft9 ft
30-40 m/h40-45 m/h
22 years20 years
Deer, wild boarsDeer, raccoons, armadillo, fish
Hunting Mode
Bite the neckSeize throat or break skull
Hunt Time
Day and nightNight
Mating Age
Five yearsTwo years
Reproduction Period
112 days90-105 days
Cannot climb treesClimb trees
A beautiful creatureMost aggressive and feared animal
Largest of all big catsRefers to four big cats
Loves to live in waterLoves dry land

What is Tiger?

Tiger belongs to the genus Panthera. Tiger is a member of the Feline family and comes under one of the four big cats. About 2 million years ago, the tiger was present in China. Tigers are thought to ancestors of saber tooth tiger. Tiger has various species like Bengal tiger, Malayan tiger, Indochinese tiger, and Sumatran tiger. Tigers are endangered species, while some of them have already extinct. Tiger has black strips at the body, which is recognizing the character of this species. Tigers possess orange and brown fur on the body while the stomach area has a white coat. The variation of color helps them to adjust to the environment.

Tigers are massive and fast. Their weight ranges from 110 to 300 kg. The height of the tigers ranges from 10-30 feet. Siberian tigers are the largest tigers. These animals love to live in the solitary territory. The area is marked by their urine, whoever either human or animal will cross their area, tiger attacks, and kill them. Tigers have horny paws and loves to spend time in the water. They have fantastic swimming skills. Tigers communicate as the cats do.

Tigers are good at catching their prey. They attack deer and wild boars and grabs their neck until the death of the prey. Tigers do not hunt in groups. Tiger takes the captured animal to the area and feeds it. Tigers store food for several days. They are carnivorous animals. The average life of tigers is 22 years. There is no predator of tigers except humans.

What is Panther?

Panther comes from Feline family, commonly called a black panther. There are many species of a panther. Wild black panther is a black panther native to Latin America. Black Jaguars are native to Asia and Africa. Black cougar is a black panther native to North America. Panther is large cats but small than tigers. Their weight is about 29-90 Kg. Their height reaches up to 9 feet. They have black or brown fur. Panther has strong legs that help them to climb on trees. They have large soft paws, helps them to attack as silent predator.

Panther communicates with one another through signals and voices. These voices are used for their homes or mating purposes. Marshlands and tropical forests are their habitats. Panther is a carnivorous animal; the diet includes deer, armadillo, and fish. They spend a day in res and hunt at night. The black color of the panther makes it successful to hunt an animal. Panther catches the prey from its throat, sometimes kills the head of an animal. The black panther can swim in the streams and catch fish.

Panther is sexually mature at the age of 2 years. Panther lives alone. When they must mate with their female partners, they meet them. When female is ready for mating, she calls by either voice calling or leaves scents so that males can reach to her. Panthers produce 2-3 cubs at a time. The reproduction time is about 90-105 days. Male panther leaves their cubs and female take care of cubs.

Key Differences

  1. Tiger is a beautiful animal having recognizable black stripes on the body, whereas the panther belongs to a large cat family.
  2. The scientific name of the tiger is Panthera tigris, while the scientific name of the panther is Felis concoler.
  3. Tiger has black and orange hairs on the body; white fur covers the stomach area; conversely, the panther has black and brown fur on the body.
  4. Tiger is massive animals with heavyweight; on the flip side, the weight of the panther is less than the tiger.
  5. Tiger grows tall than panther; on the other hand, the height of the panther is 9ft.
  6. Tiger runs at the speed of 35-40 km/h, whereas the speed of the panther is 40-45km/h.
  7. Tiger lives up to 22 years while the average age of panther is 20 years.
  8. Tiger eats undulate animals; on the other hand, panther eats deer, fish, and armadillo.
  9. Tiger grips the prey by biting at the neck while panther catches prey by killing the head.
  10. Tiger hunts both at night and day conversely panther hunts at night.
  11. Tiger mates with females at five years of age, whereas the mating age of panther is two years.
  12. The reproduction duration of tigers is of 112 days; on the other hand, the panther completes the reproduction process in 90-105 days.
  13. Tiger cannot climb trees, while strong legs of panther assist in climbing trees.
  14. Tiger is a beautiful and ferocious animal; on the flip side, panther, who is the most aggressive and feared animal.
  15. Tiger is the largest cat, whereas the panther belongs to the largest cats but not larger than the tiger.
  16. Tigers like to live in a watery environment; conversely, panthers like to live on dry land.


Tiger and Panther are both Feline family members. Tiger is the largest massive cat that is a solitary carnivorous animal. Panther is a large cat, but small than tiger, lives, and tropical forest and behave like nocturnal animals.

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