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Super Retina vs. Liquid Retina: What's the Difference?

By Janet White || Published on December 27, 2023
Super Retina is a high-resolution OLED screen technology by Apple, while Liquid Retina refers to Apple's advanced LCD technology with a focus on color accuracy and fluidity.

Key Differences

Super Retina displays represent Apple's OLED technology offering high resolution, deep blacks, and high contrast ratios. These screens are known for their vivid colors and sharp detail. Liquid Retina, in contrast, is Apple's advanced LCD technology. It emphasizes color accuracy and fluidity, with a focus on providing a more natural viewing experience despite being an LCD.
The Super Retina display features higher pixel density, offering sharper images and more detail. This makes it ideal for viewing high-definition content and for use in premium devices. On the other hand, Liquid Retina displays, while having a lower pixel density than Super Retina, compensate with True Tone technology and a wide color gamut, resulting in natural and true-to-life colors.
When it comes to design, Super Retina displays allow for thinner device profiles due to OLED's self-emitting nature, eliminating the need for a backlight. This contributes to the sleek design of Apple's high-end models. In contrast, Liquid Retina displays, while being slightly thicker due to the backlight in LCDs, offer a more uniform look across the screen with less noticeable bezels.
Super Retina is typically found in Apple's more premium devices, like higher-end iPhones and iPads, due to its superior image quality and higher cost of production. Liquid Retina, being more cost-effective, is used in a wider range of Apple products, offering a balance of quality and affordability.
In terms of technology, Super Retina integrates features like HDR and Dolby Vision support, enhancing the multimedia consumption experience. Liquid Retina, while lacking in these high-end features, still provides a smooth and responsive touch experience, making it suitable for everyday use and professional applications.

Comparison Chart

Screen Technology

Advanced LCD

Pixel Density

Higher, for sharper images
Lower, compensated with True Tone and color accuracy

Design Aspect

Thinner profile due to no backlight
Slightly thicker with uniform bezel

Device Usage

Higher-end iPhones and iPads
Wider range of Apple products

Special Features

HDR and Dolby Vision support
Smooth touch experience and color accuracy

Super Retina and Liquid Retina Definitions

Super Retina

Super Retina is Apple's high-resolution OLED display technology.
The iPhone's Super Retina screen displayed stunning visuals.

Liquid Retina

Liquid Retina screens are featured in a range of Apple products.
Her new MacBook Air's Liquid Retina display was impressively clear.

Super Retina

Super Retina incorporates features like HDR for an immersive experience.
The HDR on the Super Retina display brought the game to life.

Liquid Retina

Liquid Retina balances quality and affordability in Apple's LCD offerings.
The Liquid Retina display was a major factor in his iPad choice.

Super Retina

Super Retina screens are known for deep blacks and high contrast.
Watching movies on a Super Retina display is a remarkable experience.

Liquid Retina

Liquid Retina utilizes True Tone technology for realistic color representation.
The True Tone on the Liquid Retina perfectly matched the ambient light.

Super Retina

Super Retina displays are used in Apple's premium device lineup.
Her new iPad Pro's Super Retina screen was perfect for graphic design.

Liquid Retina

Liquid Retina offers a fluid and natural viewing experience.
Reading on the Liquid Retina screen felt easy on the eyes.

Super Retina

Super Retina technology offers enhanced color vibrancy and detail.
The Super Retina display made photos look incredibly lifelike.

Liquid Retina

Liquid Retina is Apple's advanced LCD technology with high color accuracy.
The Liquid Retina display made the iPad colors pop beautifully.


What is Super Retina?

Super Retina is Apple's OLED display technology with high resolution and contrast.

What is Liquid Retina?

Liquid Retina is Apple's advanced LCD technology known for color accuracy and fluidity.

How does Super Retina achieve high resolution?

Super Retina achieves high resolution through its OLED technology and higher pixel density.

What makes Liquid Retina displays stand out?

Liquid Retina displays stand out for their True Tone technology and natural color representation.

Can Liquid Retina displays match OLED quality?

While Liquid Retina displays are advanced LCDs, they don't match OLED's quality in terms of black levels and contrast.

Do Super Retina displays support HDR?

Yes, Super Retina displays support HDR for enhanced visual experience.

Are Super Retina displays better than Liquid Retina?

Super Retina displays are superior in terms of resolution and contrast, but Liquid Retina offers a balanced viewing experience.

What devices use Super Retina displays?

Super Retina displays are used in Apple's premium devices like certain iPhones and iPads.

How do Super Retina displays affect battery life?

Super Retina displays, being OLED, can be more power-efficient in displaying dark content.

What is the pixel density of Super Retina displays?

Super Retina displays have a higher pixel density for sharper images.

How does True Tone work on Liquid Retina displays?

True Tone on Liquid Retina adjusts screen colors to match ambient lighting conditions.

Are Super Retina screens prone to burn-in?

Like all OLED screens, Super Retina can be prone to burn-in over time.

Do Liquid Retina displays have good viewing angles?

Liquid Retina displays have good viewing angles, though not as wide as OLED.

What is the cost difference between Super Retina and Liquid Retina?

Super Retina displays are generally more expensive due to their OLED technology.

Is Liquid Retina technology used in laptops?

Yes, Liquid Retina technology is used in some of Apple's MacBook models.

Are Liquid Retina displays good for professional use?

Yes, Liquid Retina displays, with their color accuracy, are suitable for professional use.

Is Super Retina better for watching movies?

Super Retina's high contrast and HDR support make it ideal for movie watching.

Can Liquid Retina screens be used outdoors?

Liquid Retina screens are visible outdoors, especially with anti-reflective coatings.

Can Liquid Retina displays show true black?

Liquid Retina displays, being LCD, cannot show true black like OLED displays.

Are Liquid Retina displays suitable for gaming?

Liquid Retina displays, with their fluid response, are suitable for gaming.
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