Difference Between Subjective and Objective


Main Difference

Subjective perspective or information or piece of writing is the detailed explanation of something containing more than facts, thus including assumptions, personal thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions etc. Objective on the other hand is a different perspective or information or writing that is totally based upon the facts and is to the point and is precise in nature holding the main theme and essence of particular subject or matter. Objective is measureable and observable whereas subjective cannot be measured.

Comparison Chart

Objective is the perceptive based on logical facts and derived conclusions after experiments.Subjective is the perspective or information that possess of opinions, feelings and personal ideas
Based Upon
Measurable facts, conclusions, experimental results etc.Assumption, ideas, believes, feeling, personal opinions, emotions etc.
Common Examples
Text books, Research papers, Encyclopedia, news etc.Novels, autobiographies, blogs, stories, comments, reviews etc.
Appropriate For
News reporting, learning, educating, general knowledge, decision making etc.Exploring, storming, imaging, enhancing, exposure, creativity etc.

What is Subjective?

Subjective is the perceptive, any information or the writing which is based upon the personal opinions, ideas, assumptions, imagination, feelings, emotions etc. Anything or information is said to be subjective whenever it is explained it detail along with detailed examples, overview, review, personal opinion, public opinion, historical background etc. People with the artistic nature are tend to attract more towards the subjective part and they themselves propose information or writings that are subjective in nature. Subjective is the detailed information and verdict about any particular thing or topic along with the personal opinion, imaginary things, creativity etc. The work seen around us every day in form of reviews, comments on social media or public forums, short moral based stories, long novels, seasons and even the biographies of famous men, all of these are subjective in nature.


What is Objective?

Objective is totally opposite to the subjective in all terms and nature. An objective perspective, writing or information is such that possess facts and authentic information in them. These facts pass through various experimental stages and are tested again and again, then they are accepted widely as a whole to be correct. Objective piece of work or information is extracted after series of experiments, we can say that the drawn conclusions from experiments and other are objective in nature. Objective information is kind of information that everyone needs to accept and agree. For example the text books for the education purpose are objective in nature and every student reading and learning them also agree with the information present in them. Similarly the information that we access from Encyclopedias and various other authentic sources, all such stuff falls in the category of objective because of their precise nature, to the point and relevant approach and facts based knowledge. Newspapers and news reports possess the information that is from authentic source and is fact in nature, that is also example of objective perspective and information. Objective perspective or information is mainly involve in decision making and enable people to judge well and decide on the basis of accurate information and precise facts.

Subjective vs. Objective

  • Subjective is the written piece of information or perception that contains ideas, personal opinions, imagination, creativity, detail, analysis, depth and various other things mixed up together.
  • Objective is the written piece of information or perception that is based on facts, it is precise, accurate, short and to the point.
  • Subjective information is most of the time based on personal ideas and assumptions.
  • Objective approach demonstrate the facts and conclusions.
  • Subjective information maybe agreed or disagreed as they are own opinions.
  • Objective information is tested conclusion accepted all over.
  • Objective information is used for decision making.
  • Subjective information is used for exploring and widening the scope of mind.
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