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Soil Texture vs. Soil Structure: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 6, 2024
Soil texture refers to the proportion of sand, silt, and clay in soil, determining its feel and particle size, while soil structure describes the arrangement of soil particles into aggregates, influencing soil porosity and stability.

Key Differences

Soil texture is about the relative composition of particles of different sizes (sand, silt, clay) in soil, affecting its feel and workability. Soil structure, on the other hand, refers to how these particles are arranged together, impacting the soil's physical properties.
The texture of soil is determined by the proportions of sand, silt, and clay, influencing water retention and drainage. The structure of soil is shaped by the way particles clump, crumb, or bind together, affecting aeration and root penetration.
Soil texture is classified into various types like loamy, sandy, or clayey based on particle size distribution. Soil structure is categorized by the shape of its aggregates, such as granular, blocky, or platy, reflecting the way soil holds together.
The texture of soil plays a key role in nutrient retention, ease of cultivation, and moisture capacity. Soil structure affects erosion resistance, water infiltration, and the ability of plants to establish and grow.
While soil texture is a relatively fixed characteristic, soil structure can be improved through practices like organic matter addition and avoiding compaction, enhancing soil health and productivity.

Comparison Chart


Proportion of sand, silt, and clay
Arrangement of soil particles into aggregates

Primary Influence

Affects water retention, drainage, and feel
Influences porosity, aeration, and stability


Loamy, sandy, clayey, etc., based on particle size
Granular, blocky, platy, etc., based on aggregate shape

Impact on Plant Growth

Determines nutrient availability and root penetration
Affects root growth and soil's ability to hold water


Relatively fixed, depends on parent material
Can be improved by agricultural practices

Soil Texture and Soil Structure Definitions

Soil Texture

A key factor in soil's workability and fertility.
Improving soil texture can enhance plant growth.

Soil Structure

Describes the shape and stability of soil aggregates.
Granular soil structure is common in topsoil.

Soil Texture

Determines how fine or coarse the soil feels.
Sandy soils have a gritty texture.

Soil Structure

A factor in soil's ability to support plant life.
Enhancing soil structure can improve crop yields.

Soil Texture

The relative proportion of sand, silt, and clay in soil.
A loamy soil texture is ideal for most garden plants.

Soil Structure

The arrangement of soil particles into aggregates.
Good soil structure is vital for healthy plant roots.

Soil Texture

A classification system based on particle size distribution.
Soil texture tests help determine the best crops for a field.

Soil Structure

Can be improved through organic matter addition.
Compost can help improve soil structure.

Soil Texture

Influences water retention and aeration in soil.
Clayey soil texture tends to retain water longer.

Soil Structure

Influences water infiltration and root penetration.
Compaction can deteriorate soil structure.


Can soil texture be easily changed?

No, it's mostly a fixed characteristic based on parent material.

What is soil texture?

It's the proportion of sand, silt, and clay in soil.

Why is soil structure important for plants?

It affects root penetration, water infiltration, and soil stability.

Does soil texture affect water drainage?

Yes, sandy soils drain faster than clayey soils.

What is soil structure?

It refers to the arrangement of soil particles into aggregates.

How does soil texture affect plant growth?

It influences water retention, aeration, and nutrient availability.

How can soil structure be improved?

Through adding organic matter and avoiding soil compaction.

What's an example of a soil texture type?

Loamy, which is a mix of sand, silt, and clay.

Is clay soil texture good for farming?

It can be challenging due to poor drainage and aeration.

What role does soil structure play in drought?

Good structure helps retain moisture during dry periods.

Can compaction affect soil structure?

Yes, it can lead to poor structure and reduced plant growth.

How is soil texture determined?

Through a soil texture test or feel analysis.

What's a common soil structure type?

Granular, often found in healthy topsoil.

How does soil structure affect erosion?

Good structure reduces erosion by improving soil stability.

What impact does organic matter have on soil structure?

It improves aggregate stability and overall soil health.

Is sandy soil texture ideal for all plants?

No, some plants prefer more moisture-retentive soils.

Does soil texture influence fertilizer use?

Yes, as it affects nutrient retention and availability.

How does soil structure affect irrigation practices?

It determines how quickly water penetrates and is held in the soil.

What practices damage soil structure?

Over-tillage, heavy machinery use, and removal of organic matter.

Can soil texture impact pest and disease incidence?

Indirectly, as it influences overall plant health and stress.
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