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Sodium Periodate vs. Sodium Metaperiodate: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 21, 2024
Sodium periodate is a chemical compound with the formula NaIO4, often used as an oxidizing agent, while sodium metaperiodate, NaIO4, is a variant with slightly different properties and uses.

Key Differences

Sodium periodate is known for its oxidizing properties and is often used in organic synthesis. Sodium metaperiodate, sharing a similar chemical formula, differs slightly in its crystal structure and reactivity.
In the context of chemical reactions, sodium periodate can act as a cleaving agent for vicinal diols. Sodium metaperiodate, while also used for similar purposes, may offer different reaction conditions or outcomes.
Sodium periodate is frequently utilized in the field of analytical chemistry for various types of assays. Sodium metaperiodate has its specific uses in similar domains but might be preferred due to its distinct chemical behavior.
The solubility of sodium periodate in water is an important characteristic for its application in solution-based reactions. Sodium metaperiodate, while also soluble, might demonstrate variations in solubility or reactivity in aqueous solutions.
In laboratory settings, sodium periodate is commonly employed in the cleavage of glycols. Sodium metaperiodate's use may be more specialized, depending on the specific requirements of the chemical process.

Comparison Chart

Chemical Formula


Oxidizing Properties

Strong oxidizing agent
Similar, but with different reactivity

Usage in Synthesis

Used in organic synthesis
Also used, with varied applications


Soluble in water
Soluble, with possible differences

Laboratory Application

Commonly used for glycol cleavage
Employed in more specialized cases

Sodium Periodate and Sodium Metaperiodate Definitions

Sodium Periodate

Sodium periodate acts as a cleaving agent.
Sodium periodate cleaved the diol during the process.

Sodium Metaperiodate

It's used for specialized applications in synthesis.
The experiment required sodium metaperiodate due to its unique reactivity.

Sodium Periodate

It's employed in analytical chemistry.
We used sodium periodate in the assay for precise measurements.

Sodium Metaperiodate

It varies in solubility compared to sodium periodate.
We noted the different solubility characteristics of sodium metaperiodate.

Sodium Periodate

It's used in organic synthesis.
The synthesis required sodium periodate as a reagent.

Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium metaperiodate is a variant of sodium periodate with distinct properties.
We switched to sodium metaperiodate for this specific reaction.

Sodium Periodate

Sodium periodate is a chemical compound with oxidizing properties.
Sodium periodate was used to oxidize the alcohol in the reaction.

Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium metaperiodate is also a powerful oxidizing agent.
Sodium metaperiodate acted as the oxidizer in our chemical assay.

Sodium Periodate

Sodium periodate is soluble in water.
The sodium periodate easily dissolved in the aqueous solution.

Sodium Metaperiodate

Sodium metaperiodate has specific laboratory uses.
In this case, sodium metaperiodate was the preferred choice.


What is sodium periodate?

Sodium periodate is a chemical compound, NaIO4, used as an oxidizing agent.

What is sodium metaperiodate?

Sodium metaperiodate is a variant of sodium periodate with slightly different chemical properties.

Are sodium periodate and metaperiodate the same?

They are similar but have different physical and chemical properties.

Can sodium periodate be used in analytical chemistry?

Yes, it's often used in analytical assays and reactions.

Is sodium metaperiodate soluble in water?

Sodium metaperiodate is also water-soluble, with possible differences in solubility.

What are the uses of sodium metaperiodate?

Sodium metaperiodate is also used in synthesis, but its specific applications may vary.

Can sodium metaperiodate be used in analytical chemistry?

Sodium metaperiodate has its uses in analytical chemistry, often in specific applications.

How is sodium periodate stored?

Sodium periodate should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct light and heat.

Is sodium metaperiodate hazardous?

Sodium metaperiodate also requires careful handling due to its potentially hazardous nature.

What are the uses of sodium periodate?

Sodium periodate is used in organic synthesis and as a cleaving agent in chemistry.

What's the main difference between sodium periodate and metaperiodate?

The main difference lies in their physical properties and specific reactivity in chemical reactions.

What safety measures are necessary for sodium metaperiodate?

Similar safety precautions as with sodium periodate should be taken when handling sodium metaperiodate.

How is sodium metaperiodate stored?

Similarly, sodium metaperiodate should be stored in a cool, dry environment.

Is sodium periodate hazardous?

Sodium periodate can be hazardous and should be handled with appropriate safety precautions.

Can sodium metaperiodate be used in biological studies?

Sodium metaperiodate can be used in specific biological applications, depending on the research requirements.

Is sodium periodate soluble in water?

Yes, sodium periodate is soluble in water.

Can sodium periodate be used in biological applications?

Yes, it's sometimes used in biological studies, particularly in protein and nucleic acid research.

Is sodium metaperiodate reactive?

Sodium metaperiodate is also reactive, with specific reactivity that can differ from sodium periodate.

What precautions are needed when using sodium periodate?

Proper lab safety measures, including gloves and goggles, are recommended when handling sodium periodate.

Is sodium periodate reactive?

Yes, sodium periodate is a reactive compound, particularly as an oxidizing agent.
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