Difference Between Since and Sense


Main Difference

Since and Sense are two words with totally different meanings. They have similar sort of pronunciation due to which many people get confused and often mix up these words. Most of the time children from the high school and even teenagers and adults of colleges habitually mix up these words. Since is the English language grammatical word that is used for demonstrating the time. We can say that since is used to show from how long or from a particular time to the other. Since in a nutshell is used as an adverb of time. On the other hand, Sense is the term that refers towards the perception ability to live organisms. As humans have five basic senses that are taste, touch, smell, sight and hear.

Comparison Chart

DefinitionSince is the grammatical term in the English language that is used to demonstrate the time. It is an adverb of time.Sense is the term which refers towards the data perception ability to live organisms. It refers towards the five senses in humans.
MeaningFrom how long, starting from then to now, because of, etc.Ability to perceive, judgment, distinguish, recognize, etc.
Used asAdverb, Conjunction, and even preposition.Noun and Verb.
SynonymsWhile, from, as, Meanwhile, later, then, From the time when subsequently, etc.Sensation, judiciousness, Wisdom, Intelligence, Perception, Feel, etc.
AntonymsAwaiting, Until, Earlier, previously, before, etc.Overlook, be unconscious, unaware, naive, heedless, etc.

What is Since?

Since is the grammatical English language word that is used for demonstrating the period. Since is used as an adverb of time. It is also used as preposition and conjunction. The word since was initially originated from the Latin and later on transferred to the English language. It is thought to be originated in between 1400-1450. Since is the term used to depict and demonstrate the time range from then to now etc. For example, a person waits for his wife at the bus stop from morning till evening. And in the evening when he met his wife he said: “I was waiting for you at the bus stop since morning.” Since is used as an adverb of time. It is used to join two different sentences for giving them the meaning.


What is Sense?

Sense is the term that is used for perception ability of living organisms. Sense refers to the human’s five senses that include touch, sight, taste, hear and smell. The word sense was originated in between 1350-1400. It was first introduced in Old French language as “sens.” Later on after passing through various stages of modification it becomes sense. It is mostly used as a noun, but at times it can also be used as a verb too. The word sense and since does not have any connection in between at all the only resemblance between these two words is just because of their similar sound and pronunciation.

Since vs. Sense

  • Since is the English language grammatical term that is used to demonstrate the range of time.
  • Since is used as an adverb of time.
  • Sense is the term that refers to the perception ability of organisms.
  • Humans have five basic senses that are touch, taste, smell, sight and hear.
  • Sense is used as a noun or verb sometimes.
  • Since is also used as conjunction and preposition.
  • The word Sense was originated in 1350-1400.
  • The term since was originated in between 1400-1450.
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