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Shopping Center vs. Department Store: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 10, 2024
A shopping center is a complex of various retail stores and services, while a department store is a large retail establishment offering a wide range of products under one roof.

Key Differences

A shopping center, often an extensive facility, hosts multiple retail outlets, including clothing stores, electronic shops, and eateries. A department store, on the other hand, is a singular large retail space divided into departments, each specializing in different product categories like apparel, home goods, or beauty products. This distinction highlights the variety and scale of shopping options available in each.
Shopping centers typically occupy a large area, sometimes outdoors, providing a diverse shopping experience with various independent retailers. In contrast, a department store is a singular, usually multi-level building, offering a wide array of products from different brands, but all under one management. This difference illustrates the organizational structure and consumer experience of each establishment.
The shopping center serves as a community hub, often including amenities like movie theaters, play areas, and food courts, catering to a broader range of consumer needs. Department stores focus more on retail, though they may include services like salons or cafes, primarily aimed at enhancing the shopping experience within the store itself.
In a shopping center, each retail outlet operates independently, setting its prices, sales, and policies. In a department store, all departments are unified under a single brand or company, maintaining consistent pricing and policy across all product categories. This distinction influences customer service and pricing strategies.
Shopping centers offer a broader range of experiences and services, from boutique shops to large chain stores, providing a variety of shopping and entertainment options. Department stores, while diverse in their product offerings, provide a more uniform and consolidated shopping experience, focusing on convenience and a wide selection within a single brand's ethos.

Comparison Chart


Collection of multiple retail outlets
Single large retail space with various departments

Range of Offerings

Diverse stores and services
Wide range of products under one roof


Each store operates independently
Unified management across all departments

Additional Amenities

Often includes entertainment and dining options
Limited to store-related services

Shopping Experience

Varied experiences across different stores
Consistent experience within the store

Shopping Center and Department Store Definitions

Shopping Center

A location where diverse retail outlets are clustered.
The shopping center offers both luxury brands and budget-friendly options.

Department Store

A retail establishment with multiple specialized sections.
The beauty department in the store is on the first floor.

Shopping Center

A hub for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
The shopping center is popular for its wide range of dining choices.

Department Store

A one-stop shop for diverse consumer needs.
The department store is ideal for one-stop holiday shopping.

Shopping Center

A complex housing multiple retail and service businesses.
The new shopping center includes a cinema and several restaurants.

Department Store

A large retail store with various product departments.
The department store had an extensive electronics section.

Shopping Center

A commercial area with a variety of stores and amenities.
They spent the afternoon exploring the shopping center.

Department Store

A store offering a wide range of products under one roof.
They visited the department store for both clothes and home goods.

Shopping Center

A collection of stores in one convenient location.
The shopping center near her house has a great selection of clothing stores.

Department Store

A store with departments for clothing, home goods, and more.
The department store's furniture section had just what they needed.


Do department stores have their brands?

Department stores typically carry a mix of their brands and other brands.

What makes a department store unique?

A department store offers a wide range of products in specialized departments under one roof.

How do department stores differ in product range?

Department stores have a wide range of products, from apparel to home appliances.

What types of stores are in a shopping center?

Shopping centers have a variety of stores, from clothing to electronics.

Can you find exclusive products in department stores?

Yes, some department stores carry exclusive brands or products.

Can shopping centers have department stores?

Yes, department stores are often anchor tenants in shopping centers.

Do shopping centers have parking facilities?

Most shopping centers provide ample parking for shoppers.

What is a shopping center?

A shopping center is a complex with various retail stores and services.

Are shopping centers indoor or outdoor?

Shopping centers can be either indoor malls or outdoor plazas.

Are shopping centers and malls the same?

Yes, in many contexts, shopping centers and malls are used interchangeably.

Do department stores sell luxury goods?

Yes, many department stores have luxury sections or brands.

Can you find food courts in department stores?

Some department stores have small cafes or snack bars, but full food courts are less common.

Do shopping centers host events?

Yes, many shopping centers host events, especially during holidays.

Do department stores offer services other than shopping?

Yes, they often have services like salons, cafes, and personal shopping assistance.

Are shopping centers more about experiences?

Yes, they often offer a broader range of experiences, including dining and entertainment.

Do department stores have loyalty programs?

Many department stores offer loyalty programs for frequent shoppers.

Are shopping centers evolving?

Yes, many are adapting to changing consumer habits by offering more experiences and services.

Are shopping centers family-friendly?

Yes, they often have amenities and areas suited for families.

Are shopping centers good for window shopping?

Yes, their variety of stores makes them ideal for window shopping.

Is online shopping affecting department stores?

Yes, the rise of online shopping has impacted traditional department store sales.
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