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Bunny vs. Hare: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 10, 2024
Bunnies are typically small, fluffy, domesticated rabbits, often kept as pets, while hares are larger, wild animals with longer ears and legs, known for their fast running speeds.

Key Differences

Bunnies, commonly known as rabbits, are small mammals often kept as pets, characterized by their fluffy tails and long ears. Hares, in contrast, are larger, wild relatives of rabbits, distinguished by their longer legs and ears, and a tendency to be more solitary.
Bunnies are known for their gentle and social nature, making them popular pets. Hares, on the other hand, are more independent and less likely to be domesticated, exhibiting a shy and wild temperament.
In terms of habitat, bunnies usually live in burrows underground for safety and warmth. Hares, however, often live in simple nests above the ground and are adapted to a more rugged outdoor life.
Reproductively, bunnies give birth to blind and hairless young, requiring significant parental care. Hares give birth to fully furred and open-eyed young, known as leverets, which are more independent from birth.
Bunnies generally have a diet consisting of hay, vegetables, and pellets, especially in domestic settings. Hares, being wild animals, forage for a variety of grasses and plants, exhibiting a more natural and diverse diet.

Comparison Chart

Size and Appearance

Smaller, fluffy tails
Larger, longer legs


Gentle, social
Independent, shy


Underground burrows
Above-ground nests


Blind, hairless young
Furred, open-eyed young


Hay, vegetables, pellets
Natural grasses, plants

Bunny and Hare Definitions


A bunny is a small, domesticated mammal known for its long ears and fluffy tail.
The children were delighted to see a bunny hopping in the garden.


Hares are known for their solitary and shy nature, avoiding human contact.
The hare quickly disappeared into the woods as we approached.


Bunnies are often kept as pets due to their gentle and friendly nature.
My neighbor has a pet bunny that loves to be cuddled.


Hares do not burrow but make nests in the grass.
A hare’s nest was found hidden among the tall grasses.


Bunnies are known for their reproductive speed, often used metaphorically.
They multiply like bunnies, referring to anything that increases rapidly.


A hare is a fast-running, wild mammal with long ears and powerful hind legs.
We saw a hare darting across the field during our hike.


A bunny is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, especially around Easter.
Easter bunny brings eggs and candies to children every spring.


In folklore, hares are often associated with moon symbolism and trickery.
The tale spoke of a hare that could outsmart other animals with its cunning.


In children’s stories, bunnies are often depicted as cute and mischievous.
The storybook featured a bunny going on an adventurous quest.


Hares are adapted to harsher environments compared to bunnies.
The hare thrived in the open, rugged terrain, unlike its cousin, the bunny.


A rabbit, especially a young one.


Any of various mammals of the family Leporidae, especially of the genus Lepus, similar to rabbits but having longer ears and legs and giving birth to active, furred young.


A person of a specific type
A dumb bunny.


To move hurriedly, as if hunting a swift quarry.


What do bunnies symbolize?

Bunnies often symbolize fertility, rebirth, and are associated with Easter.

Are hares faster than bunnies?

Yes, hares are known for their speed and agility.

Do bunnies have better hearing than hares?

Both have excellent hearing, but hares have longer ears, which may aid in better hearing.

How is a hare different from a bunny?

Hares are larger, faster, and adapted to living in the wild, unlike bunnies.

What is a bunny?

A bunny is a small, domesticated mammal, often kept as a pet.

Can bunnies live in the wild?

While bunnies can survive in the wild, they are primarily domesticated animals.

Can hares be domesticated like bunnies?

Hares are not typically domesticated due to their independent and shy nature.

Are hares good pets?

Hares are generally not considered good pets due to their wild nature.

Do bunnies and hares have the same diet?

Bunnies often eat hay and vegetables, while hares forage for natural grasses and plants.

Where do hares live?

Hares live in simple nests above the ground, often in open fields or wooded areas.

How do bunnies communicate?

Bunnies communicate through a variety of sounds, body postures, and movements.

Why are bunnies popular pets?

Bunnies are popular pets due to their gentle nature and ease of care.

How long do hares live?

Hares typically have a shorter lifespan in the wild due to predators and environmental factors.

What do bunnies eat?

Bunnies primarily eat hay, vegetables, and specially formulated pellets.

Can hares and bunnies interbreed?

Hares and bunnies are different species and cannot interbreed.

Are hares active at night?

Hares are generally nocturnal or crepuscular, being most active at dawn and dusk.

What are baby bunnies called?

Baby bunnies are commonly referred to as kits or kittens.

Do hares change color with seasons?

Some hare species change fur color seasonally for camouflage.

Do bunnies like to be held?

Many bunnies enjoy gentle handling and cuddling.

Are hares solitary animals?

Yes, hares are typically more solitary and less social than bunnies.
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