Difference Between Seminar and Conference


Main Difference

The main difference between seminar and conference is that the seminar is a meeting where a group of people discusses a problem, whereas a conference is organized on a particular subject.

Seminar vs. Conference

The seminar is a type of intellectual advice that carries together a small group of people to gain knowledge of special matters. Conferences are big gatherings of people where you can discuss your ideas. Seminars are held for academic purposes. The conference brings together a lot of people of the same interest to make a discussion of a specific topic.

Comparison chart

The seminar is a class at a college or university in which the teacher and a small group of students discuss a topic.A conference is an assembly on an official debate.
Less formalMore formal
Key featureNot allowed
First use

What is the Seminar?

The word seminar is taken from the Latin word ‘seminarium.’ Seminar is a small gathering to raise a specific problem. Commonly the seminars are held in colleges and universities. Usually, the seminars are of only one day.

Seminars can hold for just two or three hours. In seminars, questions are raised about the specific purpose. Some seminars are held for researches about anything. Some seminars held in regular sequence. Some seminars not related to the study.


  • We held a seminar about university students.
  • The students of colleges and universities get more information from different seminars.
  • The University of Agriculture held a seminar on the first Monday of every month.
  • We enjoyed the last seminar at our college.
  • The students in our class are waiting for tomorrow’s seminar.
  • We attended four seminars this month.
  • The students of agriculture are engaging a big seminar next Saturday.
  • We got effective knowledge from the big seminar last Sunday.
  • We can get information about our research to attend this seminar.
  • There is a very interesting debate that occurred in the seminar at AIME College.
  • There is a big seminar on English teachers at our university.
  • The students of physics engage an important seminar at the University of Science.
  • The researchers can get important knowledge about their research to attend a seminar at the University of agriculture.
  • We can engage in a seminar this week on the topic of the water crisis.

What is the conference?

Conferences are bigger gatherings than seminars. The conferences can be national or international. The national conferences are those in which participants belong to the same country. But in international conferences, guests belong to the entire world.


The conferences are the most important gatherings where we can give our arguments in the form of talks or ads. The conferences give an opportunity to the researchers to give their thoughts and information in the display form.

When you display an ad in the conference, you have just five to ten minutes to explain it. In this session, any participant can stand to ask any question. Some institutions held regular seminars every weekend or at the end of every month.

Seminars are big platforms where you can give new thoughts and theories. You can get feedback for your ideas and thoughts to make them better.


  • The businessmen of Pakistan and China held a business conference in Islamabad.
  • The Indian foreign minister held a press conference on the Kashmir issue.
  • The prime minister held an important conference on the water crisis.
  • The government of Pakistan held an international conference on increasing population.
  • The big traders of south Asia held a trade conference in India.
  • The information minister held a press conference to present the performance of the government.
  • We want to hold a conference on the topic of Seerat-Ul-Nabi (SAW).
  • The big scholars of Islam held an important conference in Turkey.
  • The traders of china held a conference in Beijing.
  • The businessmen of America held an important business conference all over the world with the help of the World Bank.
  • The finance minister held a press conference telling us about the new budget.
  • We attend a business conference of big business people in Pakistan.
  • The interior minister killed during the press conference.
  • The president resigned from his seat at a press conference.

Key Differences

  1. Seminars are small gatherings, whereas conferences are huge gatherings.
  2. Seminars are less formal structured; on the other hand, conferences are more formal structured.
  3. Seminars are of one day; conversely, conferences are of few days or few weeks.
  4. In seminars, the discussion is very important; on the flip side in conferences, sometimes the discussion is not allowed.


Seminar and conference both have the same meanings but seminar used for educational purposes and short gatherings, while conferences are used for national or international gatherings.

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