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Samsung Series 7 vs. Samsung Series 8: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 21, 2024
Samsung Series 7 offers affordable, mid-range features; Samsung Series 8 steps up with enhanced features and performance.

Key Differences

Samsung Series 7 is known for its value-for-money offerings, presenting solid performance and features at an accessible price point. On the other hand, the Samsung Series 8 typically includes more advanced features, positioning it as a higher-end option within Samsung's lineup.
In terms of display quality, the Samsung Series 7 usually offers standard HD or Full HD resolution, suitable for average viewing needs. Conversely, Samsung Series 8 often steps up the game with higher resolutions like Ultra HD, catering to users seeking superior picture quality.
When it comes to design aesthetics, the Samsung Series 7 offers sleek and functional designs. In contrast, the Series 8 often showcases more premium finishes and a more sophisticated design language, appealing to style-conscious consumers.
The Samsung Series 7 is equipped with a decent range of smart features and connectivity options, adequate for everyday use. The Series 8, however, tends to include more advanced smart capabilities, like better integration with other smart home devices and improved user interfaces.
The audio quality in Samsung Series 7 is generally good, fitting for regular home entertainment. In comparison, the Series 8 may include enhanced audio features like Dolby Atmos or more sophisticated speaker systems, offering an enriched auditory experience.

Comparison Chart

Price Range

More affordable, mid-range pricing
Higher-end, premium pricing

Display Quality

Standard HD/Full HD resolution
Higher resolutions like Ultra HD


Sleek and functional
Premium finishes, sophisticated design

Smart Features

Basic smart capabilities
Advanced smart capabilities

Audio Quality

Good, suitable for everyday use
Enhanced, potentially with Dolby Atmos

Samsung Series 7 and Samsung Series 8 Definitions

Samsung Series 7

A mid-range line of Samsung TVs offering good performance and value.
The Samsung Series 7 is perfect for my living room with its great balance of price and features.

Samsung Series 8

Tailored for tech enthusiasts seeking the latest in home entertainment.
As a tech lover, the Samsung Series 8 with its smart features is my ideal TV.

Samsung Series 7

Offers essential smart features for modern viewing needs.
I easily stream my favorite shows on the Samsung Series 7.

Samsung Series 8

* Boasts enhanced audio features for an immersive viewing experience.
The Dolby Atmos on my Samsung Series 8 makes every sound feel real.

Samsung Series 7

Includes a range of sizes and designs to fit different home settings.
I chose a 55-inch Samsung Series 7 for my compact apartment.

Samsung Series 8

Often includes cutting-edge technology like 4K resolution and smart integration.
The 4K resolution on my Samsung Series 8 is incredibly crisp and clear.

Samsung Series 7

Provides a combination of reliability and affordability.
Opting for the Samsung Series 7 was a smart choice for my budget.

Samsung Series 8

Designed with a focus on aesthetic appeal and higher-end finishes.
The sleek design of the Samsung Series 8 perfectly complements my modern living room.

Samsung Series 7

Known for solid picture quality and user-friendly interfaces.
Watching movies on my Samsung Series 7 TV is always a pleasant experience.

Samsung Series 8

A premium range of Samsung TVs with advanced features and superior performance.
The Samsung Series 8 enhances my movie nights with its stunning picture quality.


How does the Samsung Series 7 perform in terms of energy efficiency?

It's generally energy-efficient, although this can vary by model.

What resolution is typical in the Samsung Series 7 TVs?

They usually offer HD or Full HD resolution.

Does the Samsung Series 7 support HDR content?

Yes, most models support HDR for improved picture quality.

Can I connect my smart devices to the Samsung Series 7?

Yes, it offers basic smart connectivity options.

What are the main improvements in the Samsung Series 8 over the Series 7?

The Series 8 offers better resolution, enhanced smart features, and superior design and audio quality.

Is the Samsung Series 8 worth the extra cost compared to the Series 7?

For those prioritizing cutting-edge tech and superior performance, the Series 8 is worth the investment.

Is the Samsung Series 7 suitable for gaming?

Yes, it's adequate for casual gaming, but hardcore gamers might prefer the advanced features of the Series 8.

Is the picture quality noticeably better in the Series 8?

Yes, especially in models with 4K or higher resolutions.

Are there significant differences in the remote controls between the two series?

The Series 8 may come with more advanced remotes, offering greater functionality.

How user-friendly are the interfaces on the Samsung Series 7 TVs?

They are generally user-friendly, with intuitive navigation.

Can I stream online content easily on the Samsung Series 8?

Yes, streaming is a key feature, with easy access to various streaming services.

Is the build quality different between the two series?

The Series 8 typically has a more premium build quality.

Is there a significant size difference in the TV models between the two series?

Both series offer a range of sizes, although the Series 8 may have larger options.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones with these TVs?

Yes, most models from both series support Bluetooth connectivity.

Does the Samsung Series 8 integrate well with other smart home systems?

Yes, it's designed for seamless integration with various smart home ecosystems.

Do both series offer voice control functionality?

Most models do, but the Series 8 often has more advanced voice control capabilities.

How do the Samsung Series 7 and Series 8 compare in terms of sound quality?

The Series 8 generally offers better sound quality, sometimes including features like Dolby Atmos.

Are the Samsung Series 7 and Series 8 models easy to set up?

Yes, both are designed for straightforward setup and installation.

Are there significant differences in the number of HDMI ports between the two series?

The Series 8 may offer more HDMI ports, catering to more connectivity needs.

How does the warranty compare between the Samsung Series 7 and Series 8?

Warranty terms are generally similar, but it's best to check specific models for exact details.
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