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Reproof vs. Correction: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 19, 2023
Reproof is expressing disapproval or criticism, while correction involves making right or rectifying an error or fault.

Key Differences

Reproof involves expressing disapproval or criticism towards someone's actions or behavior, often to signal a mistake or misconduct. Correction, in contrast, is the action of rectifying or correcting an error, mistake, or fault, often as a response to the identified issue.
The essence of reproof is in its communicative aspect, where the focus is on pointing out what is wrong or unacceptable. Correction, on the other hand, is more action-oriented, focusing on the steps taken to amend or rectify the highlighted issue.
Reproof can be verbal or non-verbal, serving as a tool for social or behavioral regulation. Correction is typically a tangible action or set of actions undertaken to fix or improve a situation, often following a reproof.
In a learning context, reproof might come in the form of feedback or criticism from a teacher, highlighting a student's mistakes or improper behavior. Correction would then be the subsequent process of the student adjusting their work or behavior based on this feedback.
Reproof often carries a negative connotation, implying criticism or disapproval, while correction is usually perceived more constructively, as it aims at improvement and resolution of errors.

Comparison Chart


Expresses disapproval or criticism
Involves rectifying or correcting errors


On pointing out faults or mistakes
On solving or amending the identified issues


Often leaves the issue uncorrected
Leads to improvement or resolution of the issue


Generally seen as negative or critical
Viewed as constructive and helpful

Role in Learning/Teaching

Highlights errors or inappropriate behavior
Provides guidance on how to improve or rectify

Reproof and Correction Definitions


A rebuke or admonition.
His reproof for the careless mistake was a reminder to be more attentive.


The action of making something correct, right, or accurate.
The correction of the financial report was essential for accuracy.


An expression of blame or disapproval.
Her reproof of the untidy work space encouraged better organization.


A modification made to improve accuracy.
The correction to the blueprint ensured the building's structural integrity.


Expression of disapproval or criticism.
The teacher's reproof for the late submission was stern but fair.


Amendment of an error or fault.
The teacher's correction of the test answers helped students understand their mistakes.


Criticism for a fault or wrongdoing.
The manager’s reproof of the team's performance was a wake-up call.


A change that rectifies an error or inaccuracy.
The correction in the project plan addressed the previous oversight.


A verbal censure or rebuke.
His reproof of the missed deadline highlighted the need for better time management.


An adjustment made to rectify a mistake.
After the correction to the invoice, the totals finally matched.


The act, an instance, or an expression of reproving; a rebuke.


The act or process of correcting.


An act or instance of reproving or of reprobating; a rebuke, a reproach, an admonition.


Something offered or substituted for a mistake or fault
Made corrections in the report.


To proof again.
We need to reproof the book before publication.


Refutation; confutation; contradiction.


An expression of blame or censure; especially, blame expressed to the face; censure for a fault; chiding; reproach.
Those best can bear reproof who merit praise.


An act or expression of criticism and censure;
He had to take the rebuke with a smile on his face


Censure severely or angrily;
The mother scolded the child for entering a stranger's car
The deputy ragged the Prime Minister
The customer dressed down the waiter for bringing cold soup


What is correction?

Correction involves making right or rectifying an error or fault.

Can correction be self-implemented?

Yes, individuals can correct themselves after realizing their mistakes.

Is reproof always negative?

While often seen as negative, reproof can be constructive if delivered appropriately.

What's the difference between reproof and criticism?

Reproof is a form of criticism specifically targeting wrong actions or behaviors.

Can reproof lead to correction?

Yes, reproof often precedes correction by highlighting the need for change.

Can reproof damage relationships?

If not handled tactfully, reproof can strain personal and professional relationships.

What role does reproof play in discipline?

Reproof is a tool for enforcing discipline by pointing out unacceptable behavior.

How is reproof given?

Reproof is usually conveyed through verbal or written criticism.

How does correction contribute to learning?

Correction aids in learning by providing guidance on rectifying mistakes.

Is correction always accepted?

Acceptance of correction depends on how it's presented and the recipient's mindset.

What is reproof?

Reproof is expressing disapproval or criticism towards someone's actions.

What are the forms of correction?

Correction can be in the form of actions, amendments, or adjustments.

Can correction lead to innovation?

Yes, the process of correcting mistakes can lead to new and innovative solutions.

Is reproof necessary in a workplace?

It can be necessary to maintain standards and address inappropriate behavior.

How should correction be approached?

Correction should be approached with a focus on improvement and positivity.

What's the role of correction in quality control?

Correction ensures products or services meet the required quality standards.

What is the main difference between reproof and correction?

Reproof is about expressing disapproval, while correction is about making changes to rectify the issue.

How do teachers use correction?

Teachers use correction to guide students towards the right answers or behaviors.

Can reproof be constructive?

Yes, when delivered properly, reproof can be a constructive tool for improvement.

How should reproof be delivered?

Reproof should be delivered clearly but with sensitivity to avoid unnecessary harm.
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