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RedWeek vs. Vrbo: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 3, 2024
RedWeek is a timeshare rental and resale marketplace, while Vrbo (Vacation Rentals by Owner) is a platform for renting vacation homes directly from owners.

Key Differences

RedWeek specializes in timeshare rentals and resales, offering a niche marketplace for timeshare owners and renters. Vrbo, on the other hand, is a broader vacation rental platform, catering to a wide range of properties including homes, apartments, and villas.
RedWeek primarily serves timeshare owners looking to rent or sell their shares, and travelers interested in timeshare accommodations. Vrbo targets a general audience seeking vacation rentals, ranging from weekend getaways to extended stays.
RedWeek’s listings are specifically timeshares, which often means resort-style accommodations with amenities like pools and spas. Vrbo offers a diverse array of property types, including beach houses, city apartments, and country cottages.
RedWeek facilitates the rental or purchase of timeshares, often involving specific terms and conditions unique to timeshare properties. Vrbo provides a more straightforward rental process, similar to booking a regular vacation home.
RedWeek is a niche platform focusing on a specific segment of the vacation rental market, while Vrbo offers a more comprehensive and varied selection of rental properties, catering to a wider range of vacation styles and preferences.

Comparison Chart

Service Focus

Timeshare rentals and resales
Diverse vacation home rentals


Primarily timeshares
Wide range, including houses, apartments, etc.

Target Audience

Timeshare owners and renters
Broad vacation rental market

Booking Process

Involves timeshare-specific terms
Straightforward home rental process

Property Types

Resort-style with amenities
Varied, from beach houses to city apartments

RedWeek and Vrbo Definitions


RedWeek offers detailed resort information and user reviews for timeshares.
Before booking, I read several reviews on RedWeek to choose the best resort.


Vrbo allows homeowners to list their properties for rent to travelers worldwide.
As a homeowner, I generate extra income by listing my apartment on Vrbo.


RedWeek is an online marketplace for renting and reselling timeshares.
I found a great deal on a timeshare in Hawaii through RedWeek.


Vrbo provides user-friendly search and booking tools for vacation rentals.
Using Vrbo's app, I easily booked a ski chalet for our winter holiday.


RedWeek is a specialized platform for timeshare exchange and rental services.
I exchanged my timeshare in Florida for one in Colorado using RedWeek.


Vrbo stands for 'Vacation Rentals by Owner,' emphasizing direct owner rentals.
We preferred Vrbo for its direct rental approach, bypassing commercial agencies.


RedWeek provides a community forum for timeshare owners and travelers.
On RedWeek's forum, I got tips for maximizing my timeshare usage.


Vrbo is a vacation rental website offering properties directly from owners.
I booked a charming beachfront villa for our family vacation on Vrbo.


RedWeek connects timeshare owners with potential renters or buyers.
Using RedWeek, I listed my timeshare for rent during the summer.


Vrbo offers a wide range of rental options, from city apartments to rural cottages.
For our countryside retreat, we found the perfect cottage on Vrbo.


How does RedWeek differ from traditional hotel booking sites?

RedWeek is specific to timeshare rentals and resales, not regular hotel accommodations.

Are Vrbo rentals only available in the US?

No, Vrbo offers vacation rentals worldwide.

What is RedWeek?

RedWeek is a marketplace for renting and reselling timeshares.

Is RedWeek a good option for budget travel?

RedWeek can offer budget-friendly options, especially for timeshare rentals.

Can I book a Vrbo rental for a weekend getaway?

Yes, Vrbo offers rentals for short durations like weekends.

What does Vrbo stand for?

Vrbo stands for 'Vacation Rentals by Owner.'

Are RedWeek rentals confined to a specific region?

No, RedWeek offers timeshare rentals in various locations worldwide.

Can I find hotel rooms on RedWeek?

RedWeek primarily focuses on timeshare properties, not standard hotel rooms.

How are the prices on RedWeek for timeshare rentals?

Prices on RedWeek vary, often depending on the location and the resort's quality.

Can I list my timeshare on RedWeek?

Yes, timeshare owners can list their properties on RedWeek.

Can I find pet-friendly rentals on Vrbo?

Yes, Vrbo includes filters to search for pet-friendly properties.

Are timeshares on RedWeek exclusively luxury properties?

RedWeek offers a range of properties, from luxury to more modest accommodations.

Is Vrbo suitable for long-term rentals?

Yes, Vrbo offers both short-term and long-term rental options.

Does Vrbo charge a service fee?

Yes, Vrbo charges a service fee to renters.

How does RedWeek ensure the legitimacy of listings?

RedWeek reviews listings, but users should also perform due diligence.

Does Vrbo offer any guarantee for rentals?

Vrbo provides a 'Book with Confidence Guarantee' for certain bookings.

Are there any hidden costs with Vrbo rentals?

Costs are outlined in the rental agreement, but it's important to review all details.

Does Vrbo provide customer support for issues during rental?

Yes, Vrbo offers customer support for assistance during your rental period.

Is RedWeek mainly for selling timeshares?

RedWeek facilitates both rentals and sales of timeshares.

Can I cancel a Vrbo booking?

Cancellation policies vary by property, so check the terms before booking.
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