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Redraw vs. Rewrite: What's the Difference?

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Redraw means to draw again or anew, while Rewrite means to write something again with alterations.

Key Differences

Redraw and Rewrite, though both suggesting a do-over, are used in different contexts. Redraw is primarily associated with visuals, designs, or diagrams, indicating the action of drawing something once more, possibly to improve or adjust it. For instance, an artist might redraw a sketch to refine its details. Conversely, Rewrite is tied to texts and implies the act of writing a piece, paragraph, or document again, often to make changes, corrections, or enhancements.
The term Redraw isn't just confined to art; it might also relate to redrawing boundaries, maps, or blueprints. It signals a revision in the visual representation of data or concepts. Rewrite, in contrast, is a familiar term in literature, journalism, and academia. An author may rewrite a chapter to better resonate with readers, or a student might rewrite an essay to address feedback.
In essence, while Redraw revolves around re-illustrating or representing visual elements, Rewrite centers on adjusting the content of written materials. It's vital to recognize the distinction in their application: one wouldn't typically "redraw" an essay or "rewrite" a painting.
While both words hint at improvement or revision, the domains they cater to are distinct. Redraw is the go-to for visual amendments, and Rewrite addresses textual modifications.

Comparison Chart



Typical Use

Art, diagrams, maps
Literature, articles, essays


Illustrating again
Writing again


To enhance or correct a visual representation
To amend or improve written content

Part of Speech


Redraw and Rewrite Definitions


To illustrate or sketch something again.
The artist decided to redraw the character.


To restructure or reorganize written content.
He's going to rewrite the screenplay for better flow.


To delineate or design a revised version.
The architect had to redraw the blueprints.


To make corrections or modifications in a text.
I'll need to rewrite this paragraph to avoid plagiarism.


To outline once more with changes.
They decided to redraw the boundaries of the district.


To produce a new version of a written document.
The company decided to rewrite their mission statement.


To represent visually in a different manner.
He will redraw the logo to make it more modern.


To rephrase or reword a written piece.
She had to rewrite the article to ensure clarity.


To reproduce a visual with alterations.
She had to redraw the graph to include the new data.


To write again, especially in a different or improved form; revise.


To draw again.
The treaty proposed to redraw the border lines between the nations.


To put (material submitted to a newspaper or magazine) in a form suitable for publishing.


An update to the screen display.
Redraws need to be synchronised with the screen refresh to avoid a flickery display.


(Computers) To save (a usually altered file) over its most recent version in the same storage location.


To draw again; to make a second draft or copy of; to redraft.


To make revisions in written material.


To draw a new bill of exchange, as the holder of a protested bill, on the drawer or indorsers.


The act or an instance of rewriting.


Something rewritten.


The act of writing again or anew.
The film script underwent a rewrite for the European market.


Something that has been written again.


(transitive) To write again, differently; to modify (a piece of writing or music, etc.).
The editor asked me to rewrite my article for a non-technical audience.


(transitive) To write out again (without changes).


To write again.


Something that has been written again;
The rewrite was much better


Write differently; alter the writing of;
The student rewrote his thesis


Rewrite so as to make fit to suit a new or different purpose;
Re-write a play for use in schools


To compose a text again with changes.
The author chose to rewrite the ending.


What does Rewrite imply?

Rewrite implies writing something again with changes or corrections.

Is Redraw specific to art?

No, Redraw can be used for any visual representation, including maps and diagrams.

Is rewriting the same as editing?

Not always; rewriting might be more extensive, while editing often involves smaller changes.

Can Redraw mean making corrections?

Yes, one might redraw to correct or improve a visual element.

Can Rewrite refer to editing?

Yes, rewriting often involves editing and revising content.

When should I use Redraw over Rewrite?

Use Redraw for visuals and Rewrite for textual content.

Is it necessary to change the content when rewriting?

Typically, yes. Rewriting involves making significant changes to the original content.

Does rewriting always improve the content?

Not necessarily. The aim is improvement, but it's subjective.

What does Redraw mean?

Redraw means to draw or illustrate something again.

Can Redraw apply to digital art?

Yes, digital artists often redraw elements in their designs.

Why would someone rewrite an article?

To improve clarity, update information, or address feedback.

What tools might help in redrawing?

Drawing tablets, software, or traditional drawing tools can assist in redrawing.

What's the difference between Redraw and redesign?

Redraw focuses on illustrating again, while redesign might involve broader changes in concept or structure.

Is Redraw limited to the visual arts?

While commonly used there, it applies to any visual representation, like graphs or plans.

Do all authors rewrite their works?

Most authors rewrite or revise to some extent, aiming for perfection.
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