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Red Curry vs. Green Curry: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Updated on November 28, 2023
"Red Curry" uses red chilies, has a robust, spicy flavor; "Green Curry" is made with green chilies, typically milder, sweeter.

Key Differences

"Red Curry" is characterized by the use of red chilies and often presents a more robust and spicy flavor profile. In contrast, "Green Curry" utilizes green chilies and herbs, lending it a milder and often sweeter taste compared to its red counterpart.
The ingredients in "Red Curry" include dried red chilies, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, and sometimes shrimp paste, creating a rich and aromatic blend. "Green Curry" includes fresh green chilies, lemongrass, galangal, and other herbs, resulting in a fresher, more herbal flavor profile.
"Red Curry" is typically prepared with a coconut milk base, offering a creamy, velvety texture and a deep red hue due to the chilies. On the other side, "Green Curry" is also coconut-milk-based but has a vibrant green color from the green chilies and herbs.
Meats and vegetables used in "Red Curry" often absorb the strong, piquant flavors, making them very savory. In "Green Curry," vegetables and proteins are imbued with a gentler, more herbaceous flavor, reflective of the milder chilies and abundant fresh herbs.
"Red Curry" can often be found in various Thai dishes and is known for its versatility in the kitchen. "Green Curry" is equally versatile but is notable for its unique, sweet, and fresh flavor that distinguishes it from other curries.

Comparison Chart

Chili Type

Red chilies
Green chilies

Flavor Profile

Robust, spicy
Milder, sweeter, herbal


Deep red
Vibrant green

Common Ingredients

Dried red chilies, garlic, shallots
Fresh green chilies, galangal, herbs


Creamy, rich
Fresh, herbaceous

Red Curry and Green Curry Definitions

Red Curry

A piquant blend of herbs and spices.
The chef's special tonight is shrimp red curry.

Green Curry

A Thai curry made from green chilies.
He was fond of the mild heat in the green curry.

Red Curry

A spicy Thai curry with red chilies.
She savored the heat in the red curry.

Green Curry

A dish known for its sweet, fresh flavor.
She loved the unique taste of green curry.

Red Curry

A rich, aromatic dish with a deep red hue.
The red curry presented a vibrant color.

Green Curry

A curry characterized by its herbaceousness.
For dinner, they ordered a vegetable green curry.

Red Curry

A coconut-milk-based curry with robust flavors.
She enjoyed the creamy texture of the red curry.

Green Curry

An herbal, aromatic curry with a green hue.
The vibrant green curry appealed to him instantly.

Red Curry

A versatile sauce used in various dishes.
He added red curry to the stir-fry for flavor.

Green Curry

A coconut milk curry with a gentle spiciness.
She preferred the subtle warmth of green curry.


What gives "Red Curry" its color?

The dried red chilies used in the paste.

Does "Green Curry" contain dairy?

Typically no, it's made with coconut milk.

How spicy is "Red Curry"?

Generally, it's quite spicy, but can vary.

What vegetables are in "Red Curry"?

It varies, but often includes bamboo shoots, bell peppers, and eggplant.

Can "Red Curry" be made milder?

Yes, by reducing the number of red chilies.

What makes "Green Curry" sweet?

Often, it's the coconut milk and sometimes added sugar.

Is "Green Curry" keto-friendly?

It can be, if made with proper ingredients.

Is "Green Curry" always vegetarian?

No, it can contain meat or seafood.

What protein goes best with "Green Curry"?

Commonly chicken, but it's versatile.

Is "Red Curry" gluten-free?

Usually, yes, but check specific recipes.

Can I use "Red Curry" paste in other recipes?

Yes, it's versatile and enhances many dishes.

Can I make "Green Curry" without coconut milk?

It's central to the flavor, but alternatives exist.

What's the origin of "Red Curry"?

It's a central part of Thai cuisine.

How do I thicken "Green Curry"?

Simmer to reduce or add a thickening agent.

How long can I store homemade "Red Curry" paste?

About 2 weeks in the fridge, longer if frozen.

How is "Green Curry" paste made?

Blending green chilies, herbs, and spices.

What's the main spice in "Red Curry"?

Red chilies, providing heat.

Can "Red Curry" be vegan?

Yes, if fish sauce and shrimp paste are omitted.

Is "Green Curry" good for health?

It contains healthy herbs and spices, but watch the fat content.

Are there vegetarian "Green Curry" recipes?

Yes, many recipes use tofu or vegetables.
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