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Strong AI vs. Weak AI

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to perform tasks that normal human beings do. They may not be able to perform all these activities correctly but can come close to it with the help of the conditions which are set for them. This is an important field in computer science and can be further divided into two terms, Strong Artificial Intelligence and Weak Artificial Intelligence. These terms have nothing to do with being strong and weak physically. There are marked differences between these two types which will be explained further. Humans have not been able to decipher how the body actually works, and different methodologies are being used to find solutions to different problems and these two terms are an important part of it. Strong Artificial Intelligence can be defined as a phenomenon under which such machines can be built which can actually use human intelligence in their functions. Another way of describing them will be that machines which are able to represent the human mind in the activities they perform. Weak Artificial Intelligence is the phenomenon that machines which are not too intelligent to do their own work can be built in such a way that they seem smart. Both these terms are difficult to understand for a person who does not have enough knowledge of this subject. There are no such examples for Strong AI because they are at the initial stage. The best example to express the Weak AI will be the cards game in a computer in which people play against the computer and most of the times the computer is able to beat the human being. But this is because all the information and steps have been fed in that machine by a human itself, and it does not take all the actions on its own. There are many other differences between these two as well which will be explained at the end, but an explanation of these two types is given in the next couple of paragraphs.

Key Differences

In Strong AI the machine actually has a mind of its own and can take decisions but in Weak AI, the machine can just simulate the human behavior.
Aimie Carlson
Jul 10, 2016
An algorithm is stored in Strong AI to help them act in different situations but in Weak AI all the actions are entered by a human being.
There are no proper examples for Strong AI since it is still in the initial stage, but there are several examples for Weak AI since it has been performed several times.
In Strong Artificial Intelligence, the machine can actually think and perform tasks on its own just like a human being. In Weak Artificial Intelligence, the devices cannot follow these tasks on their own but are made to look intelligent.
Active AI technology is more based on making the device look real, but Weak AI technology is for making the machine do the pre-planned activities in a proper manner.
Aimie Carlson
Jul 10, 2016
There is more focus on Strong Artificial Intelligence by researchers while the focus on Weak Artificial Intelligence is from engineers who want them to perform different activities.
Samantha Walker
Jul 10, 2016

Comparison Chart


The machine can actually think and perform tasks on its own just like a human being.
The devices cannot follow these tasks on their own but are made to look intelligent.


An algorithm is stored by a computer program.
Tasks are entered manually to be performed.


There are no proper examples of Strong AI.
An automatic car or remote control devices.


Initial Stage
Advanced Stage
Janet White
Jul 10, 2016

Definition of Weak AI

This type of intelligence has been used in different machines for a long time and therefore is a tested field, and many developments are being made in it to further improve it. It has applications in the area of computer games in which a person plays with a computer without knowing that it is not the computer which is playing the game with them, but actually, another person has added those moves with the help of an algorithm. It is based on the theory that instead of expecting machines to turn into humans, we should ask them to perform complicated tasks with the help of information and see the results. This is more used by engineers and different companies who require robots to perform a particular task. Such as collecting and placing of items on the belt. Similarly, other duties which are necessary to be completed, all the data and information related to them is entered into the machine with the help of programming, and it ends up finishing the job.

Definition of Strong AI

This is the newest type of artificial intelligence which makes use of the human mind and tries to perform activities on its own without any external help. The main aim of this technology is to develop machines so much that they stop depending on human beings to perform different tasks and can take decisions on the spot. This is just in the initial stage, and there is a long way to go before such machines can be used, but research is being carried out on it. Currently, there are no specific examples of Strong Artificial Intelligence, but one area which makes use of this technology is the chat robots which talk to humans. Different applications provide this facility, and bots talk to humans depending on the message sent and reply back without any pre-entered algorithm to reply something specific. This field is being ignored because of Applied Artificial Intelligence, which gives instant results for the activities that are needed to be performed at that time but has a lot of scopes.

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