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Radisson vs. Radisson Blu: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 16, 2024
Radisson is a global hotel brand known for comfortable, upscale accommodations, while Radisson Blu is a premium extension, offering high-end services and contemporary design.

Key Differences

Radisson is an internationally recognized hotel brand, offering upscale services and comfortable lodging for business and leisure travelers. Radisson Blu, a subset of the Radisson brand, elevates the experience with its focus on contemporary design, quality, and premium services.
Radisson provides a reliable and quality stay, while Radisson Blu is known for its distinctive styling and modern architecture, aiming to provide a more luxurious and memorable experience. The interiors of Radisson Blu hotels are often more stylish and contemporary compared to the classic and functional design of Radisson.
Radisson caters to a wide range of customers, offering a blend of comfort and convenience. In contrast, Radisson Blu targets a more upscale market, with hotels often located in prime city locations and major tourist destinations.
The service level at Radisson is professional and attentive, focusing on meeting the needs of its diverse clientele. Radisson Blu, however, aims for a more personalized and upscale service experience, often including additional amenities and services.
In terms of price point, Radisson Blu typically falls into a higher category than Radisson, reflecting its premium offerings, design, and locations. This makes Radisson Blu a choice for those seeking luxury, while Radisson suits those looking for upscale yet more affordable accommodations.

Comparison Chart

Design and Style

Classic and functional
Contemporary and stylish

Target Market

Broad range of travelers
Upscale, luxury-seeking clientele


Wide geographic coverage
Prime city locations, tourist spots

Service Level

Professional and reliable
More personalized and upscale

Price Point

Moderate, upscale
Higher, premium

Radisson and Radisson Blu Definitions


A well-known international hotel brand offering comfortable and upscale accommodations.
I booked a room at Radisson for my business trip to New York.

Radisson Blu

Known for personalized service and high-end amenities.
The personalized service at Radisson Blu made our stay exceptional.


Caters to a diverse range of travelers, including business and leisure.
Radisson is my go-to hotel for family vacations.

Radisson Blu

Targets upscale clients and is located in prime city areas.
For my anniversary, I booked a suite at the Radisson Blu downtown.


Offers a blend of comfort and convenience in its amenities.
The conference facilities at Radisson are top-notch.

Radisson Blu

Generally positioned in a higher price category than Radisson.
Radisson Blu is my choice for luxury stays, despite the higher price.


Positioned as an upscale but affordable hotel brand.
Radisson offers luxury at a more affordable price point.

Radisson Blu

A premium extension of the Radisson brand, known for its stylish design and luxury services.
Radisson Blu in Paris was an epitome of luxury and style.


Known for its reliable service and quality lodging.
Staying at Radisson always guarantees a comfortable experience.

Radisson Blu

Features modern architecture and contemporary interiors.
The contemporary design of Radisson Blu impressed me right away.


How are Radisson and Radisson Blu related?

Radisson Blu is a part of the Radisson Hotel Group, serving as one of its luxury brands.

What distinguishes Radisson Blu from Radisson?

Radisson Blu offers more luxurious and design-focused experiences compared to the classic Radisson hotels.

What is Radisson Blu?

Radisson Blu is a upscale brand of Radisson, known for its stylish design and prime locations.

What is Radisson?

Radisson is an international hotel chain known for its wide range of services and accommodations.

What types of amenities are typical in a Radisson hotel?

Radisson hotels typically offer amenities like fitness centers, meeting rooms, and on-site dining.

Are Radisson and Radisson Blu part of the same loyalty program?

Yes, they are both part of the Radisson Rewards program.

Where was the first Radisson hotel located?

The first Radisson hotel was opened in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA.

What makes Radisson Blu's design unique?

Radisson Blu is known for its contemporary and often locally inspired design aesthetics.

Are Radisson and Radisson Blu family-friendly?

Yes, both brands offer amenities and services suitable for families.

Are Radisson hotels suitable for business travel?

Yes, they offer various facilities catering to business travelers, including business centers and meeting rooms.

Does Radisson Blu offer specialized services?

Yes, they often provide specialized services like concierge and upscale dining.

Is there an environmental policy for Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Both brands are committed to sustainability and have implemented various eco-friendly practices.

Can you host events at Radisson or Radisson Blu hotels?

Yes, both offer facilities for hosting events like weddings, conferences, and meetings.

Is Radisson Blu more expensive than Radisson?

Generally, yes. Radisson Blu tends to be pricier due to its upscale services and amenities.

Can you find Radisson and Radisson Blu hotels worldwide?

Yes, both brands have a significant global presence.

How does the dining experience differ between Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Radisson Blu typically offers more upscale and diverse dining options compared to Radisson.

Do Radisson Blu hotels have unique locations?

Yes, Radisson Blu hotels are often situated in prime locations with scenic views or in major city centers.

Is there a difference in room quality between Radisson and Radisson Blu?

Radisson Blu rooms typically feature more luxurious furnishings and design elements.

How does Radisson ensure guest safety?

Radisson implements rigorous safety and cleanliness protocols across all its properties.

How can one book a stay at Radisson or Radisson Blu?

Bookings can be made through their official websites, travel agencies, or booking platforms.
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