Difference Between Quotation and Tender


Main Difference

The main difference between Quotation and Tender is that Quotation is a static rate suggestion, which is giving to the client, and it is not variable, whereas Tender is a proper way for the supplier to submit proposals to supply raw material, products, or services.

Quotation vs. Tender

The quotation indicates a permanent price offer that is giving to the consumer as a response to the tender notification, whereas the tender is a certified method to the contractors to submit a bit to provide products, services, and raw material. The quotation has a legal binding, while the tender is presenting by the potential supplier. The quotation is accepting by the customer, whereas the tender is a response to an invitation. The quotation cannot modify and change, while the tender has variations.


The quotation is working for prices, whereas tender is working for costs and quality as well. The scope of a quotation is narrow, while the range of a tender is cooperatively considerable. The main intention of the quotation is to offer a fixed amount, whereas the primary purpose of the tender is to find out the best prices from different resources. A quotation is a reply to request for quotation (RFQ), whereas a tender is using in answering to ask for tender (RFT).

The quotation is not a comparatively formal way to ask the customers, whereas tender is the legal process of proposing to the suppliers. A quotation is receiving by a company, while the tender is inviting by the government department to complete public projects and work.


If someone appeals for a quotation from any side like providing protection facilities and also call a plumber for an evaluation before he starts work to mend plumbing accessories, Whereas tender is a term that we get in joining with submissions appealing by government departments for the accomplishment of public workings and developments.

Comparison Chart

A quotation is a fixed rate suggestion to give the clientTender is a formal way for dealers to submit proposals
Working On
PricePrice and Quality
Used For
Offering fixed priceFinding out the best price

What is a Quotation?

The quotation is a paper that an association accedes to one or more probable suppliers producing a product or service. It is a permanent rate recommendation to give the consumers. The quotation may also understand as a manuscript of assurance that is providing by the potential dealer to supply specific goods or services that is demanding by the customer at the specified price less than particular situations. It covers terms of trade, recompense, and security, which includes the price apparent to control for the creation or capability, date, period and place of circulation, validity period of quotation.

An appeal for quotation converts a standard occupational workout whereby dealers are appealing to the proposal for products and amenities. We request for a quotation from assurance representatives, plumbers, electricians, and even roofing specialists already defining in support of a specific supplier or provider.

Quotation supports the purchaser in knowing the cost of belongings or amenities before creating a procurement. The quotation usually is creating a base that is requiring by clients’ conditions. By sending the quotation to the client, the supplier is promising to the proposed price of the quotation, and it should take into attention all the costs relating to the work and computing with a profit margin for the business to make a profit. Quotations may also consider the period for when it is valid because after the period expires, a new quotation requires and as well as an illumination of variations in price due to the alterations or amendments to the original statement.

What is Tender?

Tender is the process of making an offer or proposal to show concentration in reaction to an invitation or demand. The tender manuscript is sending to credible contractors, to demand information, to pick the merchant at the opening of price, distribution terms, and suitability. An invitation of the tender is moving by the government responsibility, financial organization, or a big corporation for different plans. It is consuming to catch out the greatest worth of money from potential dealers.

Tender is actually a significant method of procurement of belongings and amenities for a corporation, permanently a public region establishment. The tender is an article that places down the dealings and conditions of the application. Tendering is the concern presenting by collectors as they make proposals or suggestions in response to requests set out by companies in the form of announcements in newspapers.

The term tender typically indicates the method where governments and economic organizations call for efforts for large signs of progress that is submitting contained by limited closing time. A tender is proposing an open solicit to all stockholders stimulating that they tender their store for deals at a specific price throughout a particular time. The term tender also raises to the procedure whereby bondholders submit their stocks or protections in response to a takeover offer. Corporations do not necessarily go in for the minimum quantity of a proposal as they have to confirm that the work is completing within a time limit and to the contentment of the corporation. Types of the tender are open tender, selective tender, negotiated tender, and single-stage and two-stage tender.

Key Differences

  1. The quotation is an immovable price suggestion, whereas tender is the response of invitation.
  2. The quotation is accepting by the customer; on the other hand, tender is from the potential supplier.
  3. The quotation is a fixed price offer. Conversely, tender is using for finding out the best value of money.
  4. A quotation is a reaction to a demand for quotation (RFQ). On the flip side, tender is using in response to demand for tender (RFT).
  5. Quotation determines the price; on the other hand, tender determines the amount and quality both.
  6. The scope of the quotation is narrow, whereas the extent of tender is broader.


Quotation and tender are generally very collective arguments that individuals consume in everyday lives. The government assistance or the organizations pick the quotations or tenders, that they fulfill their needs, and provide value for money.