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QLED vs. Crystal UHD: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 14, 2024
QLED (Quantum Dot LED) uses quantum dots to enhance color and brightness, while Crystal UHD, a Samsung-specific term, refers to 4K UHD TVs with enhanced color and clarity.

Key Differences

QLED technology, utilized by brands like Samsung, employs quantum dots to improve image quality, enhancing color accuracy and brightness. Crystal UHD, specific to Samsung, represents their standard 4K UHD TVs with a focus on color enhancement and clarity.
QLED TVs are known for their superior brightness and vibrant color profile, ideal for well-lit rooms. Crystal UHD TVs, while offering good color and clarity, may not reach the brightness levels of QLED.
The quantum dots in QLED TVs allow for a wider color gamut and better HDR performance compared to Crystal UHD TVs. However, Crystal UHD sets are often more affordable while still delivering 4K resolution.
QLED sets typically offer better viewing angles and a more consistent display in various lighting conditions than Crystal UHD TVs, which might exhibit more limited viewing angles.
QLED TVs are positioned as premium offerings in the market, while Crystal UHD TVs are seen as a more budget-friendly option, balancing cost and performance in the 4K TV segment.

Comparison Chart


Uses quantum dots for enhanced color and brightness
Standard 4K UHD technology with color enhancement


Superior brightness levels
Good brightness, but less than QLED

Color Gamut

Wider color gamut, better HDR performance
Good color accuracy, but narrower gamut than QLED

Price Range

Generally more expensive, premium range
More affordable, budget-friendly range

Viewing Angles

Better viewing angles and consistency
More limited viewing angles compared to QLED

QLED and Crystal UHD Definitions


Ideal for viewing in various lighting conditions due to its brightness.
The QLED TV was perfect for their sunlit living room.

Crystal UHD

Suitable for users seeking a balance of cost and performance.
The Crystal UHD was their choice for a budget-conscious 4K upgrade.


Quantum Dot LED TVs known for their superior picture quality.
He chose a QLED model for its remarkable picture clarity.

Crystal UHD

Samsung's standard 4K technology focusing on enhanced clarity.
The Crystal UHD model provided a crisp and detailed picture for his favorite shows.


A TV technology using quantum dots to enhance color and brightness.
The QLED TV displayed vibrant colors even in the brightly lit room.

Crystal UHD

Offers good color accuracy and clarity in a 4K format.
The football game looked vibrant and clear on the Crystal UHD screen.


Often represents the premium segment in TV technology.
They invested in a QLED TV for their home theater setup.

Crystal UHD

Samsung's 4K UHD TV technology with enhanced color and clarity.
The Crystal UHD TV made the movie scenes appear incredibly sharp.


A high-end television technology offering a wide color gamut.
The nature documentary looked stunning on the QLED screen.

Crystal UHD

A budget-friendly option for high-quality 4K viewing.
She was impressed with the affordability of the Crystal UHD TV.


Is Crystal UHD the same as 4K?

Yes, Crystal UHD refers to Samsung's 4K Ultra High Definition TVs.

What does QLED stand for?

QLED stands for Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode.

Are QLED TVs better than Crystal UHD in terms of picture quality?

Generally, QLED TVs offer superior picture quality with better brightness and color range.

Do QLED TVs have better viewing angles?

Yes, QLED TVs typically have better viewing angles compared to Crystal UHD TVs.

What is the main benefit of QLED technology?

The main benefit of QLED technology is its ability to produce more vibrant colors and higher brightness levels.

Can QLED TVs display deep blacks like OLEDs?

While QLED TVs offer excellent color and brightness, they may not achieve the deep blacks of OLED TVs.

Is the Crystal UHD series more affordable than QLED?

Yes, Crystal UHD TVs are generally more affordable than QLED TVs.

Can Crystal UHD TVs display HDR content?

Yes, Crystal UHD TVs can display HDR content, but the performance might not be as high as on QLED TVs.

Are Crystal UHD TVs good for watching sports?

Yes, Crystal UHD TVs, with their 4K resolution, are good for watching fast-moving sports content.

Do QLED TVs have a risk of screen burn-in?

QLED TVs are less prone to burn-in compared to OLEDs, making them suitable for varied content viewing.

Are Crystal UHD TVs good for gaming?

Crystal UHD TVs are suitable for gaming, offering clear 4K resolution, though some models may have higher input lag than QLED TVs.

Do all QLED TVs support smart features?

Most QLED TVs come with smart features and connectivity options.

Are Crystal UHD TVs energy efficient?

Crystal UHD TVs are relatively energy efficient, though efficiency varies by model.

Can I connect my smartphone to a QLED TV?

Yes, most QLED TVs allow smartphone connectivity for streaming and mirroring content.

Do QLED TVs require special care or maintenance?

QLED TVs don't require special care, but it's recommended to avoid direct sunlight and clean them with a soft cloth.

What sizes do Crystal UHD TVs come in?

Crystal UHD TVs are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 43 to 75 inches.

Can I use voice commands with Crystal UHD TVs?

Many Crystal UHD TV models support voice commands through Bixby, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Is the color accuracy on Crystal UHD TVs good for designers?

Crystal UHD TVs offer good color accuracy, but professionals might prefer QLED for more precise color work.

How long do QLED TVs typically last?

QLED TVs generally have a long lifespan, often lasting several years with proper care.

Do QLED TVs support Dolby Atmos?

Some high-end QLED models support Dolby Atmos for enhanced audio experience.
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