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Publicise vs. Publicize: What's the Difference?

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"Publicise" and "publicize" have the same meaning: to make something known to the public. The difference lies in spelling; "publicise" is British English, and "publicize" is American English.

Key Differences

Publicise, a verb in British English, means to make information known to the public. Publicize, its American English counterpart, shares the same definition but differs only in spelling.
Both publicise and publicize are used in contexts of promoting events, products, or news. While publicise is preferred in British English, publicize is the standard form in American English.
The usage of publicise in UK publications reflects British English norms. Publicize, on the other hand, is commonly seen in US-based texts and media.
Publicise and publicize, despite their different spellings, function identically in sentences and carry the same connotations and implications.
Writers choose between publicise and publicize based on their audience or regional language standards, ensuring consistency with other English language preferences.

Comparison Chart


British English
American English


Common in UK texts
Common in US texts


To make public
To make public


Same as publicize
Same as publicise



Publicise and Publicize Definitions


To make something known to the public.
The company decided to publicise its new product launch.


To make something publicly known.
The studio plans to publicize the movie's release date soon.


To draw public attention to a matter.
The activist group publicised the issue through social media.


To spread information or news widely.
The findings of the research were publicized in scientific journals.


To promote information or an event.
They hired a PR firm to publicise the festival.


To attract public attention to a specific topic.
Celebrities often publicize charitable causes.


To broadcast or announce something widely.
The charity campaign was publicised in local newspapers.


To advertise or promote an event or product.
The author used social media to publicize her new book.


To disseminate information to the general public.
The government publicised health guidelines during the pandemic.


To circulate information to a broad audience.
The company publicized the recall notice to ensure customer safety.


To make widely known to the public.
The scandal was so publicised that he lost the next election.


To give publicity to or draw public attention to
Publicized the concert.


To advertise, create publicity for.
They're already publicising next month's concert.


(American spelling) publicise


Call attention to;
Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS


Make public;
She aired her opinions on welfare


Make public;
She aired her opinions on welfare


Call attention to;
Please don't advertise the fact that he has AIDS


What does publicize mean?

Publicize also means to make something known publicly, but it's the American spelling.

Is publicise used in American English?

Generally, no. Americans prefer the spelling publicize.

Can publicize be used in British English?

It's less common, but understood. Publicise is the preferred British form.

Are there any differences in pronunciation?

No, publicise and publicize are pronounced the same way.

Should I use publicise in a UK-based document?

Yes, publicise is appropriate for UK English.

Are there any grammatical differences?

No, both are used identically in grammar.

Does publicise have synonyms?

Yes, like advertise, announce, and promote.

What does publicise mean?

Publicise means to make something known to the public, typically in the UK.

Is publicize correct for US audiences?

Yes, publicize is the standard spelling in the US.

What are publicize’s synonyms?

They include advertise, broadcast, and proclaim, among others.

Is publicize ever a noun?

No, it's also exclusively a verb.

Are there any variations of publicise?

No, publicise does not have variations.

Is publicize in British dictionaries?

Yes, as an American variant of publicise.

Can publicise be a noun?

No, it's only used as a verb.

Does publicize have any alternate spellings?

No, publicize is the only American English spelling.

Can both be used interchangeably?

Yes, but it depends on the regional language preference.

Does publicise appear in American dictionaries?

Yes, but as a British variant of publicize.

Can publicise be used in academic writing?

Yes, if the writing follows British English standards.

Does the meaning change with spelling?

No, both words have the exact same meaning.

Is publicize acceptable in formal American writing?

Yes, it's the correct form in American English.
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