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Prophase vs. Metaphase: What's the Difference?

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on December 22, 2023
Prophase is the first stage of cell division where chromosomes condense and the nuclear envelope breaks down; metaphase is the stage where chromosomes align at the cell's equator.

Key Differences

Prophase marks the beginning of mitosis, characterized by the condensation of chromatin into visible chromosomes. In metaphase, the chromosomes, now fully condensed, align at the metaphase plate, a central area in the cell. This alignment is a critical step in ensuring that each new cell will receive an identical set of chromosomes.
During prophase, the nuclear envelope, which encloses the nucleus, begins to disintegrate, allowing the chromosomes to interact with parts of the cytoplasm. In contrast, during metaphase, the spindle fibers, which have formed from the centrosomes, attach to the centromeres of the chromosomes, preparing them for segregation.
Prophase is characterized by the formation of the mitotic spindle, a structure crucial for chromosome movement, while the nucleolus, within the nucleus, also disappears. Metaphase is defined by the chromosomes' alignment at the cell's equator, which is crucial for the equal distribution of genetic material.
In prophase, chromosomal condensation allows the chromosomes to become visible under a light microscope, appearing as two sister chromatids joined at the centromere. In metaphase, the spindle fibers pull the chromosomes to align them precisely at the metaphase plate, a process essential for accurate chromosome segregation.
Prophase sets the stage for subsequent phases of mitosis by organizing the chromosomes and initiating spindle formation. Metaphase serves as a checkpoint to ensure that all chromosomes are properly attached to the spindle fibers before cell division proceeds.

Comparison Chart

Stage Order in Mitosis

First stage of mitosis
Second stage of mitosis

Main Features

Chromosome condensation, nuclear envelope breakdown
Chromosomes align at the cell's equator

Chromosomal Appearance

Chromosomes become visible, form sister chromatids
Chromosomes aligned and attached to spindle fibers

Structural Developments

Formation of mitotic spindle, nucleolus disappears
Spindle fibers align chromosomes at metaphase plate

Role in Cell Division

Prepares genetic material for segregation
Ensures chromosomes are properly aligned for division

Prophase and Metaphase Definitions


Prophase is the first stage of mitosis where chromosomes condense.
During prophase, the cell's genetic material becomes visible under a microscope.


Metaphase is a stage in mitosis where chromosomes align at the cell's center.
In metaphase, chromosomes line up at the metaphase plate, ready for division.


It marks the preparation of genetic material for cell division.
Prophase sets the stage for the distribution of DNA into daughter cells.


Metaphase ensures equal distribution of chromosomes to daughter cells.
The alignment in metaphase is critical for equal chromosome distribution during cell division.


Prophase involves the beginning of spindle formation.
The spindle starts to form in prophase, essential for later chromosome movement.


It features chromosomes attached to spindle fibers at their centromeres.
The attachment of spindle fibers to chromosomes during metaphase ensures their correct segregation.


It's characterized by the breakdown of the nuclear envelope.
The disintegration of the nuclear envelope in prophase allows spindle fibers to interact with chromosomes.


This stage is characterized by the maximal condensation of chromosomes.
Chromosomes reach their highest level of condensation during metaphase.


During prophase, chromatin fibers condense into chromosomes.
As prophase progresses, the chromatin fibers thicken and shorten into chromosomes.


Metaphase acts as a checkpoint for chromosome alignment.
The cell checks all chromosomes are correctly aligned in metaphase before proceeding.


The first stage of mitosis, during which the chromosomes condense and become visible, the nuclear membrane breaks down, and the spindle apparatus forms at opposite poles of the cell.


The stage of mitosis and meiosis, following prophase and preceding anaphase, during which the chromosomes are aligned along the metaphase plate.


The first stage of meiosis, constituted by a series of events that include the thickening and coiling of the chromosomes, synapsis of homologous chromosomes, tetrad formation, and crossing over.


(biology) The stage of mitosis and meiosis, that follows prophase and comes before anaphase, during which condensed chromosomes become aligned before being separated.


The first stage of mitosis, during which chromatin condenses to form the chromosomes.


The second stage of meiosis


The first stage of meiosis.


The second stage of mitosis


The first stage of meiosis


The first stage of mitosis


Is the nuclear envelope present in prophase?

No, the nuclear envelope breaks down during prophase.

What is prophase?

Prophase is the initial stage of mitosis where chromosomes condense and the nuclear envelope breaks down.

What happens during metaphase?

During metaphase, chromosomes align at the cell's equator for equal segregation.

Are spindle fibers important in metaphase?

Yes, spindle fibers attach to chromosomes and align them during metaphase.

Can prophase be observed under a microscope?

Yes, chromosomal changes in prophase are visible under a light microscope.

Does prophase occur in all types of cell division?

Prophase is a stage in mitosis and a modified form occurs in meiosis.

How do chromosomes appear in prophase?

Chromosomes become visible and condense into sister chromatids in prophase.

What is the metaphase plate?

The metaphase plate is the central area in the cell where chromosomes align during metaphase.

What ensures chromosome alignment in metaphase?

Spindle fibers ensure precise chromosome alignment at the metaphase plate.

How long does metaphase typically last?

Metaphase duration varies but is typically shorter than prophase.

Do prophase and metaphase occur in plant cells?

Yes, both stages are part of mitosis in plant and animal cells.

Does metaphase have a checkpoint function?

Yes, metaphase ensures all chromosomes are properly aligned before division.

Is chromatin present in prophase?

Yes, chromatin condenses to form visible chromosomes in prophase.

What is the significance of prophase in mitosis?

Prophase organizes the chromosomes and initiates spindle formation, preparing for cell division.

Does prophase involve any structural changes in the cell?

Yes, prophase involves structural changes like spindle formation and nucleolus disappearance.

What happens after metaphase?

After metaphase, cells enter anaphase where chromosomes are pulled apart.

Are sister chromatids separated in metaphase?

No, sister chromatids separate in the subsequent anaphase, not metaphase.

What precedes prophase in the cell cycle?

Prophase is preceded by the G2 phase of interphase.

What is the role of centromeres in metaphase?

Centromeres attach chromosomes to spindle fibers during metaphase.

Is the alignment of chromosomes critical in metaphase?

Yes, proper alignment in metaphase is crucial for accurate chromosome segregation.
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