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Product vs. Production Concept: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 22, 2024
"Product" refers to any item or service offered for sale, while "Production Concept" is a marketing philosophy focused on efficient production and wide distribution.

Key Differences

The product is the actual good or service offered by a company. The production concept emphasizes the efficiency of production and large-scale distribution to minimize costs.
In considering a product, companies focus on its features, quality, and design. The production concept relies on the belief that customers prioritize availability and affordability over other factors.
Products are developed based on perceived consumer needs and desires, aiming to fulfill a specific demand. The production concept assumes that consumers are primarily interested in widely available and affordable products.
The development of a product involves research, design, and innovation tailored to market needs. The production concept focuses on streamlining production processes to maximize efficiency and output.
Product-oriented companies invest in research and development to create superior products. In contrast, production concept-oriented companies prioritize operational efficiency and cost-cutting to deliver products at the lowest possible price.

Comparison Chart


An item or service offered for sale.
A marketing philosophy focused on efficiency and distribution.


Quality, features, and consumer satisfaction.
Efficiency in production and affordability.


Tailored to consumer needs and market trends.
Aimed at high production volume and cost minimization.

Market Orientation

Consumer-centric, emphasizing product innovation.
Operations-centric, emphasizing cost efficiency.


To satisfy specific customer demands and preferences.
To produce and distribute products at the lowest cost.

Product and Production Concept Definitions


The result of a manufacturing or natural process.
Cheese is a product of milk processing.

Production Concept

A business philosophy emphasizing efficient production and distribution.
Their use of the production concept led to lower prices and wider availability of goods.


A substance produced during a chemical reaction.
Water is a product of the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen.

Production Concept

Prioritizes operational efficiency over product features and design.
In applying the production concept, they streamlined their processes, sacrificing product customization.


A good or service offered by a business to customers.
The latest smartphone model is the company's newest product.

Production Concept

Assumes consumer demand is primarily driven by affordability and availability.
The company's production concept assumed that price was the customer's main concern.


A mathematical result obtained from multiplying quantities.
The product of 3 and 4 is 12.

Production Concept

Focuses on high-volume production to reduce costs.
The production concept was evident in their strategy to dominate the market through low pricing.


The outcome or result of a process or activity.
The documentary was a product of years of research.

Production Concept

A strategy common in early industrialization stages or in commoditized markets.
The production concept was popular in the automotive industry during its early years.


An item that is made or refined and marketed
Farm products.
Soaps, detergents, and similar products.
Travel products such as vacation trips.


Such items considered as a group
Sold a lot of product in May.


Can a service be a product?

Yes, services are considered intangible products offered to customers.

What is the production concept in marketing?

The production concept is a marketing philosophy that focuses on efficient production and distribution to minimize costs.

How does product quality relate to the production concept?

While product quality focuses on customer satisfaction, the production concept often prioritizes efficiency over high quality.

Is the production concept still relevant today?

The production concept is less prevalent today but remains relevant in markets where price and availability are primary concerns.

What is the importance of product design?

Product design is crucial for meeting customer needs and differentiating products in the market.

How do companies use the production concept?

Companies use the production concept to produce goods efficiently and at a lower cost, often in high volumes.

What is a product?

A product is any item or service created to be sold to consumers.

What role does innovation play in product development?

Innovation is key in product development for creating unique and improved products.

Is the production concept consumer-centric?

No, the production concept is more operations-centric, focusing on production and distribution efficiency.

How does the production concept impact pricing?

The production concept typically leads to lower product prices due to cost savings in production.

What industries commonly use the production concept?

Industries with commoditized products, like basic consumer goods, often use the production concept.

Does the production concept prioritize customer feedback?

Customer feedback is less prioritized in the production concept compared to more customer-focused approaches.

Are all goods considered products?

Yes, all goods, whether tangible or intangible, are considered products.

What is the main goal of the production concept?

The main goal of the production concept is to produce and distribute products efficiently and affordably.

How does a product satisfy consumer needs?

Products satisfy consumer needs by providing solutions, convenience, or fulfilling desires.

What is a physical product?

A physical product is a tangible good that can be physically touched and seen.

What's an example of a product in the technology sector?

Smartphones and software applications are examples of products in the technology sector.

Can a company focus on both product and production concept?

Yes, a company can balance both, focusing on efficiency while maintaining product quality.

How do digital products fit into the product category?

Digital products, like software and online services, are intangible but still classified as products.

How does the production concept affect product diversity?

The production concept may reduce product diversity due to its focus on standardization and efficiency.
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