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Prioritised vs. Prioritized: What's the Difference?

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Prioritised and prioritized are different spellings of the same word, with "prioritised" used in British English and "prioritized" in American English, both meaning to arrange in order of importance.

Key Differences

Prioritised is the British English spelling used to describe making something a priority or arranging things in order of importance. Conversely, prioritized is the American English spelling for the same concept, used in contexts like business or personal planning.
The word prioritised is often seen in British English texts, reflecting the linguistic preferences of that region. Prioritized, on the other hand, is the preferred form in American English, including in official documents and academic writing.
In terms of pronunciation, prioritised and prioritized are spoken similarly, despite the spelling differences. The choice between prioritised and prioritized does not alter the meaning of the word; it simply aligns with regional spelling conventions.
When using prioritised in writing, it reflects adherence to British English standards, like in the Oxford English Dictionary. In contrast, prioritized aligns with American English standards, as seen in publications like the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.
In global communications, the use of prioritised or prioritized can indicate the writer's linguistic background, with prioritised suggesting British influences and prioritized indicating American influences.

Comparison Chart


British English version
American English version


Common in UK and Commonwealth countries
Common in the United States


Similar to prioritized
Similar to prioritised


Adheres to British English standards
Adheres to American English standards


Suggests a British linguistic background
Suggests an American linguistic background

Prioritised and Prioritized Definitions


Made a priority.
The manager prioritised efficiency over speed.


Made a priority.
The team prioritized completing the project on time.


Selected as most important.
In her plan, education was prioritised.


Selected as most important.
The CEO prioritized innovation in the company strategy.


Given precedence.
Safety issues were prioritised during the meeting.


Arranged by importance.
Customer satisfaction is prioritized in our policy.


Arranged by importance.
Healthcare was prioritised in the budget.


Given precedence.
In our discussion, security concerns were prioritized.


Elevated in urgency.
The project's deadline was prioritised.


Elevated in urgency.
Responding to customer feedback was prioritized.


Simple past tense and past participle of prioritise


To arrange or deal with in order of importance.


To treat or consider as of greater importance than other matters
Economic policies that prioritize job creation.


To put things in order of importance.


Simple past tense and past participle of prioritize


With priority, having priority


Is prioritised used in American English?

No, "prioritized" is the American English spelling.

Can prioritised and prioritized be used interchangeably?

Yes, but it depends on the regional language preference.

Does prioritised imply a different meaning in British English?

No, it has the same meaning as prioritized.

Is there a difference in pronunciation between the two?

No, they are pronounced similarly.

Are prioritised and prioritized the same?

Yes, they have the same meaning but different spellings.

Is there a difference in usage in different industries?

No, the usage is consistent across industries.

Do dictionaries list both spellings?

Yes, most dictionaries list both, specifying regional usage.

Should I use prioritised in American publications?

In American English, it's preferable to use prioritized.

In digital communication, which spelling is preferable?

It depends on the audience's regional language preference.

Are there any synonyms that replace both words?

Synonyms like "emphasized" or "highlighted" can replace both.

Is prioritized accepted in British English?

British English predominantly uses prioritised.

Is prioritised more formal than prioritized?

No, the formality is the same; only the spelling differs.

Can the spelling affect search engine results?

Yes, different spellings may yield slightly different results.

Does the choice of spelling affect the meaning?

No, the meaning remains the same regardless of spelling.

Which spelling is used in international communications?

It depends on the linguistic background of the communicator.

Do language style guides recommend a specific spelling?

Style guides recommend spelling based on regional English standards.

Is one spelling more common in global business?

"Prioritized" is often more common in global business settings.

Can using the wrong spelling impact professional perception?

It might, especially if regional language standards are expected.

Can either spelling be used in academic writing?

Yes, but it should align with the region's language standards.

Is it important to be consistent with spelling in a document?

Yes, consistency in spelling within a document is important.
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