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Priest vs. Preacher: What's the Difference?

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A priest is an ordained minister in the Catholic, Orthodox, or Anglican Church, while a preacher is someone who proclaims or expounds on religious doctrine.

Key Differences

The role of a priest in various religious traditions such as Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism involves performing sacraments and rituals. A preacher, on the other hand, may not have sacramental duties but focuses on the proclamation and explanation of religious texts.
Priests are often associated with a specific congregation and physical church, while preachers can be itinerant or affiliated with a non-liturgical church, emphasizing sermonizing.
Priests are typically ordained through a formal process that recognizes them as a representative of their church with the authority to administer rites, whereas preachers may be ordained or lay individuals recognized for their ability to teach and inspire through words.
The distinction between a priest and a preacher can also be seen in their functions; a priest acts as an intermediary between God and people, conducting liturgical worship, while a preacher's primary function is to deliver messages based on scripture, aiming to educate and convert.

Comparison Chart


Perform religious rites and sacraments
Deliver sermons and religious messages


Ordained in a specific religious order
May or may not be ordained


Intermediary in worship
Focus on teaching and conversion


Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican
Various Christian denominations


Tied to a specific church
Can be itinerant or tied to a church

Priest and Preacher Definitions


A religious leader serving a particular parish or congregation.
The community looked to the priest for spiritual guidance.


Someone who delivers sermons and expounds on the Bible.
The preacher spoke passionately about the need for compassion.


An ordained minister with the authority to perform sacraments.
The priest consecrated the bread and wine during the mass.


May be laypersons with a gift for delivering religious messages.
The preacher at the park was actually a school teacher by profession.


A mediator between the divine and the laity in liturgical churches.
The priest offered absolution to the penitents.


Often involved in evangelism and outreach.
The preacher went to various cities to speak about his faith.


One who performs religious rites and ceremonies.
The priest performed the marriage ceremony in the old cathedral.


A proclaimer of religious doctrine.
The preacher's words stirred the hearts of the listeners.


Often associated with a clerical collar and vestments.
The priest wore his cassock to every service.


Can be a pastor or minister in a Protestant church.
The congregation grew under the leadership of the new preacher.


In many Christian churches, a member of the second grade of clergy ranking below a bishop but above a deacon and having authority to administer the sacraments.


One who preaches, especially one who publicly proclaims the gospel for an occupation.


A person having the authority to perform and administer religious rites.


What is a priest?

A priest is an ordained minister in certain Christian denominations authorized to perform sacred rituals.

Can a priest also be a preacher?

Yes, a priest can deliver sermons, thus acting as a preacher.

What is a preacher?

A preacher is someone who gives sermons and talks about religious teachings, often within Protestant denominations.

Can women be priests or preachers?

Women can be preachers in many denominations; some denominations, like Anglicanism, ordain women as priests.

Are all preachers ordained?

Not all preachers are ordained; some are laypeople with a calling to preach.

Is the title of 'priest' specific to any religion?

The title 'priest' is primarily associated with Christian denominations like Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Anglicanism.

What education is required to become a preacher?

Education for preachers varies; some denominations require formal seminary training, while others do not.

What education is required to become a priest?

Becoming a priest usually requires a seminary education and theological training.

What’s the primary duty of a priest?

A priest’s primary duties include conducting sacraments and providing spiritual guidance to parishioners.

Do preachers lead church services?

Preachers often lead church services, especially in non-liturgical Protestant churches.

Can a preacher perform sacraments?

In some denominations, preachers can perform sacraments, but it depends on the church’s practices and the preacher’s ordination.

What’s the primary duty of a preacher?

A preacher’s primary duty is to proclaim religious doctrine and inspire faith through sermons and teachings.

Do priests have to lead a church?

Yes, priests typically lead a church or parish.

Is the role of a priest the same in all Christian denominations?

The role of a priest can vary significantly between different Christian denominations.

How does one become a priest?

To become a priest, one must undergo a process of discernment, education, and ordination within their denomination.

How does one become a preacher?

Becoming a preacher can involve a calling, theological study, and recognition by a church body.

Are the terms 'priest' and 'preacher' interchangeable?

No, while they can both be leaders in the Christian faith, their roles and connotations differ.

Can priests marry?

In most Protestant denominations, priests can marry. In Catholicism, priests take a vow of celibacy.

Are preachers involved in pastoral care?

Yes, many preachers also provide pastoral care and guidance to their congregants.

Do priests belong to a religious order?

Some priests belong to religious orders, while others are secular clergy.
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