Difference Between Political Science and Politics


Main Difference

The key difference between political science and politics is that political science is a subject that deals with the composition and function of the nation’s government while politics concerned with the actions of nation’s governance, with the purpose of achieving and using authority or power.

Political Science vs. Politics

Political science and Politics are two terms that are often confused when it comes to their meaning. Actually there is some difference between the two terms. Political science is a social science subject that deals with the science of politics i.e, studies of State and Government. On the other hand, politics refers to the issues, problems and political activities of the state. Political Science is concerned with study of the origin, nature, and functions of the state, government and all its institutes while politics deals with the day to day activities of the government. The principles of Political science are universal whereas politics differs from state to state and within a state from time to time. Either directly or indirectly every one of us is involved in politics while only the students of social discipline are involved in political science.


Comparison Chart

Political SciencePolitics
Political Science describes the Branch of knowledge that studies all of the facets of power and state.Related to power and state.
What is it?
It’s component of social science.It’s a social activity.
Deals with
Both empirical facts and normative issues.Problems of the citizens by interacting them politically.
Scholars, political scientist and academics.Politicians, administrators and lobbyist.
To comprehend patterns and to present such a framework that conveys reality.To begin public welfare and improve their conditions by implementing policies that are constructive.

What is Political Science?

A division of social science that’s analogous to the base of state and system of government. It discusses nation and its economy, considering various time spans, i.e. past, present and future. The political science highlights the theory and practice of the authorities and government, and it thoroughly and methodically assesses the political systems, institutions, procedures, functions, activities and behavior. Further, in addition, it evaluates public policies and authorities. It’s useful to comprehend the manner in which governments operate, allocation of resources and power, the effect of the policies laid down by the authorities in the financial stability.


What is Politics?

Politics may refer to all those activities which are concerned with the management of the country. In finer terms, politics suggests a process wherein the political leaders and the party attempts to attain their objectives, which might be contradicting with the other political parties. It’s directly analogous to conflict and conciliation, which contributes to rule of justice and order in the society. The main goal of politics is to improve the standard of living of the region and initiate development activities, by way of various programmes and schemes run by the authorities. It tends to create, preserve or amend new rules, under which the citizens live. Practical politics comprises all the real world happenings, like the formation of this government and its functioning, formulation of policies and laws. Further, global politics is also a component of practical politics including affairs like war and peace, economic order, protection of rights, amongst others. Additionally, it is called a ‘dirty game’ from the common man.

Key Differences

  1. Political Science is a subset of social science which studies politics and authorities and is also concerned with description and analysis of political behaviour, problems, system and actions while politics is the study of government structures, associations, operations and activities and explains the possibilities to utilize or attain power.
  2. Political science talks about the nation, its functioning, Functions and distribution of resources and power. On the other hand, politics is a social activity, as it involves dialogue between political parties, on account of their disagreement regarding different topics.
  3. Political science is concerned with factual statements and also determines the present political practices and associations and concentrates on the strategies to improve them. Conversely, politics deals with the issues of the citizens of the nation and seeks to attain power to solve those issues and improve their living standards.
  4. The main actors in the event of political science are a political scientist, professors and scholars. In contrast, politicians, lobbyists and administrators are the celebrities in the event of politics.
  5. The fundamental objective of political science is to understand Various political patterns and to supply a substructure which expresses reality. As against, politics aims at initiating public welfare and improving the standard of living of the citizens by executing constructive policies.
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