Difference Between PHP and Python


Main difference

PHP and Python would be the favorite high-level programming languages that have a solid open source background and also offer comprehensive design documentation. The significant difference between PHP and Python is that PHP is widely used for web development whereas Python is a general-purpose full-stack programming language. PHP is a server-side scripting language, by comparison, Python is an object-oriented scripting language.

Comparison Chart

More prevalent and exist in many systems.Less popular as compared to PHP.
Offers fewer security features.More secure.
PHP is not much maintainable as compared to python.The maintainability and change acquirement of Python is very good.
Functional Features
Functional programming is not provided.Functional programming techniques are possible.


PHP development was initiated in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. Previously the acronym used for PHP was Personal Home Page That Was replaced with Hypertext Preprocessor later. Its documentation is available online for free, because it’s released concerning an open source license. Initially, the PHP does not support object-oriented programming that was added in later versions.

The majority of the common content management systems utilize PHP such as Media wiki, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress etc which allow site creation without a lot of programming skills. The principal advantage of PHP is that it’s available on every shared hosting provider. PHP is regarded as most entrenched runtime environment on the host at the moment. It might provide better search engine rating and availability on hosting providers.


Syntax and Semantics

The embedded code technique was invented by PHP so the code is embedded directly into a content record. This code embedding technique was very effective for static and small webpages. Later the embedded code has been replaced by template documents as the net developed and software got more and more complex.

The implicit type conversion is used in PHP hence it’s a weak type system. By way of instance, an integer and a string are similar in a boolean expression; this may create uncertainty and confusion. There’s another drawback of using integrated MYSQL database statements directly in the code since the database systems are closely coupled to PHP by particular purposes.

Previously Object-oriented paradigms weren’t implemented in PHP, and it’s not hard to learn for novice coders. Its syntax is near languages like C and Java. PHP is quite robust language that give a solid user base and its supply.


PHP seems familiar language because it’s originated from C based syntax. The subsequent version of PHP supports object-oriented programming in which modules and code included of functions are encapsulated into an object.


The extensions are generally utilised in PHP that cache compiled bytecode to stop compiling of the source code on each and every request.


The growth of Python speech is initiated in 1991, by Guido van Rossum. It was invented as a completely features general purpose speech unlike PHP it isn’t promisingly employed as a web scripting language. The speech has a defacto standard that was implemented by the python base.

Python also has an open source background very similar to PHP. Even though it gives a collaborated net framework which enhances its versatility but it requires more programming efforts, Zope application server is chiefly used python web framework. The advantage of python is to the discussion media evaluations.

Syntax and Semantics

The Python language does not emphasize online application development. There used a different way of web frameworks like CGI, WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) which may be helpful to modify the environment and gateway of the web application without affecting the source code, making it mobile. However, it’s fairly complicated to use the WSGI for the novice developers.

Dissimilar to PHP, the Python language was designed with the used object-oriented paradigm, regardless of this, in addition, it supports procedural and functional programming. The syntax of python is straightforward and easy to learn. It has a strong type system and utilizes explicit practices.


Python is much more readable than PHP because its controls resemble the words used in language that is English. It’s aspect-oriented in which the modules separate the operation.


Python also provides caching system called memcached for internet applications.

Key Differences

  1. One of PHP and Python, the PHP is widespread and pervasively used.
  2. PHP and Python, both languages are readable, but Python is more maintainable than PHP and comprised of hardly any keywords.
  3. PHP allows bad programming practices that result in several security-related bugs, even though it can be used safely. To the contrary, Python provides more safety features than PHP.
  4. Python supports functional programming whereas PHP does not provide functional paradigms.
  5. PHP does not support exception correctly; conversely, in python, there’s appropriate provision for exception handling.
  6. In python, a”return” statement is used for the generator function. On the other hand, PHP does not have any provision for threads (concurrent programming).


The PHP and Python languages are used for different functions, PHP is mostly used in web development whereas Python is a full-stack programming language used in technology and science and images. Both languages have their respective advantages and disadvantages based on use. However, Python is flexible while PHP is limited somehow.

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