Difference Between CCU and ICU


Main Difference

Hospital, in general, have a variety of units based on a specific purpose. Apart from regular rooms and ward admissions, critical patients are either shifted to ICU or a CCU. ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit while CCU stands for Cardiac Care Unit or Coronary Care Unit. Both these terms interrelate in order of their overall occurrence. ICU is a special care unit beside regular room or ward in the hospital, the patients with critical health conditions are kept for high-level care and monitoring. A patient usually after an operation or surgery is kept in the ICU in critical condition. CCU, on the other hand, is a more specific critical care unit beside ICU, regular room and normal hospital ward, that is particularly for the patients suffering from a cardiac disorder. In other words, we can regard a CCU as a special ICU for heart patients only. The major difference between an ICU and CCU is that ICU is mostly for surgical patients whereas a CCU is specifically for heart patients.

Comparison Chart

Stands For
ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit.CCU stands for Cardiac Care Unit or Coronary Care Unit.
Deals with
ICU is for dealing general critical patients.CCU is for dealing with cardiac or heart related critical patients.
Surgical. Patients undergoing various surgeries and operations are kept in ICU.Non-surgical. Cardiac patients suffering from serious core coronary and heart issues are kept and treated in CCU.
Doctor and Other Medical Staff
A team of general surgeons and doctors along with other hospital staff look after the patient.A team of heart specialist surgeons and physicians along with specialized nurses and other hospital staff look after the patient.

What is CCU?

CCU stands for Cardiac Care Unit or Coronary Care Unit is a specified unit found in almost all modern hospital and care center, which in particular deals with heart patients and heart-related disorders. CCU is different from an ICU in terms of its specificity. A CCU is a dedicated critical care room unit for patients suffering from cardiac disorders and various other heart-related issues. The biggest difference in CCU from ICU is that it is a non-surgical care unit, whereas an ICU is moreover related to the surgical patients undergoing different operations. Ventilation facility is provided in both CCU and ICU, but along with the support of different machines. The staff and doctors are specialized heart surgeons or physicians along with anthesis and therapist. A CCU is not a general critical care unit, it is specifically for heart patients.


What is ICU?

ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit. It is a specialized critical care center for surgical patients. In an ICU, patients are kept under extreme care and invigilation. Usually, patients going through various operations or surgical treatment are kept in ICU for more care and focused treatment. Ventilation is a process that is used for setting up a patient’s body functionality over medical machines. Ventilator facility is also provided in the ICU usually. ICU is more specifically for all those patients suffering from critical injuries, undergoing a variety of operations or any surgical treatment. ICU is a dedicated room or even a complete portion of a hospital in some cases, where patients with critical health conditions are kept for keen surveillance. It is different from CCU because it relates more of the surgical patients unlike Cardiac patients in CCU. A team of specialized doctors, therapist, nurses is always with the patient working on a speedy recovery. ICU is for general patients.

Key Differences

  1. ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit.
  2. CCU stands for Cardiac Care Unit or Coronary Care Unit.
  3. ICU is a critical care unit for surgical and general patients.
  4. CCU is a critical care unit for non-surgical and specifically only for heart patients.
  5. Patients with cardiac issues are dealt with a specialized team of doctors and nurses in CCU.
  6. Patients after surgery or any operations are kept under in ICU for more specific care and treatment.
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