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Permit vs. License: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 30, 2023
A permit is an official document allowing a specific action; a license is an authorization to engage in a regulated activity, often requiring qualification.

Key Differences

A permit is typically a temporary or conditional authorization granted for a specific activity or purpose. AOn the other hand, a license is a more permanent form of permission, often required for professional activities or businesses.
Permits are often issued for limited periods and specific activities, like building or event organization. Whereas, licenses are generally for ongoing activities, such as driving or operating a business, and are valid until expiry or revocation.
Obtaining a permit usually involves meeting specific conditions for a particular task or event. While, acquiring a license often requires proving competency or meeting set standards, like passing exams or background checks.
Permits are typically focused on compliance with specific regulations, like zoning or safety standards. Licenses are regulated by professional bodies or government agencies, ensuring ongoing adherence to industry standards.
Examples of permits include construction permits and event permits. Examples of licenses include professional licenses (like medical or law licenses) and driver's licenses.

Comparison Chart


Temporary authorization for an activity
Authorization for ongoing, regulated activity

Duration and Scope

Limited period, specific activity
Longer term, broader scope


Meeting conditions for a task/event
Proving competency, qualifications

Regulatory Focus

Compliance with regulations
Adherence to professional/industry standards

Common Examples

Building permits, event permits
Professional licenses, driver's licenses

Permit and License Definitions


Conditional approval by authorities.
The environmental permit regulates waste disposal.


Official permission for a profession or activity.
She obtained her medical license after years of study.


Official document for limited actions.
A parking permit is required to park in this area.


Legal document allowing certain practices.
The software license agreement specifies user rights and restrictions.


Granting of rights for a specific purpose.
The company received a permit to operate a food truck.


Certification of qualification or competence.
Drivers must pass a test to get a driving license.


Temporary permission for an activity.
They obtained a permit to hold a street festival.


Authorization to engage in regulated activities.
The restaurant's liquor license was renewed for another year.


Authorization for a specific task.
The city issued a permit for the new construction project.


Granting of rights under regulatory standards.
His license to practice law was approved by the state bar.


To allow the doing of (something); consent to
Permit the sale of alcoholic beverages.


Official or legal permission to engage in a regulated activity
"He believed that the subcommittee gave him license to interrogate anyone about any possible links to communism" (Donald A. Ritchie).


How long is a typical permit valid?

It varies, but permits are generally for a limited duration.

What qualifications are needed for a license?

It depends on the license, but often includes exams and background checks.

Do permits ensure compliance with regulations?

Yes, they are focused on specific regulatory compliance.

Is a license a form of legal protection?

Yes, it legally authorizes and protects the holder's activities.

What happens if a permit is violated?

It can lead to fines, revocation, or legal action.

Can a license be revoked?

Yes, for non-compliance or ethical violations.

What is the main purpose of a permit?

To grant temporary authorization for a specific activity.

What's the difference in cost between permits and licenses?

Costs vary widely based on type and jurisdiction.

When is a license required?

For ongoing, regulated activities or professions.

Can permits be extended or renewed?

Yes, depending on the permit type and regulations.

Are permits necessary for small events?

It depends on local regulations and event size.

Are licenses transferable between states or countries?

This varies, but often they are not directly transferable.

Can anyone apply for a permit?

Generally, yes, if they meet the specific criteria.

What is the role of training in obtaining a license?

Training is often required to ensure competency and safety.

Does a license indicate skill level?

Yes, it often certifies a level of competence or expertise.

Do permits have to be displayed publicly?

It depends on the permit type; some require public display.

Can permits be denied?

Yes, if the application does not meet necessary standards.

How does one apply for a permit?

Through the relevant local or governmental authority.

Are there different types of licenses?

Yes, including professional, business, and recreational licenses.

Is a license a one-time requirement?

No, licenses typically have renewal requirements.
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