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OxygenOS vs. Android: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 19, 2024
OxygenOS is a customized version of the Android operating system developed by OnePlus, offering unique features and user interface enhancements, while Android is a base operating system developed by Google, used by various manufacturers globally.

Key Differences

Android is a widely-used operating system developed by Google, powering a diverse range of devices from various manufacturers. OxygenOS, on the other hand, is a specific version of Android developed by OnePlus, offering a customized experience with additional features and optimizations.
The primary difference lies in their customization and user interface. Android, as developed by Google, provides a base system that manufacturers can customize. OxygenOS represents one such customization, tailored specifically to enhance the OnePlus devices' user experience with unique features and a distinct aesthetic.
In terms of software updates and support, OxygenOS follows its schedule and priorities, often adding new features specific to OnePlus devices. Android updates, released by Google, are more general and serve as the foundation upon which OxygenOS builds.
OxygenOS is praised for its clean, fast, and user-friendly interface, which adds exclusive features like off-screen gestures and a customizable status bar. Android's stock version, usually found in Google's Pixel devices, offers a more standardized user experience, focusing on simplicity and functionality.
OxygenOS is available only on OnePlus devices, while Android, in its various forms, is found on a multitude of devices across different brands, giving users a wide range of hardware choices.

Comparison Chart

Base Operating System

Customized version of Android
Original base operating system


Exclusive to OnePlus devices
Available on a wide range of devices

User Interface

Custom UI with exclusive features
Standard UI, varies with manufacturer

Software Updates

Specific to OnePlus devices
General updates applicable to all Android devices

Unique Features

Off-screen gestures, customizable status bar
Stock features provided by Google

OxygenOS and Android Definitions


Offers regular updates and optimizations for OnePlus devices.
The latest OxygenOS update improved my phone's battery life.


A mobile operating system developed by Google.
Most smartphones today run on the Android operating system.


Incorporates user feedback into its development process.
OnePlus added the new feature to OxygenOS after community requests.


Offers access to Google services and a vast app ecosystem.
With Android, I have access to millions of apps on the Google Play Store.


A custom Android OS version developed by OnePlus.
My OnePlus phone runs OxygenOS, offering a smooth user experience.


Continuously evolves with updates and new features.
Android’s latest version brought significant security enhancements.


Balances simplicity with customization.
OxygenOS strikes the right balance between a clean look and useful features.


Known for its open-source nature and wide adaptability.
The open-source nature of Android allows for a wide range of customizations.


Known for its clean interface and additional features.
I love the off-screen gestures in OxygenOS.


Powers a diverse range of devices beyond smartphones, like tablets and smartwatches.
I use Android on both my phone and my smartwatch.


Possessing human features.


A mobile robot or automaton, especially one that resembles a human.


A robot that is designed to look and act like a human being (not necessarily a male one).


Possessing human qualities.


Of the pelvis, having a narrow anterior segment and a heart-shaped brim, typically found in the male.


A machine or automaton in the form of a human being.


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An automaton that resembles a human being


Can OxygenOS be used on non-OnePlus devices?

No, OxygenOS is exclusively designed for OnePlus devices.

Is OxygenOS faster than standard Android?

Many users find OxygenOS to be faster and more responsive, due to its optimizations and lightweight design.

What is OxygenOS?

OxygenOS is a custom version of Android developed by OnePlus for its smartphones.

What are the key features of Android?

Android's key features include an open-source platform, customizable user interface, and a large app ecosystem.

Does Android support devices from multiple manufacturers?

Yes, Android is used by a variety of manufacturers across different devices.

How often does Android receive updates?

Android typically receives annual major updates with smaller security and feature updates throughout the year.

Who develops Android?

Android is developed and maintained by Google.

What makes OxygenOS different from other Android versions?

OxygenOS is known for its clean interface, additional customization options, and OnePlus-specific features.

Can Android run on both smartphones and tablets?

Yes, Android is designed to operate on both smartphones and tablets.

Do OxygenOS updates come from OnePlus or Google?

OxygenOS updates are released by OnePlus, often incorporating the latest Android features from Google.

Does Android support customization?

Yes, Android supports a high level of customization due to its open-source nature.

Does Android allow for third-party app installations?

Yes, Android allows users to install apps from third-party sources, though it's recommended to use the Google Play Store for security.

What is the update frequency for OxygenOS?

OxygenOS updates are typically released periodically, focusing on new features, security patches, and bug fixes specific to OnePlus devices.

What version of Android is OxygenOS based on?

OxygenOS is based on the latest version of Android available at the time of its release.

Can I access Google Play Store on OxygenOS?

Yes, the Google Play Store is accessible on OxygenOS.

What are the system requirements for the latest version of Android?

System requirements for Android vary based on the version and the device it’s running on.

Is OxygenOS more secure than Android?

OxygenOS incorporates Android’s security features with additional enhancements from OnePlus.

Can I install OxygenOS on an Android device from another manufacturer?**

No, OxygenOS is specifically designed for OnePlus devices and cannot be officially installed on other manufacturers' devices.

Are OxygenOS and Android compatible with each other?

Yes, OxygenOS is a customized version of Android and is compatible with Android’s ecosystem.

Can Android devices run iOS apps?

No, Android devices cannot run iOS apps as they are designed for the Apple ecosystem.
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