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Overlap vs. Overlay: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Updated on November 2, 2023
Overlap means to partially cover something; overlay means to cover the surface of something entirely.

Key Differences

Overlap refers to the extent to which two or more things extend over and cover a part of each other. Overlay is the action of covering the surface of something, often with a layer of another material. Overlap can occur naturally or be planned, such as when scheduling events that coincide partially in time. Overlay, however, is typically a deliberate action, such as applying a layer of gold onto a base metal.
In graphic design, overlap might be used to create depth by arranging elements so that they partially cover each other. In this context, overlay could be used to describe a process where a texture or color is applied on top of an image. Overlap implies that the bottom object is still visible, whereas overlay suggests that the original object may be completely covered or changed.
In the context of work or responsibilities, overlap might describe situations where roles or tasks are shared between individuals or departments. Overlay could refer to an additional set of responsibilities or rules applied onto existing ones. Overlap is more about intersection, while overlay is about building or adding a layer on top of another.
When discussing fabric, overlap could mean that one piece of fabric extends over another, like a lapel on a jacket. Overlay might refer to a decorative layer added to a garment, like lace over silk. Overlap allows the base material to show through, whereas overlay focuses on the covering material.
Overlap is often temporary and can change with movement or adjustment, like slats on a roof overlapping to provide cover. Overlay is more permanent and transformative, akin to a new paint layer on a wall. Both terms imply coverage, but the degree and intention behind them differ.

Comparison Chart


Partial coverage by extension over another.
Complete covering of one thing by another.


Suggests intersection without complete cover.
Implies a covering that may obscure or change.


Common in scheduling or design for depth.
Used for application of layers or new surfaces.


Original subjects remain partially visible.
Original subject may be fully covered.


Can be temporary or adjustable.
Often implies a more permanent application.

Overlap and Overlay Definitions


To partially extend over something.
The curtains overlap at the center to block out light.


To lay or place something over or upon something else.
The jeweler will overlay the bracelet with fine gold.


Coincide partially or share a common area.
Their job responsibilities overlap, causing some confusion.


A layer or coating spread over something.
The overlay of ice made the roads treacherous.


To have something in common with.
Their musical tastes overlap significantly.


A decorative or protective layer.
The table has a beautiful marble overlay.


Overlapping parts or areas.
The tile overlap ensures no water seeps through the roof.


To cover the surface of an area completely.
Instructions were to overlay the drawing with transparent paper.


A common area shared by two or more entities.
There's an overlap between the two research studies' findings.


A method of embellishment by covering.
The designer's use of overlay in the dress was stunning.


To lie or extend over and cover part of.


To lay or spread over or on.


To have an area or range in common with.


To cover the surface of with a decorative layer or design
Overlay wood with silver.


To lie over and partly cover something.


Can overlap and overlay be used interchangeably?

No, they have distinct meanings and are used in different contexts.

What is an example of overlap in work?

Two employees sharing some job duties.

What does overlap mean?

Overlap means to extend over and cover a part of something.

What is an overlay in graphic design?

A texture or image applied on top of another image.

Does overlap suggest complete coverage?

No, it refers to partial coverage.

What's an overlap in scheduling?

When two events are planned for the same time period.

Is overlap a matter of time or space?

It can refer to both, depending on context.

What does overlay mean?

Overlay means to cover the surface of something, usually with a layer.

In printing, what is an overlay?

A transparent layer over the print for protection or design.

Is overlay always intentional?

Yes, it is a deliberate action.

Is overlay used in technology?

Yes, in various ways such as GUI overlays or image editing.

How do overlap and overlay differ in art?

Overlap creates depth, while overlay changes the surface appearance.

What is a common use of overlay?

In construction, like overlaying asphalt on roads.

Can overlap be removed or adjusted?

Often yes, as it is not always permanent.

Can overlay hide the original material?

Yes, it can completely cover the original.

Can overlap be intentional?

Yes, especially in design and planning.

What is a common use of overlap?

In fashion, like overlapping fabric layers for style.

Can overlay be transparent?

It can be, depending on the material used.

Does overlap always involve two objects?

Typically, but there can be more.

Is overlay a permanent application?

It often is, such as with materials applied to a surface.
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