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Nutramigen vs. Alimentum: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 29, 2024
Nutramigen and Alimentum are both hypoallergenic infant formulas designed for babies with milk allergies, but they differ in brand and formulation specifics.

Key Differences

Nutramigen is a hypoallergenic infant formula produced by Enfamil, designed for babies with allergies to cow's milk. It uses extensively hydrolyzed proteins to reduce allergenicity. Alimentum is a similar hypoallergenic formula made by Similac, also using hydrolyzed protein, but with different additional ingredients and formulation.
Both Nutramigen and Alimentum are intended to provide complete nutrition for infants unable to tolerate regular formula. Nutramigen includes LGG, a probiotic meant to help with gut health, whereas Alimentum does not specifically include this probiotic.
Nutramigen is often recommended for infants with colic symptoms related to cow's milk allergy. Its formula aims to reduce colic symptoms within 48 hours. Alimentum also claims to reduce colic symptoms due to protein sensitivity, but the time frame for relief may vary.
In terms of taste and digestibility, some parents report differences. Nutramigen might have a distinct taste due to its composition, which can affect some babies' acceptance. Alimentum has its unique formulation, which might be more palatable for some infants.
The cost can vary between Nutramigen and Alimentum, with prices fluctuating based on location and retailer. Parents may choose between them based on cost-effectiveness, availability, or pediatrician recommendation.

Comparison Chart



Probiotic Inclusion

Contains LGG probiotic
Does not specifically include LGG

Intended Use

For cow's milk allergy, reduces colic
For protein sensitivity, reduces colic

Taste and Digestibility

Distinct taste, varies in acceptance
Different formulation, may be more palatable


Varies, depending on retailer
Varies, may differ from Nutramigen

Nutramigen and Alimentum Definitions


Infant formula for milk allergy.
The doctor recommended Nutramigen for the baby's milk allergy.


Hypoallergenic infant formula.
Alimentum helped reduce her baby's colic symptoms.


Contains hydrolyzed protein.
Nutramigen is suitable for infants with protein sensitivities.


Made by Similac.
They found Alimentum by Similac at their local pharmacy.


Includes LGG probiotic.
Nutramigen's inclusion of LGG helped improve his baby's gut health.


Designed for cow's milk allergy.
Their doctor suggested trying Alimentum for the milk allergy.


Hypoallergenic formula.
Nutramigen helped soothe her baby's digestive issues.


Formula for protein sensitivity.
Alimentum was their choice for addressing the baby's protein intolerance.


Made by Enfamil.
They switched to Nutramigen by Enfamil on their pediatrician's advice.


Aims to reduce colic.
Alimentum showed results in soothing the infant's colic within a week.


Does Nutramigen contain probiotics?

Yes, Nutramigen includes the LGG probiotic.

Who manufactures Nutramigen?

Nutramigen is produced by Enfamil.

How does Nutramigen help with colic?

It reduces colic symptoms associated with milk allergies.

What is Alimentum?

A hypoallergenic formula for infants with protein sensitivities.

Does Alimentum contain LGG?

Alimentum does not specifically include LGG probiotic.

Is Nutramigen suitable for all infants?

It's specifically for infants with cow's milk allergy or protein sensitivity.

Who manufactures Alimentum?

Alimentum is made by Similac.

Is Nutramigen dairy-free?

It contains extensively hydrolyzed milk proteins.

What is Nutramigen?

A hypoallergenic infant formula for milk allergies.

Can Alimentum be used for any baby?

It's best for those with milk protein allergies or sensitivities.

Can Nutramigen cause gas?

Some infants might experience gas as they adjust to the formula.

How quickly does Alimentum work on colic?

The time frame varies, but it's designed to reduce colic symptoms.

Is Nutramigen good for reflux?

It may help infants with reflux due to milk protein sensitivity.

How is the taste of Nutramigen?

Its taste might be different due to hydrolyzed proteins.

Is Alimentum dairy-free?

Like Nutramigen, it contains hydrolyzed dairy proteins.

Can Alimentum help with eczema?

It may help if the eczema is related to a milk allergy.

How long should a baby stay on Alimentum?

Follow your pediatrician's advice based on the baby's needs.

Does Alimentum contain soy?

It may contain soy ingredients; check the label for specifics.

Is Nutramigen more expensive than regular formula?

Often, it is more expensive due to its specialized formulation.

Is Alimentum effective for all milk allergies?

It's designed for milk protein allergies, but individual responses vary.
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